Get to Know 4 of the Best Comedians to Book for Your Next Special Event

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Written by Tim Grable

September 4, 2022

Even though it might not seem like it, standup comedy fits perfectly within the settings of formal events. This is primarily due to comedy’s universal appeal, where almost everyone can find something to laugh about.

Because of this reason, if you have an upcoming special event, be it a company meeting, a teambuilding event, or a conference, we recommend adding a stand-up comedy show somewhere on the set. You will see that it’s bound to bring in some amazing results.

To help you find the right performers, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best comedians out there. Be sure to check them out.

Greg Schwem

Comedian Greg Schwem has many funny things to say about the modern workplace. He understands that the corporate world is dynamic and complex, so he believes a pinch of comedy is necessary at a special event.

Before every show, Greg does his homework by getting up to speed with information about the organization he’ll perform for. He does his best to contact key people and find out whatever info he believes will add value to his show.

Corporate audiences will be thrilled to learn that Greg knows about internal things and can comment about them as if he’s part of the team.

Robert Mac

One of comedy’s most significant advantages is its versatility as an art form. You can add humor as part of almost any special event, and it will fit right in. However, to succeed with this endeavor, you will require the services the best comedians.

In this case, we recommend working with comedian Robert Mac. He refers to himself as “a thinking man’s non-thinking man” because he hides much substance behind his work.

Mac has been lauded for his clever take on comedy, his analytical style, and witty rebuttals. But perhaps his most significant selling point is his versatility and highly customized material – making his shows feel unique and personal.

Jeff Allen

Comedian Jeff Allen has been in the business for over 4 decades, and in all this time, he has become an audience favorite across the U.S. Jeff has had a very fruitful career, working in television, theatre, and radio and consistently doing stand-up throughout.

With so many years under his belt, Jeff has become one of the best comedians in the biz – with numerous clients praising him for his unapologetic attitude and prattling comedy.

The internet loves his rumbly brand of humor, with online videos of him racking up tens of millions of views on YouTube. His jokes about family life and marriage are now appreciated by a new generation of fans, which is a testament to his humor’s universal appeal and brilliance.

Ben Brainard

Comedian Ben Brainard is a new kid on the block looking to make it big in the industry. Judging by his achievements, you could say he has a promising career ahead of him.

He started as a touring comedian, doing club shows across the country. While he was remarkable, this didn’t bring him much attention. However, this changed when Ben started doing his online comedy show, “The Table.”

His show was an instant viral success and propelled his career as a comedian to heights he did not imagine. Now, Ben can perform for much bigger audiences and to the full extent of his potential.

He is the star of his show, preferring to make jokes about himself, his stature, and his appearance – this way, he’s sure not to step on anyone’s feet while giving people ample reasons to laugh.

The Best Comedians You Can Hire for you Special Event

Setting up a stand-up comedy show as part of your corporate event will be a welcome surprise that we’re sure your guests will appreciate. And we hope that the comedians we’ve showcased in this article are up to your standards.

If you’d like to look up other comedians or any other type of performers, for that matter, then you could give us a call at 615-283-003, and we’ll help you find the right ones for your needs!

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