Amazing Thanksgiving Outreach Ideas to Try Right Now

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Written by Tim Grable

February 24, 2017

Amazing Thanksgiving Outreach Ideas to Try Right Now

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Need Thanksgiving outreach ideas?  We have the artists and performers you need to maximize your visibility, engage your participants, and increase attendance. We offer a wide variety of entertainers to appeal to all types of audiences, young and old. These artists are sure to increase event attendance. We provide a variety of venues, including humor, art, religious, disability concerns, children, food, magic, and just plain fun. These performers have all been aired on shows such as America’s Got Talent, have received thousands of You-Tube hits and are now enjoying success both nationally and internationally.

7 Great Thanksgiving Outreach Ideas

Daren Streblow enjoys making audiences laugh for ordinary life. Unlike other comedians, who rely on profanity and sexual innuendo as a crutch, Streblow draws from the absurdity of the human condition as his material for humor. As a person with a difficult name to spell, Streblow understands well the nature of human weakness and frailty. Instead of demanding that his audience bemoan human error, he invites laughter.

Marc Eckel humbly paints with his hands on a lighted screen before the audience. Spoken word and music are used in the background. The material is chiefly Christian in nature. Eckel’s primary theme is Christ is Love. Eckel’s aim is to bring the world together, never to separate. Eckel’s work has been known to move an audience to tears. His ministry has now gained international attention.

Steve McGranahan is the World’s Strongest Redneck. He is six feet tall, 343 pounds, and stronger than steel. Steve can run a 50-mile marathon. Unlike most men his size, he chooses not to put people in their place, but to be funny. He states that he gained this ability due to a learning disability. He jokes that he got through high school by drawing attention away from his work not done. His enjoys increasing his muscle strength by eating donuts, chocolate, and pizza. Mcgranahan is more than just muscle; he brings a clear and profound message along with his show.

Taylor Mason can make anything idle talk. He is a ventriloquist extraordinaire, the perfect performer to suit your Thanksgiving outreach ideas. For audiences young and old, Mason enjoys gently poking fun at the human condition, using his dummy as a model. Audiences burst in laughter when they recognize their follies in the words of Mason’s dummies. Mason can adapt to a wide variety of settings. Always keeping it clean, Mason demonstrates to the audience that life is not truly as it seems.

Joe Castillo can paint anything in the sand. He works with his hands and fingers on a lighted glass with music and sound background. Joe is an experienced artist who is now in his sixties. Joe Castillo is bilingual in English and Spanish and is also a motivational speaker. Castillo (Cas-TEE-yo) is known worldwide and has performed TED Talks and for corporations such as Apple. For your Thanksgiving outreach ideas, Joe Castillo is sure to please any audience.

Joshua Jordan amazes audiences in his understanding of life not being as it seems. He knows well that the tables can turn, and with his ability as both magician and comedian, he wows his audiences and demonstrates the changing nature of our times. His ability to make things disappear and reappear will fool anyone, especially when it is funny. Jordan’s capacity to improvise and ability to change direction at the last minute when necessary are his principal assets, which have now driven him to stardom. This is why he is an excellent choice for young and old alike.

In the day of 140-character Tweet, Scott Wood can be funny in only one sentence. He calls himself Mr. Punchline for good reason. Drawing from models such as Joan Rivers, his ability to keep it clean is unprecedented. For Thanksgiving outreach ideas, he is ideal for all audiences young and old. He can make any topic funny, from cars to television.

We have a wide variety of entertainers and the best ideas to suit your Thanksgiving outreach. All artists are appropriate for minors and any entertainment venue. These performers range from funny to touching, and all promise a positive and uplifting message. Our performers are sure to bring in a wider audience and increase monetary donations. To hire one of our amazing and engaging entertainers, contact us now.

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