3 Types of Business Events Where Clean Comedy Is a Must

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Written by Tim Grable

May 19, 2017

Laughter is the best remedy, it is true. However, a mismatched entertainer whose style of comedy ends up offending part of the guests attending your corporate event is no laughing matter.

When shopping for entertainment, you have to not only make sure your choice fits in with available budget and logistics but also with the nature of the corporate event.

3 Types of Business Events Where Clean Comedy Is a Must

Different types of business events ask for various entertainment options. 

Some occasions like a company Christmas party are more permissive from this point of view. For other types of events, though, it is paramount that you ensure your entertainer of choice is 100% appropriate for the corporate environment.

In this case, your safest bet is going with a clean comedian. Here are three types of business events where clean comedy is a must.

1. Large Types of Business Events

Large crowds are often the harder to please regarding entertainment. That is because they involve a bigger mix of people.

It is pretty straightforward: the larger the audience, the greater the chance of somebody potentially being offended by a joke or topic.

That is why it is best to play it safe and book a clean comedian for business events with a large number of attendees, such as:

  • Large conventions
  • Trade Shows
  • Product Launch events with lots of guests

This way, even if you are planning an event for a heterogeneous mix of guests, you can rest assured everybody will enjoy your choice of entertainment.

2. Seminars and Conferences

These types of business events tend to be more serious in nature. Still, that does not mean there’s no room for comedy.

It just has to be the right kind of comedy.

Award-winning actor and comedian Mark Christopher Lawrence has a style of comedy that would complement any business events. His charm on stage and his genuine love for people shine through his performances.

What’s more, he has extensive experience performing for such occasions.

meeting, office, people,coffee

3. Team-Building Events

Team-building events are all about building up employee confidence and their ability to work more efficiently as part of the same team.

So the last thing you want is your entertainer’s comedy style polarizing the room. Your team-building event can quickly turn into a bit of chaos if guests start disputing whether a joke was inappropriate or not.

What’s an easy way to avoid an embarrassing situation like this that can ruin your efforts to build upon the company’s strengths and increase employee morale?

Go with clean comedy! Because you know what they say: Employees that laugh together, stay together!

We recommend someone like Frank King. Not only is he an exceptional clean comedian, but he is also a skilled speaker. Want to see his comedy style in action?

Check out the video below where he talks about the fear of flying, a topic most people can relate to:

What’s Next

The Grable Group is a booking agency and entertainment company. We manage a select pool of speakers, comedians (including clean comedians), artists and entertainers.

We are confident we can help you find the right entertainment fit for your particular needs.

So get in touch with us as soon as possible and turn your next event into a memorable experience for everyone involved.

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