Best Christian YouTube videos: Creme de la Creme of Christian Comedy

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Written by Tim Grable

February 26, 2017

Best Christian YouTube videos: Creme de la Creme of Christian Comedy Everyone loves to laugh at Christian Comedy Videos. Humor not only provides a well-deserved relief from everyday cares, but it can also communicate some very important principles. Unfortunately, in our society today, the term “stand-up comedy” usually means foul language, sexual themes, and other inappropriate content. What can a Christian group do if it wants to present something off the beaten path for its members and watch the best Christian youtube videos?

Well, there is good news. There are a number of stand-up comics who haven’t forgotten traditional values or the millions of people of faith and their families. These comedians are uproariously funny without any of the cheap, easy shortcuts used by most people working in the comedy field today. No profanity, no sexual content, no references to gangs or other violent aspects of our society – and some good old-time religion is included.

YouTube has become the stage upon which fame shines its searchlight. Among the best Christian YouTube videos are found shadow puppets, ventriloquist dummies, and the best of stand-up comedians. Clean comedy has an edge: It cuts through generational barriers, envelopes the whole family, and is still funny when the shock wears off. Those searching for a clean or Christian entertainer can do little better than the following comedic geniuses.

Some of the Best Christian YouTube videos

Backed by a swarthy voice and a long career in Christian comedy, Jeff Allen is a staple at church and corporate entertainment venues all across the United States. His videos, including “Happy Wife, Happy Life” and “Underwear,” are among the best Christian YouTube videos. A stand-up comedian with endless source material from marriage and parenting, Allen performs clean comedy fit for the whole family.

What changed the life of Taylor Mason was a serious knee injury he suffered while playing football at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne during his junior year. For the next two years, he spun records, told jokes and performed ventriloquism at college parties and dances. He never looked back. A veteran of the professional comedy circuit for more than 30 years, Mason and his dummy sidekicks – sassy Romeo and naive Paco – have been busting sides everywhere from the Sidney Opera House to the Disney Cruise Line to corporate entertainment.

Meet the “King of Uncool:” Daren Streblow, master of clean observational comedy. His career began as a radio show host and transpired into his own syndicated stand-up radio program, The Daren Streblow Comedy Show. Featured on such shows as Bananas, Ken Davis and Friends and Thou Shalt Laugh 5, Streblow considers himself an Outreach Comedian, although his act rarely contains explicit religious references.  Daren Streblow takes on society with a critical eye and marvelous comic timing, saying exactly what most of us are thinking about trends in American life. He does it using the gift of comedy. He does not sound judgmental and presents humor in a Christian context. You’ll nod and giggle in agreement as you watch his Christian Comedy Videos.

Bob Stromberg is a comedian extraordinaire. His unique brand of humor uses everything from shadow puppets to whistling to stand-up comedy. Stromberg deals exclusively in clean-cut comedy. No lewd or vulgar comments. His philosophy on humor is simple and potent: “When the walls fall, laughter is shared among individuals and community begin.” Stromberg has performed at corporate fundraisers, inter-generational family events and educational conferences.  His best Christian YouTube video has close to two million views.

Paul Aldrich carries on the tradition of musical comedians and does it with a Christian spin guaranteed to please audiences of all ages. Paul mixes traditional comedic fodder with more unusual topics such as dyslexia and twelve-step programs to provide a unique type of hilarity – and he is a heck of a guitar player, to boot.  For more than 25 years, Paul Aldrich has been cracking jokes and singing songs all over America. A professional recording artist and inspirational speaker, Aldrich “ designs an unforgettable experience that will leave you laughing, thinking, and inspired to live life to the full.”

Michael Jr. brings real funny jokes with honesty to his stand up comedy routine. His delivery feels so genuine; you can’t help but want to hear what he’ll say next. He brings a depth of context to his scenarios, building such a vivid mental picture that you wonder if he is speaking more of your own memories than of a joke for a show. He is easy to relate to and that makes him an endearing presence onstage.

Finding his comedic voice when a movie malfunctioned and he did improv in front of annoyed moviegoers on a dare, Michael Jr. has the natural ease of a born professional. You can hear it in his voice – he sounds like he belongs on stage and nowhere else.

Comedian George Wallace helped Michael Jr. kick off his career by bringing him to the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach. After his impromptu performance, his career took off like a rocket. Just a week later he appeared at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal and was shown via live satellite on The Tonight Show. Since then, Michael Jr.’s performances have continued to rack up. From The Late, Late Show to Comedy Central, to The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Michael Jr. has made the rounds in Hollywood and in comedy clubs around the nation. Even with all the exposure and influences, he has surely had in his travels; he still stays true to his clean style.

Justin Fennell’s comedy focuses on his southern heritage and its place in American society. Justin is a committed Christian, and blogs on topics of interest to people of faith – and not just with a comedic approach, either. His seminary background shows throughout his work. However, fear not, the man is funny.

Clean entertainment comes in many flavors: sassy ventriloquist puppets, musical impressionists, slapstick standup comedians, and spellbinding shadow puppets. As evidenced by the best Christian YouTube videos, high-quality clean comedy is in no short supply.

Christian groups looking for something different for their events do not have to shy away from having a stand-up comic provide the entertainment, provided they use some common sense in picking one. Plenty of comics out there work the “clean” side of the room and make Christian comedy videos. Just check out the gentlemen described above. Laughs are guaranteed, and you will not have to cover your child’s ears.

These professional comedians have all had years of experience performing for large crowds in corporate settings all over the world. They are comfortable being in front of a crowd of thousands, while some have even appeared on television. Many have performed for Fortune 500 companies as well as parties, retreats, and churches. Their interactive shows engage audiences with quality entertainment that leaves them wanting more.

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