5 Acts from Dry Bar Comedy that Went Viral Online

4 Acts from Dry Bar Comedy that Went Viral Online

Written by Tim Grable

December 7, 2019

Dry Bar Comedy has made its way to mobile devices around the world, reaching a massive audience across platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube.

All the clips posted by the brand on these platforms are perfectly portioned and edited to fit users’ needs and expectations. Even so, it’s only natural that some acts are more popular than others.

In this article, we’ve included 5 acts from the show which went viral online. Together, these comedians gathered over 200 million views on YouTube and the Dry Bar App. And counting.

Curious to learn more about them? Keep reading.

4 Acts from Dry Bar Comedy that Went Viral Online

1. Azkaban Prison Tatts – Shayne Smith

A self-called nerd, stand-up comedian, Shayne Smith is widely-known for two things. His geeky jokes represent the first thing he’s known for. The second? His massive tattoos.

Both of them are showcased in this Azkaban Prison Tatts set, which has been viewed more than 2.5 million times on YouTube.

In addition to his humor, people also appreciate Shayne for his positive energy and down to earth attitude, as well as for his authenticity,

In case you haven’t watched this viral set from Shayne yet, now’s your chance to do it.

2. When You’re Half Black and Half White – Warren B Hall

Warren B. Hall knew he wanted to be a stand-up comedian since the early age of ten. Growing up, he idolized Eddie Murphy and loved watching him perform.

However, Warren ultimately decided it would be better to take a different approach to comedy than his childhood idol – one who didn’t involve foul language.

With more than 1.5 Million views on YouTube for this Dry Bar Comedy set alone, it’s safe to say Warren B. Hall found his comedic stride.

You need to watch this; it’s downright hilarious!

3. When They Know Your Name at Arby’s -Christian Pieper

Born in Kentucky, Christian is an award-winning and comedian now living in Los Angeles. He’s best known for his self-deprecating humor and his good-natured, honest, and always insightful material.

Another quality that makes him stand out is his ability to remain a crowd-pleasing comedian, even when delving into complicated or controversial topics.

The Dry Bar Comedy performance captured in the video below was viewed over 700K times on YouTube. Be sure to check it out as well if you need to get a good laugh in.

4. When Technology Takes You Backwards -Tyler Boeh

Tyler’s comedy style has been influenced by comedy greats, such as Steve Martin, Chris Rock, and Jim Carey. And similar to the content created by those iconic names, Tyler’s jokes have layers and depth.

More than that, whether it’s an identifiable life stage, a specific moment in time, or a made-up story, his content takes you places. So you’re not just listening to a comedy routine, you’re going along on a journey.

Curious to watch him perform? Then make sure to take a look at the clip below, which got over 700k views on YouTube.

5. The America I Grew Up In – Jeff Allen

Part of what makes Jeff Allen stand out from other Dry Bar Comedians is his effortless and natural demeanor on stage. He relays his stories and observations with a relaxing and vibe that truly facilitates the audience having a good time and laughing out loud. There is nothing pretentious about Jeff, and his self- deprecating point of view is hilariously popular among his greatest fans. He has a special way of laughing at himself, and those closest to him, without becoming profane or cruel. He finds the fodder and silliness in real-life situations, bringing them to light in front of the audience with an alluring delivery that sways from boyish charm to cynical swagger. Audience members will find themselves laughing at loud at some of the recognizable and familiar situations and scenarios that Jeff mentions and mocks in his act.

Discover More Comedians on Dry Bar Comedy You Should Watch

We hope this article has helped you discover some new names you may not have known about – and it has opened up your appetite for great comedy.

Want even more top comedians you can watch on the show right now? Find them here.

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