Choosing the Best Entertainment from America’s Got Talent Finalists

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Written by Tim Grable

September 4, 2017

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Choosing the Best Entertainment from America's Got Talent FinalistsThe planning and preparation behind your upcoming event or fundraiser can seem like the easiest part when trying to find suitable and entertaining performances. Don’t fall short by choosing just any entertainer for your big night! There are a lot of different options to consider when booking quality talent for your event. That is why we’ve compiled a list of professional entertainers that put on incredible performances guaranteed to bring in big crowds and please all guests!

Whether they had their big break as an America’s Got Talent finalists or furthered their success through performing for this top-rated show, these five entertainers are perfect for your next big event! With performances ranging from music to magic, they will create an atmosphere worth sticking around for.

America’s Got Talent Finalists for your Next Big Event


Defying social hardship and inspiring people from all over, Drew Lynch makes light of his stutter by keeping his fans entertained with his goofy and light-hearted standup. This Indianapolis native has performed for numerous events but is best known for being an America’s Got Talent finalist.

Formerly from the UK, Piff, and his trusty sidekick, Mr. Piffles put on a hilarious performance of comedy and magic. Piff the Magic Dragon has performed two sold-out solo tours along with sporting 12 million hits on YouTube. This knee-slapping duo is sure to leave audiences in side-splitting laughter.

Cami Bradley is a professional singer and talented pianist from Seattle, Washington. She made her public debut as an America’s Got Talent finalist and has now created the folk sensation band The Sweeplings. Showing off her sensational pianist skills and beautiful voice, Cami is a definite crowd pleaser for any event.


Tom Cotter was the first ever comedian to make it to the final round of America’s Got Talent and since then succeeded in expanding his audience. He has performed on shows like NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and the Comedy Central Special “Comedy Central Presents… Tom Cotter”. His hilariously witty standup is sure to have guests falling out of their seats and laughing all the way home!


Watching Joe Castillo create is an event in and of itself. He uses sand to craft artistic scenes, which he projects onto a large screen and sets to music. This creative performer puts on a one-of-a-kind show with his popularly known sand art. Joe Castillo captivates audiences with his unique ability to transform sand into stories. This brilliant and creative artist has performed for some corporate events, professional events, and even royalty! Guests will not be able to look away from this sensational show!

Choosing the right performer for your event is a surefire way to create an appealing and memorable event for your guests. Create a lively and entertaining evening by booking one of these America’s Got Talent Finalists for your next big event! It is guaranteed to set your event or fundraiser apart from all of the rest.

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