10 Unique Entertainment Ideas for Any Special Event (2021 edition)

Heidi Schwartz

Written by Tim Grable

February 26, 2017

Heidi Schwartz Unique Entertainment IdeasAre you searching for Unique and exciting entertainment to wow your crowd? As a host, surely, you must be seeking someone that knows how to keep all of your guests engaged and entertained. You want your event to be remembered. Let’s take a look at unique party entertainment ideas that are sure to please your guests.

Are you searching for Unique and exciting entertainment to wow your crowd? As a host, surely, you must be seeking someone that knows how to keep all of your guests engaged and entertained. You want your event to be remembered. Let’s take a look at unique party entertainment ideas that are sure to please your guests.

When it is time to plan your corporate or special event, think outside of the box. You could hire professional wedding singers for your wedding or a magician for your party, but where is the fun in that? You will need to come up with unique entertainment ideas when planning your next event.

When it pertains to unique entertainment ideas, a sand artist, fire-dancers, or a man and talking dog show may not come to mind, but they should. The performers below offer your event something truly unique and fun, regardless of the crowd attending the function. These artists will show off their unique talents, which are appropriate for all audiences.

Each performer will bring something different, ranging from visual art, great dancing entertainment, or a few laughs for the crowd.

Unique Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

Joshua Seth is a celebrity voice actor turned virtual emcee, speaker, and entertainer. Your virtual event doesn’t have to be boring. Let Joshua partner with your team to take your virtual event to the next level.

Heidi Schwartz

When you want unique entertainment ideas, Heidi Schwartz should be hired to paint your event. She is a visual artist that can capture the action going on within your event. The visuals that Heidi paints cannot be matched by a photographer. She can leave you with a memorable painting of your corporate gathering, wedding, charity, or birthday, amongst other events.

Joe Castillo

Every artist can tell a story, and Joe Castillo can communicate a story in the sand that will leave the guests at your corporate event with goosebumps. He is the perfect motivational and inspirational artist for your next function. Having Joe tell a SandStory at your next event is not only unique, but he will leave the guests in awe.

Beyond Wings & rePercussion

The dancers from Beyond Wings and rePercussion can entertain any group, including those at a wedding, birthday party, corporate function, or private parties. Beyond Wings and rePercussion consists of professional fire dancers, drummers, circus performers, aerialist flyers, belly dancers, and more. These artists will give your party the incredible visual entertainment that it needs to spice things up. You will receive entertainment beyond your imagination from Beyond Wings and rePercussion.

Max Winfrey

America’s Got Talent contestant Max Winfrey can be the life of your party when he brings his stunt comedy show to the event. He can tell jokes and perform all types of hilarious stunts at the same time, including juggling. Max can perform for your corporate gathering, party, cruise line, and a host of other events.

Todd Oliver

Todd Oliver and his Talking Dog show will have the guests at your party or corporate event laughing out loud. Todd has traveled all around the country with his two dogs performing in front of small and large crowds. In addition to comedy, the Smiley Eyes Band can perform at your function as well. You will receive great music and hilarious standup when you hire Todd Oliver, his “talking dogs,” and his band.

Bob Stromberg

He draws his material from family fun. Who does not have a family member that we can poke humor at? We have all been there. If we cannot make fun of our family, who is going to? Stromberg’s humor is something we can all relate to. His stories of growing up are a riot. Your guests will get a kick out of hearing about all the quirky things he has to share about his family and the things that they have done.

Adam Trent 

This man will captivate your guests with humor and magic. Be ready to laugh and be amazed. His comical magic is fun for guests of all ages. He has been known as being a “Justin Timberlake meets David Copperfield.” He sings, dances tells jokes, and does magic! The man is multitalented.

Taylor Mason

The former “Star Search” winner is a man of many talents. This comedian-musician-ventriloquist-puppeteer will have your whole family laughing hysterically. You will fall in love with the “friends” he brings along. Your kids will love him. Grandma will love him.


Voices of Service use their platform to increase awareness of what music can do, for servicemen and women who are coping with post-traumatic stress and other invisible/visible wounds.  They have been singing together for six years and now their journey and purpose have now reached a new dimension.  After their successful competition in Season 14 of America’s Got Talent placing fifth, they have been able to create national awareness of the struggle our service members, veterans, and their families go through when dealing with visible and invisible injuries.

When people come to your event, regardless if it is a personal or business function, they want to be entertained. When you are trying to come up with unique entertainment ideas, you should incorporate these performers into the event. Each performer will provide the guests at your event with their brand of entertainment.

Finding the right kind of talent can help turn your event into a huge success. Your guests will leave, remembering all the fun they had. Your event will be raved about and remembered. Unique party entertainment ideas like these will make it all happen.

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