Amazing Talent for Unique Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

Written by Tim Grable

March 10, 2017

Amazing Talent for an Unique Corporate Holiday Party Ideas In business, it can become difficult to brainstorm unique corporate holiday party ideas. For many, the annual corporate holiday party is a much-anticipated staple of what can otherwise be a stressful time of year—shopping expenses, crowds and end-of-the-year deadlines can dim even the jolliest of holiday spirits. Properly utilizing these corporate holiday party ideas will provide employers and employees alike a unique reprieve from the usual work grind, as well as an opportunity to kick back with colleagues in a new environment. However, it can sometimes be difficult for planners to come up with unique corporate holiday party ideas.

There are many things that go into creating amazing holiday events for friends, family, or even colleagues. You may have delectable food, enticing decor, and a cool atmosphere. However, none of that matters if your event isn’t fun for your guests! When people attend an event, they expect it to be a good time. There are ways you can ensure that your guests go away with the impression that your party was one of the most amazing holiday events they have ever attended. You can add some pizzazz to your next event by hiring an entertainer. This takes the pressure off of you as the host and allows you to sit back and enjoy the event into which you put so much time and effort. Whether you are looking for someone to wow your audience, make them laugh, or make them think, there is an entertainer perfect for your amazing holiday events.

The following seven performers offer unique, enthralling entertainment that can turn your corporate event into a stellar experience that will have colleagues raving by the water cooler for ages!

All artists have been acclaimed by different critics, and some have made waves on hit media platforms such as “America’s Got Talent.” From a comedic and magical cabaret, to a transformative puppeteer, these entertainers are sure to make for an event your staff will never forget.

Seven Unique Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

When you are looking to bring a touch of artistry and beauty to your event, look no further than Heidi Schwartz. A talented artist, Heidi is a live painter who will come to your event and paint for your guests. Guests will love watching as she picks up nuances from the event and paints as she is inspired by her surroundings. When she is finished, you are left with a permanent reminder of the evening with one of her beautiful pieces of art.

Fresh-faced Adam Trent has made his mark in the entertainment world as a quadruple threat, blending magic, comedy, dance and music into quite the spellbinding act. Trent charismatically oscillates between each genre with precision, leaving audiences roaring with awes and laughter.

Enigmatically engaging, it is no wonder that the unique ensemble of Catapult shadow dancers have been featured on “America’s Got Talent.” The dancers—masked using a shadow screen—contort themselves into the likeness of various objects and scenarios, from a pair of shaking fists to a beating human heart!

Both innovative and interactive, comedian Bob Stromberg does not offer a typical puppet show. With the help from selected audience members, Stromberg hilariously segues into different short stories using shadow puppets. Arrays of characters contort and come to life through Stromberg’s “handy” puppetry, leaving audiences tickled.

Live artist, author, and storyteller, Joe Castillo will motivate and move your audience through his uplifting stories and live sand art presentations. He tells a story as he wows guests with his artistic talents, whether he is creating a beautiful piece of sand art or drawing a detailed illustration. Guests will laugh, cry, and leave feeling inspired to become more than they ever dreamed possible.

Using only his hands, sand and a light table, Joe Castillo offers a profoundly riveting experience to audiences. Bit by bit, Castillo brings different stories to life with his sand art. For the holiday season, Castillo has perfected the visual retelling of famous scenes and figures of the Holidays.


If you are looking for a high energy duo to provide music and excitement to your event, look no further than DJ Drums. This duo is part DJ and part drums, bringing the live music aspect to a non-traditional DJ host. They truly can get the party started and get people on the dance floor. This duo will cater their performance to your needs, so if you are looking for something a little more low-key, they can do that, too!


If you are hosting an event and want to impress your attendees, look no further. Eric Dittleman has wowed television and live audiences alike with his mind reading skills. This, combined with his hilarious stand-up comedy and improvisational skills, makes him a hit at any event.

Who says corporate events have to be boring? Why should brainstorming ideas be an extra point of stress during the rush of the season? There is no need for an employer to rack his/her brain for party ideas. Whether choosing a painter, a comedian, a puppeteer or a shadow dancer, the entertainment will be sure to make for a spectacular night with our unique corporate holiday party ideas.

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