3 Unique Music Acts You Need to Find out More About

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Written by Tim Grable

June 25, 2018


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Any professional event organizer will tell you music is what separates the average events from the ones which stick in your audience’s memory for years.

This happens for a reason, an excellent soundtrack provides the audience with a sense of place, making the public easily relate to the event. You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity; this is why you should add unique music acts to your event’s programme.

Rest assured, our article aims to provide with a solution. Here are 3 music acts with a twist which will add a particular charm to your event.

1. Figaro

Pop and opera music are two well-established genres which usually are on opposite poles of each other. However, when they’re both successfully combined, then you know heads will turn.

Whenever you talk about unique music acts, Figaro is a name which has a lot of weight to it. This Australian music group is a four male quartet which let their singing voice do the introductions. Their act comprises a fusion between pop music and opera singing which blends out nicely.

They have toured around the world, performing in galas, corporate parties, and conferences. Keeping true to the Italian spirit of the music, they enthrall the audiences with their masterful vocal performances.

Whether hearing them at a private dinner party or a large-scale presentation, your audience will fall in love with Figaro’s show!

2. Recycled Percussion

If there is one thing which defines unique music acts, it has to be the ability to put out a fantastic performance. Recycled Percussion takes this concept and cranks it up all the way to 11.

Nobody knows what to expect when hearing about a band which proclaims to play junk rock, but without revealing too much, let’s say outstanding is an understatement.

Recycled Percussion is performer’s Justin Spencer brain-child, and its act incorporates rock music with otherworldly light shows and which is only a surface level description.

The junk in their “junk rock” repertoire comes from the fact they use barrels, buzzsaws and recycled materials as part of the instrumentation and if this isn’t enough, they also give drumsticks to the audience for the extra sound layer.

There is something special about a suit and tie audience drumming alongside a junk rock collective with lights and pyrotechnics in the background. Words aren’t enough!

3. String Angels

If junk rock and pyrotechnics sound a bit too menacing, then a name such as String Angels brings comfort. This trio consists of immaculately dressed performers armed with the weapon of their choice – the violin.

Their act comprises a stylish and slick performance on the electric violin with a repertoire which spans multiple genres. Ranging from The Beatles to Beethoven – it’s classical music, unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Audiences cannot contain their excitement when hearing classic rock hits being performed either in tandem or three different parts, as each Angel is an established soloist.

These Unique Music Acts Will Change Your Event

3 Unique Music Acts You Need to Find out More About

Resorting to background music to complement the atmosphere of the event doesn’t make the cut. That is why music performers are the go-to solution which will leave the audience asking for an encore!

Why not take advantage of this opportunity and book these musicians right now? Browse our catalog and find out more about them.

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