The Benefits of Awards Banquet Entertainment

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Written by Tim Grable

October 18, 2017

An awards banquet can feel stale and boring with just presenters as the primary form of entertainment. Even though an awards banquet has a clear purpose, guests like to be entertained in some way. Having awards banquet entertainment can be essential to making a large-scale banquet or more intimate affair a success. Stand up comedy from a well-known comedian can facilitate crowd involvement. Awards  entertainment can be especially important when events have a fundraising component because a comic can help to keep guests at the event.

When planning an award banquet, you should make sure to take your crowd and your theme into account when hiring banquet entertainment. You want to create a lively event where attendees are excited about the award recipients and the organization giving out the awards. Many versatile comedians can tailor their material to a particular event or audience. Here are five entertainers who have worked in different venues and bring laughs with their relatable comedy.

Great Awards Banquet Entertainment

Interactive comedian Taylor Moore often makes his audiences a part of his act, even when he is doing ventriloquism. He also incorporates singing into his performances. The winner of “Star Search in 1990, the comedian has performed for corporate clients such as Microsoft and WalMart. He has also done his stand-up act on Disney Cruise ships, at churches and in theaters.

Bob Stromberg is funny in a classic comedy way. He talks about the things that happened in his childhood, indeed things that could have happened in any of our childhoods, and makes us laugh about it. What was not funny then, he makes hilarious now. After over thirty years in the business, he’s seasoned at it now. He’s gotten a real taste for it and is skilled at his craft.

His comfortable style of classic comedy humor will entertain you and make you feel at home. His delivery is like an uncle telling stories after Thanksgiving dinner. His jokes are good-natured yet poignant. His entire being will make you feel warm and welcome.

Comedian Bill Trackman is not afraid to make fun of himself as a left-handed person, married man, father and “other guy.” His observational form of humor is relatable to different types of audiences because it often focuses on the relationships between men and women and parents and children. Trackman has appeared on CBS’ “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” AXS TV’s “Gotham Comedy Live,” NBC’s “Later” and “Friday Night” and “Comics Unleashed.”

Sinbad made a name for himself in the 1990s with movies such as “Jingle All the Way,” “First Kid” and “Houseguest.” He also appeared on a number of HBO specials and the TV show “A Different World.” The observational comic often talks about his life, societal trends and the difference between generations in his high-energy stand-up act.

The raw, emotional connection between soul and earth immediately reveals itself as you experience Joe Castillo’s sand artistry story, Silent Planet Sand Art. Beautiful yet alarming, this story reminds us that the earth belongs to humans and animal alike.  The drumbeat momentarily takes us away from our daily, electronic lives to the true, native realization that we are gifted with the ability to do more for our world. It is our responsibility to conserve and preserve and respect.

Joe Castillo’s sand art beautifully demonstrates the truth, directly to the human core, in a way that is understood by everyone. All language and age barriers are removed as the visual message comes to life in an art form. The music selection engages the senses even further by offering intensity to the story. The message is clear to all yet invites further discussion and self-evaluation.

Sand stories by Joe Castillo instantly capture the audience’s attention for awards banquet entertainment by introducing unique artistry while engaging the senses of sound and sight. The sand offers welcomed simplicity while displacing us from day to day routine to a more exotic mind locale and opens up the door to the imagination and deep-rooted ideas and thoughts. Imagine what it would be like to have your story, cause or passion ignited to life through such a profound and tantalizing artistic presentation.

In a green dragon costume, this comedian magic act commands the attention of any audience without saying a word as Piff the Magic Dragon. With his magic tricks and dry humor, the Irish comedian has gotten 12 million hits on YouTube. He performs with Piffles, a Chihuahua sidekick who has been safely shot out of a cannon, levitated and put in a straight jacket in the name of comedy.

With voice impressions of notable figures such as George W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bob Dole, John Travolta, the Simpsons, George Burns, Jack Nicholson, Frank Sinatra and Sylvester Stallone, Scott Wood has no trouble commanding the audience of an audience. Over his 20 years as a full-time comedian, he has become known as “Mr. Punchline” for his rapid-quick one-liners.
The Benefits of Awards Banquet Entertainment

Awards banquet entertainment does not have to be a dry affair where the dinner is the most exciting moment. A comedian such as Scott Wood, Sinbad or Taylor Mason can help to create a more interactive environment, warming the crowd up or keeping them entertained during an awards ceremony. You do not have to have a big name like George Lopez for the audience to have a good time. It just takes a high-energy comedian with materials with which the crowd can relate.

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