Who is the best clean comedian?

Written by Tim Grable

March 8, 2017

Who is the best clean comedian? Finding the best clean comedian that is fit for a business crowd or one with kids present can be tough. When you make the decision to hire a comedian for an event, it is good to consider what type of people will be there, what the age group will be and if there is a theme to the event. It may be necessary to find someone funny who is not only making corny jokes while also making sure their material is appropriate for the audience. There are many comedians who do not curse or have unseemly material if that is what you are looking for, but they can get lost in the vast majority of professional comedians who seem only to tell inappropriate jokes. Fortunately, this list contains the best clean comedians who are sure to be appropriate for whatever group you will be hosting at your next party.

Which is the best clean comedian?

Jeff Allen is a hilarious comedian that focuses on stories about marriage, family, and life with kids. He is still happily married and never degrades his wife, but his humor is perfect for anyone who has ever been in a relationship! Much of his recent comedy also includes things about fitness and the everyday struggle of trying to get in shape. He is relatable and brings humor to even the most mundane daily activities.

Robert G. Lee is another fantastic comedian with comedy on everything from marriage to the Bible. He has released eight comedy videos and is still hired to warm up audiences before some of America’s favorite Hollywood sitcom tapings. Lee has even written and directed an entire movie, Can I Get a Witness Protection? The way he combines his faith with his comedy routine will bring any audience to fits of laughter.

Ross Bennett has been doing comedy shows for the past 35 years and has perfected his timing and delivery to his jokes. You can have the best material, but if the delivery is off the joke falls flat. Luckily Bennett has great material and impeccable delivery and has been known to bring an audience to tears- of laughter of course. He is from a military family and even dropped out of West Point to pursue his career in comedy. Luckily for him, he is superb!

Ron Pearson is both a comedian and actor.  He has had parts in many popular TV shows. He is so funny that he was recently named Corporate Comedian of the Year. However, he does so much more than corporate comedy. He is perfect for events, fundraisers, corporate events or other similar get-togethers. Some of his comedy covers school related humor and could be ideal for younger audiences. Pearson is even a world-famous juggler. He will occasionally add his superb juggling skills to his routines for some added entertainment.

Jim Gaffigan is a hysterical comedian that has material about literally everything. Whether it is about animals, religion or fast food, his comedy routines will deliver the laughs you are hoping for. He even has his television show! As an added benefit, Gaffigan values clean routines that are appropriate for even his children to experience. He frequently collaborates with his wife to come up with new material about their life in New York with their five kids. His material often mentions their Catholic faith and the nuances of growing up Catholic. He is hilarious and will make even your most stoic guest chuckle.

Ryan Hamilton is perhaps most well known for his contagious smile that he almost always mentions in his funny routines. He has appeared on almost every late night talk show and has been bringing comedic relief to people for the last ten years. As a Mormon, he has a personal conviction to keep his routines clean and enjoyable for all individuals. While Hamilton may have a religious background, his routines are not all about his faith. He involves everyday life and turns it into something enjoyable.

Rik Roberts is a native Kentuckian who humors his audience with hilarious stories about parenting and the deep South! One of the shows he offers to do involves some background information about your guests. With the information you provide, he acts as “Deputy Barney Fife” and talks about them in the routine. It will put the event over the top and make it an outstanding party with the way he involves the party-goers. Roberts also offers gigs as the keynote speaker. What a great way to wrap in some humor to the main event of the night.

Comedians are a great way to liven up any fun event to make it one people will remember. It is of particular importance to ensure the material is appropriate for the audience, and with one of the best clean comedians around it will be perfect. There is nothing more satisfying than spending an evening surrounded by people laughing hysterically. It is good for the soul and gives the event planner some major points for such a successful event! Make sure to check out one of these best clean comedians for your next event.

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