What comedian knows the best jokes about parenting?

Comediain Daren Streblow knows the best jokes about parenting

Written by Tim Grable

March 4, 2017

What comedian knows the best jokes about parenting? The combination of a feisty toddler, a fumbling father, broken glass, and an inconvenient call to a 911 operator should spell total disaster. Yet filtered through Daren Streblow’s comedic lens, it becomes a sure-fire recipe for lots of full-bodied laughter and jokes about parenting.

Daren Streblow knows the best jokes about parenting

Daren’s unique, off the wall take on everyday life transforms the mundane experiences everyone can relate to — like the dangers involved in raising a three-year-old toddler — into hilarious, family-friendly comedy and jokes about parenting that are appropriate for all audiences to enjoy.

A “clean” comic, Daren often performs at conferences, churches, fundraisers, and universities. He does not discuss his religious beliefs during his shows. Instead, he focuses on the awkward moments that plague us all, presenting them with his own sophisticated, yet wacky twist to the amused delight of his audiences using observational comedy.

Inspired by a part-time job he held as a teenager at a Duluth, Minnesota, radio station, Daren studied communications at the University of Minnesota. While he loved working in radio, he couldn’t resist the persistent tug of comedy. In 1995, he ventured into the world of stand up, regularly making a four hour round trip to Minneapolis in order to perform on open mic nights at a comedy club.

Daren’s dedication to stand up comedy soon paid off. Working as a full-time comedian since 1998, he has delighted in making hundreds of thousands of people all across the country laugh, opening for many well-known comedy stars, including Weird Al Yankovic, Brad Stine, and James Gregory.

Although he’s been dubbed “The King of Uncool,” Daren’s surging popularity makes it obvious he’s anything but. He has worked for Disney Cruise Line, Universal Studios, The Improv and the ACME Comedy Company. He has also participated in the Pure Comedy Tour, the Beyond Funny Tour, and World Vision’s Laugh Out Loud Tour. In 2011, he seized the opportunity to combine his love of radio and stand up, teaming up with Media Outfitters Inc. for “The Daren Streblow Comedy Show,” a weekly dose of Daren’s wry, observational stand-up. Airing both domestically and internationally, the show has a worldwide audience.

The Comedy in Raising Boys

The Comedy in Raising Boys When it comes to raising boys, it certainly helps to have a sense of humor. The things that they say and do boggle the mind sometimes. When it comes to raising boys, it certainly helps to have a sense of humor. Jeff Allen, Michael Joiner, and Daren Streblow are comedians who know all too well what perils a parent face in their daily lives with a son. They offer the views that only a father can give concerning bringing up boys. Each of these men has their comedic look at their testosterone filled child, which they are happy to share with your group or gathering at your next convention, ceremony, or party. Your guests will be wiping the tears from their eyes and rolling on the floor laughing at the antics and observations of these three men.

Jokes About Parenting Include Comedy on Raising Boys

Jeff Allen brings his relaxed parenting style to the stage with his discussion on his sons’ puberty, eating habits, and physical statuses. His on-stage imitations are side-splitting. His comparisons between his childhood and that of his children are hilarious. When it comes to bringing up boys, Jeff is certainly a comical authority.

Michael Joiner discusses his issues about raising boys with a hands-off comedy. He opens by asking the audience if they would like to see his new baby. He claims that he is in the car waiting. You cannot get much more hilariously hands-off than that! His comedy transitions to the issues that every dad has to face dealing with raising sons.

Daren Streblow discusses his issues with raising four boys. His observations include the fact that he will not be able to sell their home because all of the boys are under the age of 17. Poking fun of himself, as well as his all boy situation, Daren will keep you chuckling. With four boys to attend to, Daren has no chance of running out of fresh material to cover.

There is a need for comedy when raising boys. They are unpredictable, frustrating, entertaining, and deeply loved. These comedians have the right idea to take their experiences raising their young me with a grain of salt and a smile on their faces. Thank goodness that they share their views on stage for our enjoyment.

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