Talented Entertainers You May Have Missed on AGT

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Written by Tim Grable

February 6, 2019

As an event planner, you may often take client feedback into account when you want to pick a performer for your event(s).

With popular AGT acts, this is not a matter of concern since you can be sure they have been validated not by hundreds of people, but by millions.

Being one of the most-watched television shows on the planet, America’s Got Talent surely knows how to keep its audience entertained with talented entertainers.

At the same time, it can also be the perfect place where event planners can talent scout for their next entertainment choice.

After all, you can’t go wrong by hiring the best entertainers who were featured on AGT and already amazed audiences all over the world.

3 Talented Entertainers You May Have Missed on AGT

We hope we’ve piqued your curiosity and you’ll continue reading this article to discover the six amazing entertainers we chose for today’s article with the intention of showcasing that special ‘something’ which made their acts true crowd-pleasers.

1. Steven Brundage

In 2014, Steven Brundage posted a YouTube video that became viral. The video was titled “Magician gets out of Speeding Ticket with Magic” and has over two million views.

Afterward, Steven’s popularity boomed, and he became internationally famous as a professional magician and entertainer.

The reason why the video with him performing magic become instantly popular was because Steven managed to solve a Rubik’s cube in 20 seconds.

And he did this several times in a row.

In 2016, he performed on America’s Got Talent. The jury and the audience were so amazed by his close-up magic performances that Steven ended up being one of the finalists.

His performances are hilarious, shocking and full of new and original tricks you will not see anywhere else.

2. Cristin Sandu

Cristin Sandu was an internationally acclaimed balancing acrobat act from America’s Got Talent season 7. This talented acrobat has been performing ever since he was 8 years old.

He now has over a decade of experience in the entertainment world and knows his way around climbing and balancing on top of a tall, unstable stack of hollow cylinders, high wires, spinning cubes or metal tubes.

Cristin is one of those talented entertainers who is not afraid of challenges. Until now, he has done over 3,000 shows and delighted audiences worldwide. He was seen on TV as well, where he made appearances on the TV series My Fair Wedding with David Tutera and as a guest performer on the MTV Music Awards.

3. Eric O’Shea

Eric O’Shea loved being on the stage ever since he was in college. One day, he performed in an open mic comedy competition and finished second to last. What stuck with him since that day forward was the fact he could talk and make people laugh.

For the next three years, he traveled the Midwest doing plenty of comedy shows and even managed to sign a deal with ABC/Disney.

After the deal ended, Eric focused on doing comedy shows for colleges and universities, but he also performed at corporate events, festivals and theatres.

Today, he’s already a veteran in the entertainment industry. You can rely on him to delight your audience with his clean wit and priceless observations which take people through embarrassing childhood memories and funny everyday moments.

Eric’s shows are like nothing you’ve ever seen so be prepared to delight your guests with a high-energy entertainer.

4. Taylor Williamson

There are all sorts of standup comedians on AGT, but not all of them get to the very last moments of a season.

Taylor Williamson is one who did, and did it in great style, although he did not use over-the-top props. Except maybe his wit and presence.

In short, what distinguishes his act as special is the self-deprecating, endearing and disarmingly honest character he displays. Plus, he pulls out hilarious facial expressions that are not out of place or forced in the least.

Throughout his whole America’s Got Talent journey, Taylor proves he knows how to work with any material he has at hand. We are mainly referring to the way he involves the judges in his performances. You can see a snippet here:

The slightly awkward on-stage demeanor only adds to his magnetic charm. It is also one of the ingredients which led to Taylor’s rise to the runner-up position of AGT season 8.

“It is brilliant” or “With you, I never want to fast-forward” are the words judges complimented him with. However, they could be the words of your event guests.

5. Eric Jones 

To reach a semifinal, AGT acts have to be impactful. Moreover, also, to bring something spectators have not seen before making him one of the most talented entertainers that performs magic.

Season 12 saw illusionist Eric Jones put in masterful sleight-of-hand presentations, one after another, which naturally catapulted him to the final stages of the show.

Eric Jones Magic Press Photo

Besides excelling in close-up magic, Eric packages his performance by presenting a casual on-stage presence, soothing voice, fast-paced sequences and constant interaction with the judges.

6. Charles Peachock

The AGT quarterfinalist impressed the viewers with his unparalleled showmanship.

One of his merits is bringing the art of juggling from the confined space of the circus to a global audience. He did this from the position of a Two-Time Gold Medalist and World Champion in juggling, so the secret to his popularity on America’s Got Talent is none other than hard work, dedication and ingenuity.

Charles Peachock, What Made These AGT Acts Gain America's Recognition?

As insider info, it also helps that Charles has been performing for 16 years weekly juggling shows.

However, technical mastery aside, Charles is one of those AGT acts which enrich their craft with extra elements like surprising props (like musical instruments), many new concepts or tons of comedy as the icing on the cake.

AGT Acts Are Sure to Have Your Guests Glued to Their Seats

Your guests will not be able to help it but pay attention to what these 6 showmanship masters will be doing on stage.

Book These Talented Entertainers Seen on AGT

Want to surprise your audience with top entertainers whom they may already know from America’s Got Talent?  Opening acts, corporate party acts, fundraisers – these are the events which go perfectly with what these former AGT sensations can bring to the table. However, they can rock other types of events as well, so make sure call us at 615 283 0039 if you need assistance with booking them.

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