The Best Entertainment and Amazing Employee Incentive Ideas

Incentive Ideas

Written by Tim Grable

March 23, 2017

Every good company knows that motivating your employees helps to keep their morale and productivity up. However, it can be hard to find fresh new employee incentive ideas to inspire your people. Traditional motivational speakers are the tried and true method, but they are also predictable and after a while, their message can get tuned out. Speakers that are both motivating and entertaining capture your employees’ attention and fill them with renewed energy. It can be hard for business event planners to find different quality acts, but we have assembled a group of amazingly talented, top-notch entertainers who are sure to be crowd-pleasers at your next event.

Our talented performers are sure to amaze and engage their audiences and leave them feeling energized. Some of the benefits of using entertaining speakers are that they encourage their audience to think outside of the box, they help inspire bonding with fellow employees and build team unity, develop confidence and a positive outlook. Our incredible acts will help liven up your event and incentivize your people.

The Best Entertainment and Amazing Employee Incentive Ideas

The Best Employee Incentive Ideas

Adam Trent is a sleight of hand magician supreme. His quick, witty banter and clever magic tricks that engage with the audience will leave them riveted to his every move. A performer who has been seen on national television, Adam Trent’s sparkling topical humor, sleight of hand magic, and positive, can-do attitude make him the perfect choice for any event.

When you want to have an exciting and unique motivational speaker with incredible talent, Joe Castillo should be the first name that comes to your mind. In his act, he blends his uplifting, knocks out motivational stories and music with his one-of-a-kind sand art animation. He creates and animates sand art as he performs his act live on stage directly in front of the audience. Employed by major broadcasters as well as many Fortune 500 companies, Joe Castillo will undoubtedly wow his audience with a show that is second to none.

Eric Dittleman is a stage performer with a rather uncanny talent. He reads minds. He will astonish your employees with his unerring ability to predict accurately what his audience members are thinking and will do so in a way that is both grand and theatrics. His act is undeniably nothing short of mind-boggling. Having appeared on national television multiple times, his polished act is one you will have to experience to believe.

Piff the Magic Dragon is the perfect entertainer for getting your audience to laugh. Piff, a disaffected British man in dragon pajamas, along with his Chihuahua assistant Mr. Piffles, who is also in a dragon suit, performs perfect deadpan comedy and flawless sleight of hand magic tricks to the delight of the crowd. A performer who has been seen on the BBC, his unique brand of dry humor and clever magic tricks will leave his audience in stitches. Piff the Magic Dragon is a quirky and top-notch act.

rePercussion is a high-energy performance of fast-paced humor, rhythm, and drumming that is reminiscent of the sounds of the musical Stomp. A troupe of two drumming comedians, they drum on improvised pots, pans, tubs and more at a breakneck pace to create an unforgettable and exciting rhythmic sound sensation that delights the senses. Their hilarious comedic routines and interactions with the audience get the crowd energized and engaged in the act.

Mike Rayburn gives an actual musical hologram guitar performance. Both Mike and his hologram assistant interact with each other live on stage. In an astonishing feat of technology, Mike and his hologram costar perform powerful rock guitar virtuosos versions of classical music and give highly motivating talks to the audience all the while. A stunning show that has to be seen to be fully appreciated, he is sure to get his audience standing on their feet and applauding.

Ron Pearson, juggler extraordinaire, works the floor with his corporate brand of comedy and leaves his audience in stitches. He effortlessly shows off his incredible juggling skills as he works his way through a monolog of hilarious jokes that leaves his audience in stitches. Ron Pearson is a world record juggler and has performed for years as an actor on national television. He engages with his audience in his brilliant comedy and juggling act and leaves the crowd wanting more.

Michael Harrison is a talented ventriloquist, puppeteer and prop comedian with a perfect sense of comedic timing and ability. He makes use of clever puppets and unusual props in his act in a show that has an almost muppet-like sense of humor. Michael Harrison has appeared on national television and toured extensively. Engaging and hilarious, he will leave the audience laughing.

Great employee incentive ideas that are both informative and entertaining get your employees geared up, recharged and ready to attack their work with renewed energy. Our talented roster of performers is perfect for breaking your staff out of the doldrums and creating fresh, new ideas with a positive, can-do attitude. So why not change up the tired, old speaker approach to employee incentive ideas with something new. Whether you are looking for a musical act, a magic act or even something more unconventional, our talented performers will be sure to make your event a success.


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