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Written by Tim Grable

February 26, 2017

Art, Humor and More - Church Entertainment Ideas If you are planning an event for your church that is designed to help improve the population of your congregation, raise funds for an upcoming project, or merely provide an outstanding way to entertain and reach your city, then the following folks are always great church entertainment ideas. They have some unusual talents, a great sense of humor, and an uncanny ability to capture the attention of an audience.

Each one has a strong Christian background and incorporates his faith into his act, helping to provide a deeper understanding of Christianity as a whole by presenting it in a brand new light. By choosing these or similar church entertainment ideas, your congregation (and guests) will come away with an appreciation of Christianity and a firm belief in the Almighty.

Church Entertainment Ideas for Outreach

Finding live entertainment for an event can be difficult and stressful, especially in circumstances where the guest list is not just for adults but children, too. How can you find good entertainment that is age-appropriate for children while the adults are equally entertained? The answer is to find a comedian who specializes in family comedy. Clean comedy is a great way to entertain everyone, whether it is for a corporate party or charity event. Finding good, professional, and family-oriented comedians that will allow you to stay in your budget range can usually be challenging to find. However, these church entertainment ideas are brilliant in their performances for a fraction of the cost to what most entertainers would charge. If the event you are planning is looking for a family comedian, these comics are worth checking out and will not leave your guests disappointed.

Steve McGranahan is known for using everyday household objects to help people understand Christianity. In this act, he wraps a deck of cards in duct tape, then twists and tears it in half as he explains his appreciation of Jesus’ dying on the cross. Other redneck acts complete his collection, and he comes up with new ones regularly.

When it comes to modern ministry, there’s no one quite like Marc Eckel and The Splat Experience. He is an artist, for sure, and he uses different ways to engage his audience and witness about Jesus. He is most famous for his ability to paint beautiful pictures with nothing more than a can of paint and his bare hands – and in record time.

The creation story has been told in hundreds of ways by thousands of different people, but only Joe Castillo uses sand art, massive projectors, and modern music. He is truly a master at what he does, and he captivates audiences across the country with his sand-sculpting abilities.

Everyone needs a little comic relief from time to time, and Stand Up Comedian Jeff Allen can indeed deliver. He often discusses life with his wife and son, and he is been known to impart some motivation and faith-building while making his audiences laugh until they cry. He is realistic in the funniest of ways, and he’ll leave your congregation smiling.

Unlike many other stand-up comedians, Joby Saad completely immerses himself into his performances, using his entire body to act out his comedies. Saad created his company called the Village Entertainment, and he is referred to as the Village Idiot. Saad’s “rubber” face and expressions are hard to forget with his humorous performances that are designed for audiences of all ages.

After sharpening his comedy skills through the Second City School of Improv, David Dean quickly became a full-time comedian in 1989. Dean has told stories and jokes to his audiences with religious-conscious humor for over 25 years. Dean has been able to effectively give his audiences outstanding performances each time.

Ron Pearson is an actor, comedian, and world record juggler who knows how to make his performances unforgettable. Aside from his unbelievable juggling talent, Pearson also incorporates humor and the shock effect with other props such as ladders and leaf blowers for the audience to get the most out of his performances.

Having one of these family-friendly comedians can make the event exceptional with the audience constantly wanting more. A family comedy is beneficial for both adults and children, given the clean humor provided. Along with laughter and joy from the audience, a family comedy is a creative and exciting way to take an event from ordinary to extraordinary.

All in all, these are all great church entertainment ideas that can not only put smiles on the faces of everyone in your congregation – whether young, old, or young at heart – all while focusing on faith and ministry. Sometimes, it doesn’t take a preacher or pastor to deliver a strong message that can change lives for the better; all it takes is someone with a unique talent for art, making someone laugh or destroying everyday objects.

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