Tips that Will Help You Choose the Best Music Bands for Corporate Events

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Written by Tim Grable

April 13, 2017

A lot goes into planning a successful corporate event.

From choosing the best venue to ensuring the invitations are sent out in time, it seems there are a million things you need to take care of. Picking the best music, though, is one of the most important ones.

That is because it is something that can either make or break the event.

Tips that Will Help You Choose the Best Music Bands for Corporate Events

Everybody enjoys some specific types of music, and there are plenty of music bands for corporate events to choose from.

The question is: How do you decide the perfect one for your special occasion?

We want you to be able to find the answer to this issue as easy as possible. So, we have put together a list of tips that will help you flawlessly match the music to your event.

Let’s get started.

Consider the Goal of Your Event

Is your event meant to present networking opportunities and spark discussions among attendees? Alternatively, is it to provide an outlet for guests to relax and have fun?

For the first scenario, background music works best because it is subtle and allows guests to focus on the conversation.

Purely instrumental music bands for corporate events are a safe bet. Think of something along the lines of a solo piano player or a string quartet.

However, if you are looking for a music band to capture people’s attention and bring in that feel good factor, consider a high-energy act.

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Here’s a suggestion for you: The Ice Beat Factory. Their exciting act combines ice sculpting with energetic music and live visuals to offer guests a memorable experience.

There won’t be a dull moment at your event as long as they are on stage!

Take the Age Range of Your Guests into Account

This can help you choose the style of music which will appeal to the vast majority of your guests.

Mature audiences are most likely to appreciate an elegant musical group like String Angels.

The group features three beautiful young women and three electric violins, and it is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

On the other hand, a band such as Recycled Percussion is a great fit if your event attendees are young professionals.

Their live performance is sure to keep the audience on their feet, as it includes:

  • Flawlessly played power tools,
  • An intense beatbox “vocal artillery” session,
  • Power-driven drumming.

Work with an Agency that Manages Bands for Corporate Events

Whether it is a company anniversary bash or a holiday party, choosing the right tunes for the occasion is paramount.

So, the last thing you want is having to deal with a situation where the music group you have booked for your event cancels last-minute.

To avoid these types of situations, consider working with a professional entertainment agency.


It will also help you save time and energy. Moreover, you can leverage their experience to choose a band that fits in with your event’s profile and available logistics.

This way, you can minimize risks and ensure everything will go off without a hitch on the day of the event.

Over to You

Now you know more about what to look for when shopping for the best music bands for corporate events.

Spectacular Bands You Need to Consider

Booking quality entertainment is just as important as picking the right venue, the food, the theme, and other activities you want to include in your event plan. All of these will blend and result in a cohesive corporate event that will impress your guests.

The Grable Group specializes in providing high-quality entertainment for numerous types of events, which is why we can recommend top bands for corporate events you can hire.

That said, here are some of the best bands that guarantee a high-energy event.

Spectacular Bands for Corporate Events You Need to Consider


rePercussion is more than just a band – it’s a comedy drumming show, an experience that will leave your guests wanting for more. The two members of this band go beyond interactive drumming as they blend visual and sound effects to provide a highly-entertaining show.

What’s even more amazing about them is that they can fully customize the experience so that it matches the type of corporate event you’re organizing. This means that if you’re going to book them for a different kind of event a second time, the show will be different as well.

rePercussion blurs the lines between electronic music, drum line, rock, and slapstick, which is a type of comedy that involves excessive physical activity.

The result is an engaged crowd and a successful event.

Recycled Percussion

Recycled Percussion is one of those music bands for corporate events that have been around since the 90’s and are still popular today.

In 2009, the band became finalists on America’s Got Talent, and just one year later, they were already starring as headliners in Las Vegas.

Check out the video below to see them perform live.

Their music style (junk rock) is unique because they don’t use regular instruments like any other band.

Another thing you may find interesting is that Recycled Percussion has their signature trash kits. These include plastic buckets, huge ladders, mortar casings, and giant 50-gallon containers.

Three drummers and a DJ will make sure to keep your guests on their feet and elevate their energy throughout the entire performance.


Figaro is also one of those one-of-a-kind bands for corporate events you can hire. This band is a dynamic four male cross-over opera group.

They are one of the most popular choices for corporate entertainment because they can quickly adapt to every audience, their program is flexible, and most importantly, Figaro knows how to keep audiences entertained.

The band is formed by four members, all of which have successful careers in opera singing and musical theater. Whether you’re organizing a small or a large corporate event, Figaro is the band that can take your event to another level through their sophisticated performance.

Linkin’ Bridge

Linkin’ Bridge is a vocal group act that made it to the finals of America’s Got Talent, season 11. The four band members have very different backgrounds yet share the same passion and purpose: to unite the world through music and love.

Their performances are emotional, inspiring and powerful enough to move all sorts of audiences.

Want to see how they do it? Then watch the video below.

Amazing Bands You Need to Consider

When organizing a corporate event which aims to entertain attendees, the music deserves special attention. That’s because a quality musical performance is something for which guests will remember your event.

From a selection of best in class bands for corporate events, here are three suggestions that cover several genres of music.

Their performance is fitted for events of great class and will add a new layer of entertainment that will leave your audiences asking for more.

Alter Ego

With a repertoire consisting of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s dance hits, Alter Ego is a choice you can’t go wrong with. They’re a high-energy group of dancers and singers that performs with an amount of excitement significant enough to light up a whole auditorium.

Press play and see for yourself!

Their act consists of performing covers, as well as original material. The word exhilarating perfectly describes their performances, as they electrify the audience.

Looking at their costumes ripped from a 90’s music sitcom, you may think they’re the personification of a jukebox from those days.

Also, from private parties and festivals to corporate events, Alter Ego has performed at top events worldwide. So there’s no telling where you’ll see them next.

Be sure not to miss out on the opportunity to book them for your event!

Deborah and Wayland Double Grande

Among many bands for corporate events, Deborah and Wayland are indeed a sight to behold. They bring the trouble, and they make it Double!

Their performance consists of combining motivational speaking with music. Their talks are focused on motivating participants, and they do this supported by the versatility of not one, but two pianos.

Having years of experience as entrepreneurs and keynote speakers, both Deborah and Wayland can motivate their audience to pursue a results-oriented mindset.

They are staunch believers in the “practice what you preach” mantra and have the achievements to prove it. Among their musical awards stand multiple Grammy nominations, further proof of the fact that they’ve got what it takes to deliver a show like no other.

Nova Era

Classical music has been interpreted in many ways, but there is something special about electrical instruments that make these two elements be a match made in music heaven.

To put it in the words of Nova Era’s members: “Nova Era is classical music with a modern groove.”

Watch their performance captured in the video below and see for yourself!

In the music world, bands for corporate events are often seen as being the stylish cousin of the entertainment family. That’s because, the musicians are almost always clad in suit and tie, but this is not the case for Nova Era.

They are stylish but bring their costumes to the party.

Don’t be deceived by the 18th-century attire; the minute they start playing on the electric instruments, you’ll quickly be reminded that their performance is as modern as the day of tomorrow.

Moreover, this is without a doubt a positive thing, as the Nova Era group is regularly invited to play for audiences of all ages, especially during their shows at Disney events.

No matter the setting, be it formal or informal, the message they want to send across is simple. Classical music is fun for everyone!

The Nashville Allstars

As the name suggests it, all the band members are from Nashville, Tennessee. Their goal is to make your event great. That means your guests will have a splendid time.

Moreover, you know they are good since there aren’t many bands for corporate events that have performed for brands like:

  • NBC
  • Microsoft
  • Salvation Army
  • MTV Miami
  • Ford
  • Ritz-Carlton
  • Budweiser
  • Coca-Cola
  • Verizon
  • Nike
  • Volkswagen

The Nashville Allstars show is full of energy and will get all of the guests up and dance.

Bands for Corporate Events - Here are Your Best Choices

The Bucket Boys

They are a progressive percussion duo. Their show combines high-energy rhythm and surprisingly funny comedy. That is a recipe for double the fun you would expect from a band.

However, The Bucket Boys is one of those unique entertainers.  They make all their music using buckets, bin lids, pots, pans and street signs.

You may have seen them on America’s Got Talent. They are combining drumming, comedy and crowd interaction into one special and unique show.

You will find more about the band and some clips of their performances at The Grable Group. You can also book them right away.

The Alliance

If you are looking for more than just music for your event, you might want to take a look at The Alliance. They are a highly energetic band that combines percussion with dance and choreography.

The idea started back in 2010 as a combination of the Nashville Predators Dancers and the Nashville Hax drumline. They are a group of entertainment veterans with years of experience.

Members of The Alliance have been featured on MTV and VH1, but their performances do not end there. One of them was Taylor Swift’s dance captain, another performed for the Sheik of Dubai, another on the Warped tour and so forth.

Learn more about them, their show and how you can book one of the best bands for corporate events.

dance, man, woman,women, dancing

Tenors Undercover

This group provides a unique type of entertainment for corporate events. They specialize in blending in with your guests.

That means nobody will ever see them coming. Plus, your guests will have a huge surprise when the band gets on stage as waiters or security employees and start the show.

The creators of this concept are the same brilliant minds behind The Three Waiters. Tenors Undercover offer your guests a memorable experience in a classy atmosphere.

Learn more about their show and how you can book them.

The String Angels

If you are searching for bands for corporate events that can blend well with a black-tie event, look no further than The String Angels.

We have written a full article on the world’s leading electric trio and the way they combine violins and choreography. You can find it right here along with detailed information on how to book this band.

More Entertainers You Shouldn’t Miss

 3 Amazing Bands for Corporate Events You Need to Consider

Now you know more about three of the best bands ready to play at your corporate event. However, a brief description doesn’t do them justice, as the best way to thoroughly enjoy the experience is to see them live.

So why not book their services?

Book the Best Music Bands for Corporate Events

The bands we talked about in this article are some amazing options you can consider for an upcoming corporate event. 

The Grable Group is a booking agency with tens of years of experience in providing entertainment for corporate events. Some of our satisfied customers include Pfizer, Toyota, and Pepsi.

Also, if you liked our picks for this article, then you’ll be happy to know that the good news doesn’t stop here. You can find many other excellent entertainment options by browsing through our catalog!

So, we encourage you to browse through our selection of talented musicians as soon as possible. We are always happy to hear from you. If any of them caught your eye, feel free to contact us at (615) 283-0039 so we can discuss how we can turn your event into a success. 

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