What comedian has the best colonoscopy humor?

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Written by Tim Grable

February 24, 2017

Sometimes, the best way to deal with life’s trials is to make a joke about them. Whether that means writing a catchy tune or just telling a story with a hilarious inflection, everybody has their way of expressing themselves. It turns out that some of the most embarrassing aspects of our lives are sometimes the best ones to share with others, at least in the world of stand-up comedy.

These 8 comedians took it to the next level with their recollections of colonoscopy procedures, making colonoscopy jokes a force to be reckoned with in the comedy world. There’s no shame in laughing at fart jokes here, so sit back and prepare to regress to potty humor at the expense of these colonoscopy-themed comedic acts.

What comedian has the best colonoscopy humor?

Colonoscopy Humor: Making the best of a Situation

Jim Gaffigan is a three-time Grammy nominated comedian, actor, writer, producer, two-time New York Times best-selling author, Emmy winning top touring performer, and multi-platinum-selling father of five. Gaffigan details his experience getting a camera shoved up your butt.

When it comes to hilarious real-life anecdotes, Bill Engvall is one of the best in the business. In one routine, he makes light of his colonoscopy procedure. He pokes fun at himself and his fame, recalling the embarrassment of being recognized by everybody involved in the super-personal procedure. Step by step, he takes us from the initial horror of learning that his wife booked the procedure for him, all the way to the end as he staggers out of the doctor’s office, still doped up from the sedatives given to him. Enjoy more observational comedy on Aged And Confused.

In the hilarious recount of his colonoscopy, Bob Stromberg jokes about his experience in preparing for the procedure and about the two young doctors that performed it on him. His facial expressions and body language take the story to a new level as he describes the embarrassing encounter. Every painfully embarrassing detail is put on display as Stromberg recalls the procedure from beginning to end.

The king of redneck jokes takes the stage to poke some fun at himself in a routine all about his colonoscopy. He jokes about his misinterpretation of the colonoscopy preparation instructions, hilariously recounting the extreme laxative effects of his medication. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you finish what should be a 4-hour long colonoscopy prep in just under 10 minutes, Jeff Foxworthy can tell you from experience. Diarrhea and flatulence jokes abound in his hysterical routine.

When life hands you lemons, write a song about it and perform it in front of a live audience. Comedian Tim Hawkins does just that with his “Colonoscopy” song. Armed with just an acoustic guitar, a harmonica, and his memories of the very personal procedure, he performs the catchy tune in front of a live audience. It turns out colonoscopy humor is even better when it is written in song.

As part of his Unfair and Unbalanced series, Robert Klein explores the miracle of modern medicine by addressing the somewhat science fictional aspect of colonoscopies. He reminds us of the size of television cameras in the past, leaving us with the hilarious mental image of somebody trying to fit a huge camera up their rear end. While his act does not delve into the grisly details that the previous ones do, it is still a hilarious reminder of the absurdity of the procedure and the colonoscopy humor that comes out of it.

Ross Bennet has some really important advice for when you get a colonoscopy.  For more than three decades, Ross has been making audiences laugh all across New York and Los Angeles, with stops along the way as well. He performs regularly at all of the top comedy clubs, including the Comedy Cellar, Stand Up NY, Gotham, Comic Strip Live, and Caroline’s on Broadway.

If anybody can make colonoscopies funny, it is comedy legend, Robin Williams. His over the top voices and sound effects can cause insight laughter in anyone. He has audiences roaring in this hilarious colonoscopy skit, where he somehow has us all reverting to the playground “fart humor.” His chanting “Rollin rollin rollin, keep that colon flowin, ROLL TIDE!” is just one of many highlights in this clip. Williams takes colonoscopy humor to a new and brilliant level with his characteristically energetic routine.

Each of these comedians took something uncomfortable and turned it into a source of laughter for thousands of people. The self-deprecating nature of this sort of humor endears them to us while making us feel better about our situations. Each comedian put their spin on the procedure, taking it from cringe-worthy to hysterical. Of the 8 acts, do you think did it best?

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