What are the best fundraising gala ideas for 2020?

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Written by Tim Grable

February 22, 2017

Live Entertainment Acts are best Fundraising gala IdeasAnyone, which has ever organized a charity event of any sort, knows how hectic the planning process of finding the best fundraising gala ideas can be. There are so many variables to consider that it is easy to let important details slip through the cracks, thereby reducing the overall effectiveness of the event. One of the biggest mistakes that many make when arranging a fundraiser is hiring an entertainer on a whim without putting any thought into the selection.

In terms of bang for your buck, hiring a live artist is one of the best gala fundraising ideas around. Reading your audience correctly and finding an excellent entertainment match is the key to meeting if not exceeding your fundraising goals. Fortunately, some acts are surefire winners with practically every kind of crowd. Here are just five excellent performers that specialize in live events entertainment that are worth looking at.

The Best Fundraising Gala Ideas Make for Big Donations

This corporate entertainer specializes in live event painting for all manner of parties and fundraisers. Over the course of several hours, Heidi Schwartz paints a vivid and original portrait of the event and its participants. Once completed, the painting is auctioned off to the highest bidder and often fetches a handsome sum.

Nothing livens up a charity event and gets the donations flowing from a compelling musical act. If Cami Bradley looks familiar, it is probably because she appeared on the eighth season of America’s Got Talent. She can tinkle the ivories like nobody’s business and belt out a tune like few others.

If you are looking for a truly novel entertainment act, Sand Artist Joe Castillo delivers the goods. His act seems simple: a light table, a little sand, and a soundtrack. However, what her does is nothing short of amazing. Joe Castillo uses his unique eye for shapes and shadow and creates works of art out of the most basic of mediums right before your eyes. His performance specialty is a combination of light, sound and the rarefied discipline of sand art. For event coordinators that want to pull some serious heartstrings, Castillo’s moving act is one of the best fundraising gala ideas around.  You have to witness this in person to believe it.

Audiences, that have never witnessed the magic of Catapult, will surely get a kick out of this innovative shadow-dance troupe. Much like Cirque du Soleil and the Blue Man Group, Catapult’s act is difficult if not impossible to define. However, their artistry is unforgettable and sure to enthrall crowds at any event that they play.

Anthony Griffith brings audiences to rolling laughter and joyful tears with fresh clean jokes, a positive attitude, and a unique perspective on life, his experiences growing up, and the everyday. Griffith is well known for his distinctive comedic presentation and style; audiences often comment how well Anthony Griffith brings the many characters, such as his mama at church, into his jokes. Griffith has done stand-up just about everywhere and continues to amuse listeners anywhere he performs. Anthony Griffith has made numerous prime time network television appearances on shows such as “The Tonight Show”.  Anthony Griffith is guaranteed to bring smiles to the faces of any audience.

Bringing in a seasoned veteran to do some stand-up comedy is an easy way to make a fundraiser stand out. You do not need to hire Jerry Seinfeld to draw a crowd and rake in donations. Consistently funny comedians like Leanne Morgan can provide the same hilarity for a fraction of the cost.

Sometimes Henry just walks out and says hi. The southern accent coming out of this man of Korean descent puts people off guard immediately. He never lets you get your bearings. His clean comedy is refreshing and downright honest. You end up nodding in agreement about things even when you do not want to.

Bob Stromberg is downright silly at times. He is like the uncle who talks about things that happened 30 years ago with such clarity you wonder if he thinks he is relating a current story. He makes you laugh – genuinely laugh. You will not want his ramblings to stop.

Without a doubt, a lively performer is one of the best fundraising gala ideas that will always deliver results and make for a memorable evening. At least one of the unique, highly talented artists profiled here will be able to take your charity event to the next level.

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