Best AGT Auditions is Cast of Entertainers For Your Next Event

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Written by Tim Grable

September 23, 2017

Best AGT Auditions is Cast of Entertainers For Your Next EventThe entertainment you choose for your fundraiser, corporate event or private party is crucial to your event’s success. Live entertainment has been a popular and successful choice for smash-success soirées of all types. When planning a gala of any sort, the key to an incredible outcome is an unforgettable experience.

It is easy enough to see why these acts represent the greatest talent in America. Their abilities got the limelight on America’s Got Talent before a national prime-time TV audience numbering in the millions. Moreover, all of them survived AGT Best Auditions to move on to the next round. If you missed their initial performances, you could still check them out for yourselves with the following videos.

The Best AGT Auditions from Amazing Performers

Piff the Magic Dragon

Piff’s Dragon the funny wherever he goes. This offbeat UK comedian/magician’s quirky brand of humor and magic dazzled the seasoned judges on America’s Got Talent, making his appearance easily one of the best AGT magic auditions. Along with his Chihuahua sidekick Mr. Piffles, Piff is an excellent choice for any event favoring offbeat humor and jaw-dropping magic tricks.

Joe Castillo

For event planners seeking a deeper sort of awe and inspiration, Joe Castillo moves audiences worldwide with his storytelling sand animation shows. These performances are truly one-of-a-kind. Live onstage, Castillo creates sand images on a light table while narrating the images’ story as music and choreography add to the effect. Castillo’s is an act genuinely moving to behold.

Tom Cotter

America’s Got Talent Comedian Tom Cotter is guaranteed to bring the laughs to any event. A real master of comedy, Cotter has appeared on Jay Leno, Comedy Central, Craig Ferguson, and more and was most recently featured among the very best AGT auditions.

Lindsey Norton

Dancer/acrobatic Lindsey Norton is guaranteed to inspire amazement in anyone lucky enough to witness her performance art. Her graceful tumbling and Cirque Du Soleil-like acrobatics will wow the most seasoned of spectators. Hers is truly a unique act to behold and is an excellent choice for event planners searching for that indefinable ‘wow’ factor.

Cami Bradley

Singing sensation Cami Bradley is an excellent choice for any gala looking to showcase incredible music talent. Cami unanimously bowled the judges over in one of the best AGT auditions yet, a true testament to her talent. As music is the universal language, and great voices are no exception, Cami is sure to be a hit at any event.

Dan Naturman

Dan Naturman is the first to admit that he is non-threatening, which is why fans respond to him and why he has to speak loudly to get attention. He takes ordinary subjects, such as love and marriage and finds the humor in them using an easy-going style. Although he is often the butt of his jokes, everyone guffaws because they see themselves in him.


If you need to fill a movie-sized stage, then the shadow dancers of Catapult can deliver. By combining music, light, shadow, and their bodies, they share intimate stories of love and romance or excite the imagination with grand tales that feature expansive sets and casts of thousands. Their captivating performances feature a beginning that draws you in right away, a rousing middle, and heart-warming end that gets audiences cheering. Small wonder that this group propelled themselves from AGT best auditions to the top 12 acts of the season.

Eric Dittelman

No need to tell Eric Dittelman what you think of him. As a psychic, he already knows. He can tell you what’s on your mind as long as you draw it first, so keep your thoughts clean. Moreover, just so you do not think he is cheating, he’ll have you seal his eyes or close off any of his relevant senses before his big reveal.


For family-friendly entertainment, turn to the friendly family of Spintacular, where mom and dad are in charge of 12 kids who turn basketball into child’s play. They not only dribble, juggle, and spin balls on the ground but display their hoops dexterity from unicycles that soar at least two stories into the air. This cast deserves standing ovations for the athletic endeavors of the adults and teens as well as the cuteness of the kids.

There’s no doubt the entertainers showcased above each have a unique ‘wow’ factor. Whether you are partial to comedy, magic, music or moving sand narratives, there’s an act guaranteed to wow any crowd. Nashville booking agencies are in the business of experience; great experiences provide great results, and if the judges’ dazzled reactions on the best AGT auditions are any indicator, your event is sure to be a smash success.

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