The Best Church Family Fun Night Ideas that are Amazing


Written by Tim Grable

March 6, 2017

The Best Church Family Fun Night Ideas that are AmazingWhen your church wants to go beyond the board games, movies, or Bible trivia entertainment of family fun night, it can be difficult to think of new ideas. Church is where families come to be renewed and inspired in their faith, and family fun nights are about just that: having fun together! However, that does not mean all church family fun night ideas need to be the same events weekend after weekend.

The following entertainers are engaging for all ages, but most importantly, tell the gospel in a captivating way that will inspire deep family conversations. They are also great ideas for outreach events, so grab some friends or neighbors who may have never been to church and share these church fellowship ideas with the whole community. From artistic expression to gripping story-telling, each of the following Christian entertainers strives to bring biblical truth to family fun night in an innovative and meaningful way.

Astonishing Church Family Fun Night Ideas

Marc Eckel and Splat Experience - The Sacrifice

Marc Eckel isn’t the typical speaker. Instead of just getting up, talking and sharing his story, he and his team put on an artistic, spiritual experience. Filled with spoken word-like poetry and painting, this artistic performer is perfect for youth gatherings. However, his message of redemption is so powerful that it will appeal to just about anyone, making it one of the best church fellowship ideas currently available.  Marc Eckel creates masterworks of art using paint and his bare hands rather than traditional brushes. His paintings focus on the themes of worship and evangelism and often center on dramatic painting performances set to music on stage. He calls this Splat Experience, a ministry devoted to sharing the gospel in a unique way. He has been on tour with Casting Crowns and was featured in an Emmy-nominated documentary, “Hands of Hope.”

When You Have An Imaginary Friend. Taylor Mason

For a more humorous take on church family fun night ideas, get everyone laughing with comedian and ventriloquist, Taylor Mason. Through puppetry, singing, and witticism, Taylor won Star Search and has performed everywhere from Carnegie Hall to Disney cruises. His humor has been described as, “good, clean fun!” and is sure to win a smile from family members of every age.

Another non-run-of-the-mill option is Joshua Jordan. This young performer offers a show that a mix of both magic tricks and standup comedy. He is sure to have everyone laughing and is, in fact, becoming known the world over for his wit and skills. Popular even outside of Christian circles, Jordan is a great option for any church that wants to laugh, but still remember the true spirit and message of Christ.  Joshua Jordan has been wowing audiences worldwide as an illusionist and improv performer known for never performing the same show twice. He uses sleight of hand and hilarious asides as an opportunity to speak about the difference between truth and deception and has seen thousands of lives changed as a result. Using audience member volunteers frequently throughout his shows, he pulls back the curtain on the world’s illusions and challenges darkness with the light of truth. His mind-blowing performances are as sensational as they are revealing.

Bob Stromberg - World Famous Hand Shadow Puppets

Another brilliant Christian performer is Bob Stromberg, world-famous for his hand shadow puppets and comedy. His autobiographical content points audiences to the only One, who can lift hearts and change minds. His speaking, comic, storytelling and shadowing are tailored to each specific audience for whom he performs, eliciting laughter and appreciation for the life all around us.

Some of the Best Church Fellowship Ideas

Northwoods Jeopardy by Fish Sticks Comedy

For the church that needs to laugh and bond together, Fishsticks Comedy Group is where it’s at! This hilarious touring team is skilled at improv and sketch comedy and will move in and out of hilarious scenes, each one is more ridiculous and hilarious than the last. The group isn’t afraid to poke fun at…well anything, yet it still manages to get the power and redemption of Jesus, making it worth a watch for both believers and non-believers.

Daren Streblow Camping

He may only be one man, but Daren Streblow is a true comedic tour de force. Offering uproarious clean, Christian-themed comedy, he’s easy to book and great at filling ever spot-on with happy, laughing people.

Joe Castillo - God's Love Story

For something truly different and unique, Joe Castillo is where it’s at. This entertainer, who was a finalist on the hit show “America’s Got Talent,” now travels to churches sharing his powerful story and his totally original gift. He’s a sand artist and can create amazing works of art right before the congregation’s eyes.

Michael Jr.: Hilarious Jogging Story

Comedy, common sense and the road less traveled are all ways to describe the comedy style of renowned entertainer Michael Jr comedian. It is rare that a comic performer can relate to all audiences regardless of age, gender or race, but Michael Jr. accomplishes it with laughter and style. Whether delighting audiences with his spot-on depiction of southerners, the trials of travel or colorful tales of fatherhood his comedic entertainment delight audiences.

So, these church fellowship ideas sound pretty amazing, right? Well, they are all available for booking, but even if none of these options is right for you, there are plenty of other great options for entertaining and bonding a congregation.

The next time your ministry team is trying to think through unique church family fun night ideas let us help! Turn to talented artists who will amaze all ages with underlying gospel truth and keep families excited and engaged at every moment.

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