Telling Stories Through the Shadows: Catapult Dance Company

Catapult Dance Company

Written by Tim Grable

March 1, 2017


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Catapult Dance CompanyCatapult Dance Company has been featured on America’s Got Talent and is easily one of the unique and mesmerizing story-telling performances in the world. The group’s founder Adam Battelstein has performed with a world-renowned dance company for decades and now brings his flair for imagination and dance together in a spell-binding event experience. With a giant silk screen, lighting, and music, the dancers create captivating silhouettes to tell stories to the audience without uttering a single word. Together, they can become almost anything, from animals to landscapes, from buildings to vehicles, and the art of dance reveals age-old stories in a new and scintillating light.

Each choreographed routine is uniquely designed by Adam, rehearsed countless times to ensure a flawless performance, and becomes a memorable and moving experience for audiences of all ages. Catapult Dance Company is quickly becoming renowned for their stunning work, with professional dancers who perform on Broadway, television, and across the globe.

Shadow Dancers from Catapult Dance Company

Catapult Entertainment 2014 EPK

In their debut in the spotlight of America’s Got Talent, Catapult Entertainment  EPK wowed judges and the nation. Comments of amazement were the standard reaction, and Adam Battelstein discussed why he thinks his team were given such high accolades. This video is a good preview of what Catapult Dance Company does with snippets of performances and judges’ astounded reactions.

“You have given us everything!” exclaim the judges, and they do not exaggerate. It is truly inspiring to watch the shadows shift and combine into cliff-faces, camels, cottages, and children. This is one entertainment group that will be talked about for years to come and which audiences will not forget. The amazing design of the human body coupled with art and music makes for a resounding story-telling experience.

One fun example of Catapult’s talent is their story of a man’s visit to the island of Tahiti. It is sometimes hard to remember that the shapes in the shadows – an airplane, the crashing waves on the beach, even a palm tree – are the bodies of professional dancers. As they shift and morph into each new scene, audience members are struck anew with the awe and fascination of watching the unfolding story.

The Spring story delights with scenes of frogs, ducks, and even a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The beautiful dance moves to Vivaldi’s movement from the Four Seasons is a testament to Catapult Dance Company’s strengths and choreography talent.

This group has so much to offer for any event, from fundraising galas to ministry conferences and everything in between. The dancers’ inspiring grace and the simple media of silhouettes and music combine to create narratives that will no soon be forgotten. Catapult is willing to work with each opportunity to create one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences that are sure to enthrall audiences and celebrate beauty in the arts.

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