Adam Trent “The Futurist” Will Make You Wonder If It’s All an Illusion

Adam Trent on Stage

Written by Tim Grable

March 3, 2017

If you manage to escape the stress, heartache, and frustrations of daily life to experience a few moments of happiness and laughter, is that happiness an illusion? Adam Trent manages to create happiness, humor, and joy through his sensational performances. But the question is “WHO is this guy and WHERE did he come from?”

If you Google him, the Wikipedia definition includes ” … self-taught American illusionist, singer, and comedian. His style is a combination of magician’s illusion with dancing, singing, and comedy.”

In other words, he’s the type of entertainer that you want for your event.

The Childhood That Molded An Illusionist

Adam Trent is 29 years old and according to his bio on his website, he can’t remember a time in his life when he wasn’t performing. At age 9 he began performing at birthday parties for kids. By the age of 13 he was doing occasional corporate events. Then, at 14 years of age, he began street performing which he labels as both amazing and brutal. However, it molded him into the performer he is today.

It was on the streets that he learned how to draw a crowd and how to maintain their attention even in the worst of situations. He quickly learned how to analyze an audience because, on the streets, if his performance was boring the people would just walk away. Adam Trent learned how to paint the illusion of happiness through his performances. Here, in the streets, he became addicted to bringing laughter and humor into strangers’ lives even for just a few moments at a time.

Although he did go to college in Los Angeles and obtained a degree in Finance and Entertainment Marketing, he also learned a great deal about LA’s music and comedy scene. He realized that the most vital element in a performance is the ability to connect with the audience. This epiphany is what solidified his career choice.

Adam Trent on Stage

Adam Trent, “The Futurist”

Nicknamed “The Futurist”, his edgy, fun style is considered a combination of Justine Timberlake and David Copperfield. He attracts an entirely new generation of magic fans through his infusion of traditional tricks, daring stunts, technology, dancing and hilarious comedy.

Each year, he performs over 300 headline shows including international television appearances on the Disney, Travel and SyFy Networks. Not only this, but he was also part of The Illusionists live tour. He traveled with them for the past 18 months and performed in worldwide tours. Moreover, he will also be going back with them to Broadway for a second time.

Sensational Performances

It’s not a routine or an act. It’s truly a spectacular performance. Trent manages to lure the audience into a state of happiness, laughter, and awe while on stage. His performances incorporate upbeat music combined with sensational illusions and tricks while pulling them off to the beat with attention-grabbing dance-like movements in-between. Laser light beams, colors, and flashes are also used to increase enthusiasm and build intensity.

His Specialty

His specialty is technology illusions. He shows the multimedia side of magic using electronics like LED screens and video cameras. These illusions even manage to captivate the most skilled technology experts, especially one in particular where he snatches a 3D object from a flat image on a screen. He also teleports and clones himself on large video screens.

The illusionist also performs a stunt where he saws someone in half, typical of traditional magic shows. However, instead of sawing horizontally, the magician does it vertically.

Using His Most Powerful Tool of Engagement

He also wears a helmet with a camera attached to it. The camera automatically videos a live feed of the audience. What it does, is give the audience a perception of Trent’s perspective of the show…what he’s seeing as far as audience engagement, reaction and facial expressions.

For the audience, this is an admirable way to acknowledge and include them into the performance. But for Trent, he’s incorporating the most valuable lesson he learned when he moved to Los Angeles. He’s connecting to his audience. If that camera is on an individual, it means that Trent is looking right at them. This is a powerful method of engagement and the performer uses it very effectively.

How illusions and comedy entertain and amaze

Adam Trent is taking magic to a whole new level. This magician, Illusionist, stand-up comedian and performer embraces all of his talents to create an imaginative, entertaining and truly unique magic show unlike any other. He blends his own original music together with dancing and witty personality to perform illusions and comedy that the audience simply can not explain. He has even been featured in the original Disney show, “Shake It Up!” as well as on French TV, KTLA Los Angeles News and in his own Converse commercial. Adam Trent is also known as one of the youngest international award winning magicians. Taking his tour all around the world, this is one magic show that you wont want to miss.

Trent is known to fans and press as being extremely funny, unique and completely different from what you expect the average magician (and musician!) to be. His talents are taking the magic world by storm. He is truly changing the stereotype of magicians around the world. His performances can be enjoyed by adults and children of all ages, as well as in a wide range of venues from cruise ships and civic centers to colleges and comedy clubs. Now you can witness for yourself the amazing magic, illusions and comedy Trent.

Entertainment for Hire? Adam Is More than Just That

Adam has often been described as a mix between Justin Timberlake and David Copperfield. The latter did play a significant role in his career choice.

With Adam Trent, you don’t need to sift the pages trying to find entertainment for hire. You’re getting the full fun pack:

  • A magical show to enchant the audience before the main course
  • Concert and “dance troupe” for those who enjoy the art of illusion
  • Stand-up comedy for some good laughs
  • Fast-paced variety fit for today’s easily distracted audiences

magic, magician, entertainment, hands

As we’ve mentioned before, the Internet can sometimes ruin the magic of magic. That is why Adam considers his trade as a sort of theme for his comedy, music, and dance routines.

Have your attendees had their fair share of illusionists? Adam guarantees that there is an entertaining element in his show for everybody.

So Is Happiness Just An Illusion?

There’s no better choice than booking Adam Trent for your entertainment needs during your next big event. Available to perform at parties, corporate events, illusion shows, theaters and performing arts centers, Trent brings his magic to you, wherever you are. With many different tricks up his sleeve, he always leaves audiences in awe with what they have just seen and experienced. Card tricks, illusions, disappearances, and cutting himself as well his beautiful assistants in half are just a few types of tricks that you may witness while enjoying an incredible performance from none other than Adam Trent.

When planning entertainment for an event, the best gift you can give your guests is an opportunity to escape the stress and frustrations of their everyday lives. Illusions should be entertaining first and tricky second. Book Adam Trent today so your guests can cherish the laughs and memories he creates with his illusions.

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