The Amazing Adam Trent Magic and Comedy

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Written by Tim Grable

March 5, 2017

The Amazing Adam Trent Magic and ComedyAdam Trent began honing his magic act at the tender age of nine, so it is no wonder that he is now one of the most sought after magicians working today. With his nimble blend of humor, illusions, and charisma, he has become the perfect antidote to stale magic routines that feature bad jokes and scantily clad women sawed in two.

After graduating from college with a degree in Finance and Entertainment Marketing, Trent shifted gears and decided to pursue comedy. He perfected his act in the Los Angeles comedy club scene, on cruise lines and at college campuses all over the country. He added dance moves, singing, and some expertly crafted tricks, and eventually, his magic act was born. Adam Trent magic is the perfect combination of surprise and silliness; he makes his audience laugh, gasp and always leaves them wanting more.

Adam Trent Magic will Entertain You

Adam Trent - The Illusionists 2.0 Meet The Futurist

Adam Trent magic is filled with pyrotechnics and visual flair, which led one reviewer to dub him “Justin Timberlake meets David Copperfield.” However, Trent has more to offer than just visual panache. His time as a stand-up comedian taught him about the importance of connecting with the audience, so he always makes sure to add substance to his style.

Adam Trent learned the principles of magic at a young age, and he has not abandoned them as his act has grown. He has added high-tech visual gags to his act, like cloning himself using LED walls, but he still has time for old fashioned card tricks. Every magician needs to know the basics, but Adam Trent gives timeless magic a whole new spin.

Adam Trent brings a much needed youthful charm to the magic world. He gets rid of tuxedos and female assistants in evening gowns and instead favors jeans, music, and funky dance moves. He caters to a youthful audience, but he has fans of all ages and makes sure to establish an authentic connection with every audience.

Adam Trent loves to interact with his audience, whether through dancing, magic or playful ribbing. People who attend his shows invariably come away saying that Adam Trent magic is innovative, original and a whole lot of fun.

Adam Trent is also an excellent performer for corporate events. His broad appeal makes him the perfect performer for all age groups and venues, and his playful charm will win over newcomers to the world of magic.

Adam Trent is a critically acclaimed magician. He has won the P.C.A.M. Pro Magic Challenge, been declared the next big thing by Yahoo! Entertainment and has been cited as an influential figure by U.S. News and World Report. He is a multi-talented performer whose blend of comedy and ingenious magical feats makes him a winning act for any event.

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