The Most Unique Performances from Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions

Cristina Ramos

Written by Tim Grable

March 31, 2020

The launch of Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions edition has been a brilliant move for the Got Talent franchise, and the reception for it was overwhelmingly positive.

There were many things to appreciate about it, but we believe the performances deserve to be put in the spotlight.

And in this article, we have decided to showcase what we considered to be some of the most unique performances which took place during this edition.

Tape Face’s Audition Performance

The saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” was not made for Sam Wills and his iconic character Tape Face, as he would leave Las Vegas and make a comeback on BGT: The Champions.

He first participated in America’s Got Talent as Tape Face during the show’s 11th season, where he was widely praised for his unique, left-field, and somewhat uncanny approach to humor.

As Tape Face, Sam would do all sorts of odd performances, often relying on miming techniques and props to create a scenario as if it was taken from a cartoon.

During the auditions on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions, he performed a short comedy skit where he and judge David Walliams would do a silly dance along with two puppets improvised from clothes and household items.

Kseniya Simonova Got the Golden Buzzer

Kseniya Simonova is an artist, sand painter, and graphic designer from Ukraine. Her incredible sand paintings and captivating stories have made her into one of the most respected artists ever to grace the Got Talent stage.

And not only that, but she is the only artist to receive Golden Buzzers on different editions of the show. She received one during her participation in America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

And the second Golden Buzzer she received was on BGT: The Champions for her portrayal of a touching story about children around the world who are battling cancer.

Alex Magala Made Everyone’s Skin Crawl

Alex Magala is a sword swallower, and perhaps the most prolific participant in the entire Got Talent franchise, as he has participated in 10 different editions from the show and even ended up winning Russia’s Got Talent back in 2014.

It’s clear Alex has been very busy and has come to feature his amazing act to thousands of people from all over the world. And let us tell you that he made people shiver with each performance.

During his most recent appearance on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions, Alex outdid himself and cranked the danger factor to 11.

This time, his death-defying act had him swallow a sword up to the handle and then climbed a tall pole. Once he reached the top, Alex would drop face-front, only to stop his fall at the last second before the sword’s handle would’ve hit the ground.

Cristina Ramos Rocked Wembley Stadium

Cristina Ramos Unique Performances from Britain's Got Talent: The Champions

Ever since her first audition on Got Talent España (Spain’s Got Talent), Cristina Ramos has made a name for herself as one of the most versatile singers to ever get up on the show’s stage.

She can successfully combine multiple genres, such as rock, opera, flamenco, and the result is a sonic experience, unlike any other. And let’s not forget about her vocal ability, as she can reach high notes to an almost piercing pitch.

During her audition for BTG: The Champions, we saw Cristina in her most impressive performance to date. She performed a rock-opera version of “The Show Must Go On” by Queen, and she took it to soar levels, where her voice filled the entire Wembley Arena.

Deadly Games

We couldn’t talk about top entertainment acts and not include Deadly Games, a death-defying knife-throwing duo.  You may remember them from America’s Got Talent TV Show, season 11, where they kept everyone on the edge of their seats with their incredible performances.  They were also on America’s Got Talent: The Champions where they once again stunned the audience and made it into the finals when they performed their most dangerous act yet.

One of the highlights of their performance was Alfredo shooting an apple sitting on top of Anna’s head with a crossbow. Another scene that is hard to forget is that of Alfredo throwing knives at Anna while she was on a rotating frame.

For their performance, the entire jury stood up to give them a standing ovation. You can watch the entire act in the video below:

As Seen on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions

We hope you liked our picks, and if thought they were impressive, then you’d be glad to hear you can bring Got Talent level of entertainment to your event, as well.

We, the Grable Group, have a wide assortment of talents you can book for any kind of upcoming events. And some of our performers have even been on various editions of the Got Talent franchise.

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