Here’s the Best Comedy for Corporate Fundraising Ideas

Jeff Jena

Written by Courtney Grable

April 21, 2019

Comedy for Corporate Fundraising Ideas?

Is there such a thing? Yes, we get it, generally, when you think of corporate fundraising, you think of traditional business attire, silent auctions, or maybe a keynote speaker. Now, while that’s a good bit of the process, fundraising doesn’t have to be all somber and silent. Not many people want it to be. Of course, there is a time and place for seriousness, but if you want to liven up your events, why not invest in some quality comedy for corporate fundraising? Everyone loves to laugh, right? So, why not laugh together? In this article, we’ll expose you to four talented comedians who are sure to captivate any audience you put them in front of, come hell or high waters. So, if you’re ready to blow your next audience away, hire the best comedy for corporate fundraising ideas and watch the crowd respond immediately. Who would perform for you? Well, we’ve got a few ideas.

Jeff Jena

Here's the Best Comedy for Corporate Fundraising Ideas

Just because he’s in his early 60’s doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have humor. This top comedian seems to have gotten even funnier. And, I mean, after opening for acts such as Barry Manilow, The Temptations, Delbert McClintock, Englebert Humperdinck, and Jeffry Osborne, how could you not be? Jeff Jena is a timeless comedian whose talent for bringing out the humor in any situation has landed him at the top of the charts. While he’s been featured on shows such as NBC Friday Night, The Showtime Comedy Club Network, and Comics Unleased, as well as has been featured on channels such as HBO and MTV, just to name a few, he brings the same quality of entertainment no matter what the occasion happens to be. So, if you want your next comedy for corporate fundraising ideas to be high-quality entertainment, make sure you check out the talented Jeff Jena.

Dennis Regan

When Salesmen Guilt Trip You | Dennis Regan | Dry Bar Comedy

Dennis Regan never knew he wanted to be a standup comedian. It wasn’t something that he discovered until he was in his 30s, way later than most comedians find their calling. Nonetheless, the delayed start didn’t stop him from achieving greatness in the comedic world. It probably drove him to become even better at what he did. You see after he performed in North Miami in the year of 1987, comedy became his passion. Now, decades later, he’s gone from Coconuts Comedy Club to New York City and beyond. He’s an established and well-known comedian who’s appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno multiple times. This leads us to ask the pending question, when will he perform his comedy at corporate fundraising events? Well, only you know that answer.

Leeann Morgan

Little League and SpongeBob, Leanne Morgan

She’s a southern housewife and mother who just wants to keep the show running. Whether it’s walking the dogs, cooking dinner, or bringing her kids to cheerleading camp, Leeann Morgan opens an honest window into what the life of a suburban mom is really like. She’s toured with recent shows such as “Country Cool” as well as some older ones, such as “Southern Fried Chicks.” However, she’s ready for a change in scenery and to perform comedy at corporate fundraising would be an honor for her…after she gets her hair highlighted of course. Okay, all jokes aside, Leeann Morgan is one of the best in the business and an incredible addition to any event.

Brad Upton

Old People on Escalators - Brad Upton #DryBarComedy

After earning the major success he has, you’d never expect comedian Brad Upton to have started as a teacher for the fourth grade and coach high school track. However, back in September 1984, that’s exactly what he was as he took his first steps onstage and made a major leap into a future career path. Now, thirty-four years later in September 2018, he performed for the 6,000th time in his life. Those performances were spaced out between cruises, parties, and many other events, however, the element of comedy never left him. He’s opened for Johnny Matthis, Little Big Town, Dolly Parton, and Neal McCoy, just to name a few, so performing comedy for corporate fundraising is exactly the type of thing he’d where he’d astonish the crowd. No matter what it is, marriage, day to day life, or anything else under the sun, there’s no doubt that Brad Upton can make it funny. So, what are you waiting for? Watch a performance of his and see why you should include him on your comedy for corporate fundraising ideas

So, Who’s Your Favorite?

Whether it’s Jeff Jena, Dennis Regan, Leeann Morgan, or Brad Upton, there’s no shortage of talent that we’ve seen. However, we just can’t pick a favorite, that’s what we need help from you for. Vote for your favorite comedian that you’d like to see perform comedy at corporate fundraising events at the bottom of this page and see what others are thinking. Do they agree? Do they disagree? No matter what, one thing is for certain, you should definitely go check these talented comedians out! What are you waiting for? Be entertained!


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