Amazing Stand Up Comedians Who Are the Best at Entertaining Their Audiences

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Written by Tim Grable

October 4, 2018

Whenever organizing an event, it’s essential to pay extra attention to the entertainment aspect. So going for comedy easily checks many of the boxes on your entertainment checklist.

You see, in addition to being entertaining and making guests laugh out loud, high-quality comedy can also be a useful vessel for communicating ideas.

Also, it gives people the impetus to change their perspective and positively see things.

This article features a set of amazing stand up comedians which are perfect for providing loads of fun to the audience.

Having the audience entertained is a measure of success for an event organizer and a comedian, as well. If the performance met the public’s expectations, you could bet this will end up being beneficial for your future events.

This article features a set of amazing stand up comics who will get a good laugh out of the audience. So after such an experience, you know the public will come back asking for more.

1. Brad Upton

He is the previous winner of the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and a recent guest at the Cesare’s Palace for the HBO Comedy Festival. Brad Upton has over 26 years of experience and as many as 5000 shows where he performed masterfully.

Brad is one of the most sought-after comedians of the Seattle scene thanks to his broad appeal which comes from his ability to get good laughs out of everyone, whether they’re 18 or 80 years old.

His comedy routine focuses on the simpler things in life and draws anecdotes from his personal experiences, that is why his comedy is so relatable.

Brad’s humor is fit for both formal or informal environments. You can catch him performing at small private parties, cruise ships or Miami comedy clubs. Brad has jokes and gags for everyone. He is one of those amazing stand up comedians which never ceases to amaze!

Have a look at one of his performances by clicking on the following video:

2. Leanne Morgan

Leanne’s funny but honest approach to standup has made her a lovable figure of the comedy scene.

She brings an element of southern charm to her observational, rather, domestic type of comedy. Her entire routine is focused on storytelling that draws inspiration from her experiences as a mother and housewife.

Leanne has made numerous appearances on many television shows such as The Dr. Phil Show, Paula Deen’s Cooking Show, Nick At Nite and many others. She has worked with Warner Brothers and ABC to develop a sitcom, and she is currently working with famed producer Matt Williams on a half an hour sitcom.

During her shows, she presents to the audience a hilarious recollection of events from her day to day life.

She is the main character of her adventure through motherhood. She presents it in a way as to highlight that it can be an entertaining experience.

Get a taste of Leanne’s live performance by clicking the following video:

3. Tom Cotter

With this season of America’s Got Talent slowly approaching its end, it’s important to remember one of the most amazing comedians ever featured on the show.

Tom Cotter’s moment on the AGT stage was nothing short of hilarious. It was the first time he would showcase his one-of-a-kind gallows type of comedy to the entire country.

He impressed everyone – starting with the audience, the judges and everyone watching at home. By the end of it, he left the judges speechless, with “Wow” being their only reaction. Have a look for yourself by clicking the following video:

His stand-up routine is the perfect addition to your entertainment event. His whole act revolves around the retelling of simple events from his life, to which anyone can relate to. However, Tom never omits to spice things up with many outrageous details.

His unique brand of unapologetic humor can make an audience burst into laughter. Now, the reality is that Tom’s humor, no matter how ridiculous, has something for everyone to enjoy.

4. Michael Joiner

Michael is one of the amazing stand up comedians from the midwest that tours all across the nation to spread positivity and light-humor to all kinds of audiences.

He has made appearances in over 50 Hollywood films, is a contributing writer for Jay Leno and has even played a photo-double for Bruce Willis.

Lately, his performances in Hollywood have taken a secondary role, in any case. His primary focus nowadays is his solo career as a comedian, and he strives to provide only the best humor out there.

His comedy show is all about cleverly making fun of day to day situations – served with a generous side of sarcasm. It’s the situations which everyone can relate to that make his shows quite a blast.

You can watch one of Michael’s performances by clicking the following video:

Top comedy is without a doubt an excellent choice if you’re aiming to offer the guests a genuinely entertaining experience.

5. Bob Farmer

Something unique is coming your way, and it’s bound to be loads of fun. It’s Bob Farmer and he is a one of a kind in the comedy business. With each show, he brings a new layer of entertainment to the audience.

First, it’s essential to get to know Bob a bit. He is both a comedian and a writer. He is the spokesperson and a contributor for the Farmers’ Almanac.

Speaking of which, Bob’s show is aptly titled “Bob Farmer and the Farmers’ Almanac.” It’s a beautiful and light-hearted comedy routine in which Bob guides the audience on a tour through various terms and figures of speech farmers would use.

From time to time, Bob does take the chance to deliver some insightful information to offer an all-around comedic experience.

Better yet, why not see it for yourself in the following video?

6. Tim Cavanagh

Known for heavily interacting with the audience, Tim Cavanagh is one of those fantastic comedians who deliver unique and customized experiences in each of his shows.

Tim’s double Es in his comedy arsenal are Entertainment and Education, which he always manages to deliver upon with excellence.

His comedy routine is to diversify and adapt each of his stand-up sessions to fit the audience and the setting. Simply put, with Tim, you can never expect to see the same show twice.

Words don’t do him justice, so here’s an example of how Tim’s performance goes:

He has even taken this act to a point where he impersonates different personas on stage, through the whole performance. Your audience won’t want to miss it!

7. Moody McCarthy

He’s a young comedy mind, but not a stranger to entertainment. Moody McCarthy has made his way in the comedy industry with more television show appearances than you can count.

Moody has been featured on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Show with David Letterman and on Conan, to name a few. He is in incredibly high demand and continuously ends up doing shows around New York’s renowned comedy clubs.

What you can expect from Moody is a comedy routine packed with puns and jokes about the simpler things in life we all get to experience. This softball type of comedy has earned Moody much success, and there’s no sign of him stopping!

Here’s a reason why Moody is up there with the other amazing stand up comics. Check out this video:

8. Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen understands his audience and where to tickle their funny bone. If event planners are looking for amazing stand up comedians that are a hit, then Jeff Allen should be on their list of top comedians. From entertaining the troops in the Persian Gulf to performing at Presidential inaugurations, Allen finds good clean humor in all situations. He has been featured on Dry Bar Comedy, Comedy Central as well as Showtime. His professionalism is guaranteed to bring out the lighter side of living!

9. Marty Simpson

Marty Simpson is one of those high-quality comedians who thrive on self-deprecating jokes. To understand precisely what we mean by this, here’s a perfect example:

He frequently gets mistaken for Dr. Phil, a fact which he wholeheartedly acknowledges. However, he also likes to add that “he looks like Dr. Phil’s heavier brother.”

Despite his tendency for self-deprecation, it’s important to mention that Marty’s comedy is a 100% clean, without a trace of profanity.

Have a look for yourself by clicking the following video:

If you’re looking for high-quality comedy, then Marty would be a great addition to your event.

He has many years of on-stage experience, headlining many comedy shows and even performing alongside comedy legends such as Dennis Miller and Tim Hawkins. Marty Simpson is also one of the leading virtual comedians in the world.

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Amazing Stand Up Comedians Who Are the Best at Entertaining Their Audiences

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