The Best Wedding Entertainment that includes a Surprise Wedding Gift

Heidi Schwartz Wedding Entertainment

Written by Tim Grable

February 24, 2017

When planning a wedding you want unique and unusual wedding entertainment ideas to make your day unforgettable. You want to create a beautiful and memorable experience for your guests, you also want them to have a great time while attending your wedding. This is why finding entertainment is important to making your wedding memorable. We’ve come up with a few unusual entertainment ideas that are guaranteed to create memories about your special day that last forever!

Amazing and Unusual Entertainment Ideas for Weddings

The day has finally come, the one you have been planning since you were little- your wedding day!  No matter what stage of the process you want it to be perfect. The location, the guests, the meal, the photography, and entertainment are everything you have always dreamed of. Usually, couples are not thinking about the wedding gift they will receive or how to create something meaningful after the event is all over. There is an innovative new idea that has started to become a popular wedding entertainment option that includes a keepsake for you always to remember the joy and thrill of your wedding day. There is an entertainer named Heidi Schwartz, who not only entertains your guests but provides a unique wedding painting to display in your home for you to recall your special day. She sets up an art studio at the event and paints your event, like your wedding, as she sees it. Guests can watch her while she fluidly paints the scene before her and as a bonus, you get to keep the finished painting as a memory of your special day.

The Best Wedding Entertainment that includes a Surprise Wedding Gift

You can easily provide your guests with wedding entertainment that also creates lasting art with Heidi Schwartz. She will dazzle your guests with the way she seamlessly paints the scene on display. It creates the imagery of a moving picture and captures the beauty and life of your wedding.  It is an amazing sight to see, and guests will enjoy checking in throughout the length of the party to see how the painting has evolved.

Live Event Painting is the Perfect Wedding Gift

The Best Wedding Entertainment that includes a Surprise Wedding Gift

Heidi Schwartz set out to be a musician in Nashville. As she was pursuing classes in the music program at Belmont University, she decided to start painting. She found it was an excellent way of communicating and expressing the thoughts and feelings inside of her. She began to put it on canvas and discovered a new love. Heidi has captured everything from corporate events to birthday parties to one of the best entertainment ideas for weddings. Heidi says she gets lost in the painting and takes great delight in creating something meaningful for her clients. She includes the objects displayed, abstract items throughout the room and the feel of the event in the painting.  It will provide wedding entertainment while also allowing the party to be in full swing and not taking away from the joy of your wedding day and will surprise your guests.

If you are looking for some new and innovative entertainment, check out live painting by Heidi Schwartz. There are so many testimonials of people who loved her artwork and were so excited to receive the finished painting as a wedding gift. Quite a few people commented on how much their guests enjoyed Heidi’s art. It was a conversation starter and helped bridge the gap between the various people in attendance. Check out her work and contact her about your wedding. It is a unique experience your guests will not forget and that you will remember forever every time you look at the painting hanging in your house!

Entertainers bring joy on an average day, so why not have one paint your big day? Heidi Schwartz is a vibrant artist who will capture her inspiration from your wedding reception and bring it to life on canvas. Allow your guests to visualize the journey of creating a live event painting. The memory of your event will be embodied through acrylic brush strokes and all the guests in attendance will represent some piece of the painting, just as they do in your life.

What is the Most Memorable Wedding Entertainment?

Weddings have turned into a redundant string of baby’s breath and line dances. There are only so many repetitions of the ChaCha slide a sane adult can handle, and I am sure you exceeded that limit four weddings ago. You may scoff and swear you will never have this awful singer or that outdated DJ at your celebration. However, when it is your turn to plan, what better entertainment do you have in mind for your wedding? Here are a few unique groups to help you think outside the realm of ordinary entertainment and will save you from hiring the neighborhood garage band.

This trio features three incredibly talented violinists. They have a wholesome, elegant sound that will add class to your reception in a way only string instruments can. The String Angels take modern songs and interpret them into a classical form, allowing your guest to experience music they love in a whole new way.  The show can be woven into the fabric of your event in many unique ways. From Beethoven to The Beatles, Mozart to Queen, this class act is ideal and fully adapted to your wedding reception.

Many people look back at their wedding day as the most important of their lives. Everything must be perfect, down to the smallest detail. The Three Waiters is the final piece that can make your wedding one your family and friends will talk about for years to come.  The Singing Waiters is the most successful surprise act in the world for wedding entertainment.   They are a smart trio of entertainers who pose as a part of your waiting staff before revealing themselves as the opera singers they are. The trio uses improvisation and spontaneity to exploit the humorous events of the evening, using audience interaction as a key piece to the performance.   The Waiters fit easily into the schedule, adding unique and amazing entertainment without lengthening the event and keeping the focus on the reason you are there.

The Three Waiters combines wonderful music, laugh out loud comedy and the most unforgettable surprises – what a unique way to say thank you to all guests and loved ones for sharing a special day!  Bring the theater to your reception with this fun trio and see why they are one of the top entertainment ideas for weddings.  Here are a few comments from past clients:

Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster’s wedding
“Even Rod hadn’t a clue that the waiters weren’t anything but for real… Rod had his head on my shoulder and a tear in his eye.”

Wedding – Michael Harding, Father of the Bride
“To say that they were superb would be an understatement. They were the icing on the cake. The standing ovation given by all was more than well deserved.”

Wedding – Kerry & Alan Bauckham, Bride & Groom
“OMG!!! That’s literally all we can say !!!! We had 108 people to our wedding reception and there was not a dry eye in the house when the guys sung Nessun Dorma…… It made our day … The wedding was amazing but the waiters just topped it … … I can’t tell you how people felt cause I can’t write out 108 statements but I can tell you that they made our day so special and the texts I’ve had from people thanking us for including them in our celebrations just keep coming …. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM! Thank you so very much for doing what you do … on behalf of us and all our guests.”

Wedding – Denise Freeman, Mother of the Bride
“You were superb, excellent, first class, fantastic, amazing; You lifted the wedding breakfast to brilliant heights. Your professionalism and performance was second to none.”

Want to create an unforgettable experience for guests at your upcoming wedding? Well, DJ Drums is sure to please with their high tempo and collaborative act that is guaranteed to have guests storming the dance floor. This entertaining act can play a wide variety of music from classic to techno that will accommodate to all guests. Whether you are looking for a live Wedding Band or Dance Band to play all of your favorite oldies or want a DJ to get the party started, DJ Drums can do it all!

Storytelling is often overlooked in today’s society. Joe Castillo has taken this dying art form and revived it with his interpretation. Tell the story of your love in a way no one will forget with Sand Art as Castillo illustrates it in his sand. This artist will create detailed, moving scenes with nothing more than sand and his hands. Some of the best stories are the ones retold. Let your guests experience your fairy tale in an excellent retelling.

Joe Castillo has been amazing guests of all ages for years now with his live stories as told through sand. This artist and entertainer share stories with his hands leaving guests captivated by his talented craftsmanship and touched by his heartfelt and astounding stories. Joe has performed among thousands of audiences and was an America’s Got Talent finalist.   This entertainment ideas for weddings you will remember forever.

William Close and the Earth Harp Collective is an innovative artist who has invented over 100 new instruments for his shows. His entourage includes musicians, dancers, and aerialist in one surreal performance. Close is famed for incorporating the architecture of the instrument into the music, and his Earth Harp holds the world record for the largest stringed instrument. Give your guests a larger than life experience with the moving music created by William Close and the Earth Harp Collective.

Quality entertainment is the icing on the cake when it comes to planning the perfect wedding. These unusual wedding entertainment ideas will help ease the process of wedding planning and create an unforgettable experience for not only you and your partner but your guests as well! What better way to celebrate tying the knot that with the people that you love! Each one of these entertainers is guaranteed to set your wedding apart from the rest.

Entertainment ideas for weddings comes  in many forms. The gifts of music and art are ones given to few but enjoyed by all. Give that pleasure to your guests as a thank you for their love and support in your marriage. Make your wedding reception more than a line dance, and celebrate in a way that represents the uniqueness of you.  As a bonus when you hire a Live Event Painter like Heidi Schwartz, you also receive a wedding gift that lasts forever.

For more information on how to hire these entertainers for your wedding give us a call at 615 283 0039.

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