Unique Performance Acts with Talent in Corporate Entertainment

Spintacular Basketball Show. is a unique show that will entertain a crowd,

Written by Tim Grable

March 1, 2017

A successful corporate event will require the consideration of a number of factors. From the venue to the food and even the amount of guests to arrive; every aspect requires thorough planning in order to help the overall success of the evening. An often overlooked aspect of corporate events is Unique Entertainment and unique performance acts.  With a wide range of event planning services at our disposal, it can be easy to allow an external company to run ahead with every aspect of our special event. However, this can often have disastrous results if our guests are not correctly catered for.

Unique Performance Acts with Talent in Corporate Entertainment

Through the usage of the Internet and a wide range of talent shows, countless performers have emerged and gained massive audiences. Different video sharing websites have proven to help people not only find great videos, but it has given the opportunity for all kinds of Unique Performance Acts to put a show for everyone in the world with their talent. With a platform like the Internet, different acts are emerging. Watch these unique performance entertainers below, and you’ll be shocked and amazed at what they do.

How to select Unique Entertainment

There are a wide number of Corporate Event Entertainers you can choose from for your event, such as magicians and live musical acts. However, over recent years, comedians have grown in popularity for corporate events as a more unique form of entertainment. Not only can a quality comedian provide the level of unique entertainment you require for your event, but they can help to make the event more memorable for your guest’s thanks to audience participation and additional aspects of their act such as singing and magic.

Depending on the purpose of your corporate event, the entertainment may be a crucial part of the night, meaning that it is essential that you hire a comedian who is not only available and within your budget, but also one who is appropriate for the intended audience and willing to cater for your needs. So, whether the occasion is informal or formal, there are a number of considerations you should make when choosing your entertainer.

When choosing corporate entertainment for your special event, you need to ensure that your performer is not only suitable for your event but that their presence will help to create a fun and happy atmosphere for all involved. In some respects, the entertainment can even be the one aspect that ‘makes’ the evening for some guests.

Unique Performance Acts You Should Hire

rePercussion takes on music to a whole new level. These skilled entertainers come together to drum and make enormously sick beats. Some of the performers individually have appeared on MTV, Disney Cruise Lines, and world drumming competitions. They combine percussion music with interactive sounds and laughter. The group brings jokes and comedy with them as they interact with their crowds. Take a listen to their music and be stunned by their musicality.

Another percussion group, the Bucket Boys, are a Unique Performance Act that blend in comedy with their drumming beats. With high-energy rhythm and comedy, they use nothing but buckets, bins, pans, pots, and even street signs to create their magical music with funky beats. Having performed at Times Square and America’s Got Talent, they are an in-demand group now continuously playing at corporate events, universities, and even at casinos. They are consistently landing gigs and performing all across the US.

Adam Trent is not your traditional illusionist. He is not a show magician looking for a way to blend in with the stage, but he isn’t Criss Angel either. In fact, he has found his own style of magic that doesn’t revolve so much on the ideas of other famous magicians. He uses his own style and comedy to bring about a different show that separates him from every other magic man. Whether it’s the comedy or the tricks, they are all not what you ordinarily see at a magic show.

Joe Castillo is a skilled sand artist and with the gift of using sand and creating stunning images. He uses the platform to put his sand on top of, and then he shapes the sand into looking like almost anything he chooses. Everything from desserts to castles, he can make that a reality using sand and the light that is shown from the platform.

Spintacular are also champions forever basketball, a family with 12 children, all of whom are proficient when it comes down to spinning basketballs on their fingers and cycling. They use the idea of basketball to a level nobody has gone before. Having nearly reached the finals on America’s Got Talent, the family is beloved by all of America. With their slogan, “Champions Forever,” they are striving not just to entertain people, but encourage them to reach new heights in life. This is a beautiful family who wants to inspire others with their gift.

These acts are some of the most unique in the business. With their unique takes on their chosen areas of proficiency, they are all unique and different. They use the idea of performing, music, and laughter to a whole new level of performance. These shows are all different, and they’re Unique Performance Acts with talents you don’t actually see every day.

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