The Best Advice from a Clean Comedian on Parenting Skills

Written by Tim Grable

May 30, 2017

Comedian on Parenting

Children and parenting provide a lot of content for comedians to design their acts around. Since most of us are parents at varying stages of the process, it is easy for us to relate to jokes from a comedian on parenting and the funny things that children get up to on a daily basis. It helps relieve our own tension about being parents and trying to raise our children the right way. Some comedians turn away from crude jokes and unpleasant language in favor of building a bond with their audience. As parents themselves, they can establish an understanding without resorting to cheap tricks and laughs. The parenting comedy comes from a shared understanding, like seeing your child for the first time in the delivery room or wondering how many years of therapy you might cause your children. We had all been there and wondered if we were alone. These clean comedians offer a chance to laugh at ourselves while we laugh at their experiences.

Clean Comedians have Great  Parenting Humor

Have you ever heard a story about parenting on television, at a family dinner or with your friends that were so funny you could not stop talking about it? Did you find yourself nodding when comparing it to your life? Maybe it was a joke about taking care of the kids or how your teenage son did something you did not understand. Did you find yourself repeating the same story to anyone willing to listen?

Hiring a comedic act for your event is not only about making people laugh. It is so much more than that. A comedian who specializes in parenting humor will bring all your guests together and set the stage for successful interactions between all the participants whether you’re organizing a corporate event, wedding, retreat, fundraiser or any other gathering.

Michael Joiner has offered his unique perspective as a stand-up comedian on parenting since 1992. He understands the daily challenges of raising three small boys from entertaining them to taking them to the movies. His poking fun of the outrageous cost of movies and the overpriced concessions leave audiences laughing. He enjoys offering his comedic talents at corporate events.

Jeff Allen understands how important parenting skills are and the long-term effects of parenting decisions. With more than four decades of delighting audiences with his clean jokes and inspiration, he still enjoys poking fun at himself. His clean jokes and quick wit make him a favorite in Las Vegas and churches alike. He has even created his own television pilot featuring his unique style.  Jeff Allen’s his wholesome appearance combined with his ability to convey his own life stories will have everyone easily relaxed and enjoying the show.  His comedy style is respectful and lighthearted. It doesn’t matter who your parents were, or what your own experiences were while growing up, your audience will relate to Jeff and his parenting comedy. Although parenting styles can be controversial, Jeff possesses the ability to provide a sensible way of telling a story that enables one to feel at ease. No matter what their own parenting style is, each person attending will relate and understand just why it is that people do the things they do.

As a clean comedian, Bob Stromberg loves inspiring audiences with talk of his own childhood and days gone by. He talks of his father’s parenting skills in a loving and enduring way that reminds audiences of their own childhood. He enjoys bringing his clean and inspirational comedy to groups and corporate events. His storytelling skills allow audiences a chance to reflect on the important things in their own lives.

David Dean offers clean comedy that is as dynamic as his physical comedy where he uses exaggerated facial expressions and body movements to show how his teenage kids look to him. For more than 25 years, he has delighted audiences with his blog, CD recordings and live performances as a comedian on parenting in his routines.  Clean is the name of the game in David Dean’s act. He’s not going to do anything inappropriate, unlike the majority of comedians that take to the stage today. While most performers feel a need to use bad language and jokes that are in poor taste, David Dean offers a welcome alternative. Look to comedic greats like Jerry Sinfield, Bob Hope, and Red Skelton, names and faces in comedy that we know so well. They felt no need to lower their standards and get dirty with their routines. David Dean is in keeping with the same philosophy. Come out to see David Dean and you’ll see an audience that includes the very young and the elderly as well. Anyone can walk into a David Dean show and expect to laugh it up at stories that mirror everyone’s life at some time or another.

Clean comedian, Rik Roberts enjoys life as a parent who started a family later in life. His clean jokes show the unique challenges facing older parents with small children. He enjoys sharing his unique brand of comedy at corporate events and as a keynote speaker. As a comedian, he loves sharing his gift and has offered his talents to others interested in the field.

Anthony Griffith is a comedian originally from Chicago. He has a refreshing and witty style that is a sure crowd-pleaser. Mr. Griffith’s favorite topics include jokes about being a father, married life, his relatives and his often awkward relationship with his stepfather. He has appeared on television 25 times in shows such as Jay Leno and Comedy Central.

Bean and Bailey are a comedic musical duo with more than 12 years experience. Not only do they perform comedy sketches but integrate their artistic skills into their show. Favorite topics include marriage, donuts, American history, and parenting. Bean and Bailey have traveled across the U.S. making audiences laugh so hard their stomach hurts.

Take a break with a Comedian on Parenting

From iPad toting babies to toddlers approaching light sockets with a fork, knowing what to do as a parent can be challenging. These clean comedians build on these shared experiences to build a relationship with their audience and keep them laughing from beginning to end. Watching a comedian on parenting whose routines are free of unpleasant language is a breath of fresh air.

You have to have a sense of humor to be a parent. Let some of these wonderful entertainers who specialize in parenting humor remind you how wonderful it can be despite its ups and downs. Create a memorable event that guests will be talking about for years to come.

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