These Are the Top 10 Clean Comedians You Should Know

Lisa Mills

Written by Tim Grable

March 22, 2017

Have you ever had second thoughts about investing in a clean comedy act?

You are not alone in this. In fact, there are lots of event organizers who take it for granted that clean humor is somewhat less appealing to their audiences.

However, if you ask for people’s opinion, they will not know how to tell the difference between different types of humor. As long as they see something that amuses them, they will react. 

Stand-up comedy is one of the best ways to entertain a crowd at any event. Still, you do have to be careful with what kind of entertainer you hire.

Why? Because some of your guests might feel offended by stand-up comedy that features themes that are too “adult” in nature.

Hilarious Acts That Will Change Your Perspective on Clean Comedy

If you are hosting a special event, you understand how difficult it can be to find the best entertainment. There are many performance options available – that’s not a problem. Finding the performer that provides the right match for your audience is a challenge. Corporate events, conventions, and special events require entertainment that is suitable for all ages. Striking that balance can often be a difficult task.

That’s where clean comedy stands out.

There’s no law written anywhere that says jokes have to be infused with profanity to be funny. Comics who entertain corporate events shouldn’t reference an act that is inappropriate to discuss in mixed company on the stage.  Clean comics stand up and perform their material. The choice to go clean is up to them.

Fortunately, you have the chance to make the right choice. Many stand-up acts include clean jokes.

As a matter of fact, here are 10 clean comedians you should know and consider for your next event.  They have appeared on Showtime, The Dave Letterman Show, Comedy Central, and countless other venues collectively, offering years of experience in making people laugh.

So now, you can safely sit back and start myth-busting the biased assumption that clean comedy is less funny.

1. Jeff Allen – A Specialist in Clean Jokes

Jeff Allen’s view of the ordinary is uncanny. He has the ability to make people laugh, and laugh hard, about normal family life. Shining a light on the challenges of parenthood and relaying his version with a sarcastic twist, Jeff Allen is a force to be reckoned with in the world of comedy.

He is one of the most inspiring comedians out there. Jeff has been mastering clean comedy for three decades.

Jeff Allen has been featured in several TV shows as well – not to mention the Warner Bros production “Though Shalt Laugh.” He was also a guest on:

  • Showtime
  • Comedy Central
  • VH1
  • Dry Bar Comedy

Jeff Allen does not shy away from the camera. That is not his only strength, however. He also writes for several magazines like “Homecoming” and “Living with Teenagers.”

Well, let’s focus on his clean jokes expertise now, and see why he is one of the 10 clean comedians you should know.

Corporate representatives frequently request Jeff’s act. His show is specially tailored for a mixed audience. That is because most of his jokes relate to family life.

All in all, his stand-up comedy and humor will surely mesmerize your audience throughout the show.

2. Jim Breuer – A Charismatic Entertainer

Jim is one of the most popular artists who can include clean jokes in his set. His vast experience relies on 20 years of practice.

Breuer started his career performing in New York comedy clubs. He also starred in “Home Improvement” and was featured on the famous “Saturday Night Live.”

He was a guest on several shows too, such as:

  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
  • The Howard Stern Show
  • Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Jim Breuer draws the audience in with his magnetic personality. He provides a corporate clean comedy show that can engage the audience as well be edgy.

3. John Crist – One of the 10 clean comedians you should know

John is one of the most promising rising stars of the moment. His first appearance was on “Live at Gotham.” John’s successful comedy special “I Got Questions” brought him critical acclaim as well. Moreover, he appeared in the famous show “Larger than Life.”

Well, he did not stop there. John won several comedy contests. His increasing popularity brought him millions of views on social media.

A John Crist comedy show combines witty jokes with current topics. His act is fun and harmless, suitable for both corporate and Christian events.

4. Lisa Mills – An Expert in Clean Comedy

10 clean comedians you should know

Lisa is a top comedian and motivational speaker. Her show is exclusively based on clean jokes. Plus, she is specialized in Christian comedy too. After all, she is a dedicated member of the Christian Comedy Association.

Her hilarious act is in high demand. Lisa is frequently booked for conferences and business events because her dynamic show makes any event a memorable experience.

5. Greg Hahn – An Amazing Experience

Greg’s energetic show triggers continuous laughter. He had several TV appearances:

  • Premium Blend
  • Late Night with Conan O’Brien
  • Star Search

He took part in the Montreal Comedy Festival and the Halifax Comedy Festival. His personal experience with the corporate environment recommends him for dedicated events.

His show is specially crafted for this niche, including his jokes that are 100%. He energizes the audience with a dynamic and hilarious act. Greg is also frequently booked for business events.

6.  Ross Bennett – Smart Comedy

Ross Bennett makes the mundane hilarious. His explosive descriptions make you laugh harder than you expected to. Ross Bennett takes everyday situations and finds the humor in them, prompting you to do the same with your own life scenarios. He has mastered timing, facial expression, and delivery. With appearances on Dry Bar Comedy, The David Letterman Show and Comedy Central’s Tough Crowd, among others, Ross Bennett is a must see.

7.  Michael Joiner – Clever sarcasm

You’ll laugh harder than you expect to. With a style that feels more like a conversation than standup, Michael Joiner combines sarcasm and with a clean performance. He talks about the stuff we think, saying the most hilarious things under his breath, making you laugh at the joke and at yourself at the same time. He was heralded as the “Funniest Comic in L.A.” in 2008. Spend ten minutes at a Michael Joiner show and you’ll see why.

8. Thor Ramsey – One of the most recognized names in Clean Comedy

Sharp and witty, Thor Ramsey never disappoints. Since 1987, Thor Ramsey has been entertaining fans with his elaborate stories and comical illustrations of moments in life. He knows how to speak to the heart of his audience and make them laugh at what he shows them.

9. Carlos Oscar – a comic’s comic

Carlos Oscar brings a fresh perspective to comedy. His ability to combine his ethnicity and modern day situations are uncanny. He brings you into his life and keeps you there, tickling you with his humor and keeping you laughing harder than you expected.

10. Dennis Regan

The California-based corporate comedian is the sheer definition of “relatable.” He sports a relaxed attitude that draws everyone in without them even noticing.

While his comedy set unfolds seamlessly, you will not have time to catch a break from laughing. Just like the audience at The Great American Comedy Festival and the Late Show with David Letterman.

What makes people laugh is personal. Everyone won’t laugh about the same thing. But these comedians have gotten finding what makes people funny down to a science. Each of them has honed their craft to the point of effortlessness. Seeing is believing. Check out one of these clean stand up comedians for your next function and get ready to laugh.

He proves that subtle charisma and a laid-back presence are the best ingredients for delivering clean comedy.

We hope these 10 clean comedians you should know came in handy. In case you would like to book any of them for your events, be sure to get in touch with us.

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