5 Of The Best Comedy Shows You’ll See All Year on Dry Bar Comedy

Best Comedy Shows Jeff Allen Dry Bar Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

February 18, 2021

Over the years, Dry Bar Comedy has built up quite an impressive back catalog of video shorts and comedy specials. Among them, there are some of the best comedy shows put on by top-of-the-line comedians.

It’d be a shame to miss these stellar performances, which is why we put together a list of some of their best shows – so good that they’ll surely be among the best you’ll see all year.

The Wife’s Code

At first glance, family life can be quite unassuming, and some might even call it boring. However, it proved to be the catalyst that helped him build a career in the first of our best comedy shows from comedian Jeff Allen.

Jeff’s take on family life can be seen in his Dry Bar Comedy special titled “Understanding the Wife’s Code,” where he goes into lengthy stories based on his experiences and observations as a husband and father.

Jeff’s comedy special has been a hit with the audiences due to the relatable subject matter and his unrestrained sense of humor – and we think you, too, will have a blast watching it.

Parents Are Cheap In This Dry Bar Comedy Special

Are parents cheap with their kids? It’s hard to say. However, if you ask the question in front of a live audience, the chances are that most of the people will agree.

In Chris Young’s view, this criticism might be a bit unfair because although they’re harsh, parents have their kids’ best interests at heart.

In the next of our best comedy shows, Chris takes the audience on a series of funny stories from his childhood, where he recalls multiple humorous incidents where his parents have been cheapskates.

Dating After 40

You might not see a correlation between thrift shopping and dating. However, comedian Joe DeVito has all the explanations that can help you connect the dots and conclude that thrift shopping and dating after 40 are similar.

In his Dry Bar Comedy special, Joe starts with examples and analogies which tie the two topics together. Because, as ridiculous as it might seem, finding clothing that fits you is exactly like finding the right person.

After watching this special, you won’t look at dating the same way again.

Broke as a Joke

It’s no secret that being broke is awful, but it does provide good material for a stand-up comedy show.

In his Dry Bar Comedy special, comedian John Deming recounts a set of funny stories he’s been through when he was down financially.

It was a terrible experience, but John would instead look on the bright side and remember all the new things he learned.

Bike Locks Should Be Illegal

You may not think about anarchy and the downfall of society when you see a bike lock, but Kellen Erskine tells you that it’s entirely possible if you use your imagination.

In his Dry Bar Comedy special, Kellen details how buying an extra bike lock and putting it on a stranger’s bike can cause mayhem.

Although this example might seem silly at first, it is just barely the tip of the iceberg. Kellen has other ridiculous examples of how the misuse of mundane items can have a butterfly effect and cause much mischief.

The Best Comedy Shows Us How It’s Done

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