4 Famous Clean Comedians You Can Book for Your next Event

Written by Tim Grable

February 24, 2017

Are you looking for famous clean comedians for your next event? You’ll have a hard time booking them. Most of them are busy people, and it will be difficult to get a hold of them.

A famous comedian at your event will bring in more guests. When people see personalities that they like on TV, they often wish to see them in person. So they will want to see the performance and maybe grab a photo with the star.

The process of booking famous clean comedians for your event can be easy. You can hire a specialized booking agency to take care of this.

But which one should you choose? In the following lines, you’ll learn more about some of the renowned clean comedians you can hire.

#1 Famous Clean Comedians: Drew Lynch

What’s impressive about Drew Lynch is his personal strength in overcoming a terrible accident. His story is incredibly touching and could even bring your guests to tears. But his show isn’t about that.

Drew is young and hilarious, and his story makes him inspiring and empowering. From his first appearance on America’s Got Talent, he has been perfecting his act. Using clean jokes, appropriate even for children, Drew Lynch quickly became a famous comedian.

He just loves to make people laugh, and his stutter emphasizes his humor.

Check out a few of his jokes in the video above and let us know how much you laughed.

#2 Jeff Caldwell – Smart And Funny

The famous George Carlin called Jeff Caldwell: “funny and smart!” Jeff’s humor, good taste, and witty jokes quickly made him well-known.

He appeared five times on The Late Show with David LettermanJeff is a former civil and environmental engineer. His humor is natural – he’s a genuinely funny person.

Apart from comedy he often blogs at the Huffington Post. In his articles, Jeff humorously comments on scientific topics.

You can find small pieces of his shows on YouTube. That’s in case you want some genuine laughter before booking him for your next event. Jeff is appropriate for corporate parties and fundraisers.

#3 Ron McGehee – “Half Korean, Half Irish”

Ron is young, but he headlined Improv Comedy Clubs and The Comedy Store. You may have heard of him – he produced the first Christian comedy show. “Non-Toxic Comedy” was featured at top comedy clubs all across the country.

He has appeared on Comedy Central, ABC Family, Oxygen Network, and Style NetworkRon was one of the writers for Jimmy Kimmel Live and shared the stage with “Weird Al” Yankovic.

His main quality, apart from being funny, is the ability to connect with the audience. Ron is mostly booked for youth events, but he’s open to challenges.

#4 Dr. Craig Shoemaker – A 30 Years Comedy Vet

4 Famous Clean Comedians You Can Book for Your next Event

In case you haven’t heard about Craig, know that he performed for four presidents. That’s U.S. presidents. He’s one of those people that comes along every few centuries.

Craig is a clean comedian, a WGA scribe of films and sitcoms, a producer, a writer, and has a Ph.D. in Humanities. His book “LoveMaster’d” is a worldwide bestseller inspiring readers to manage personal difficulties.

He is so much more than a clean comedian. Apart from being funny he also has educational sessions.

All these famous clean comedians – and more – can be booked at The Grable Group. We’re a team of experienced entertainment and booking agents. We can help your event be a memorable experience for your guests.

If you’d like to learn more about our services you can contact us online.

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