The Best Office Holiday Party Ideas Are Also the Most Entertaining

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Written by Tim Grable

March 8, 2017

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Fun office holiday party ideas: The Best Entertainment

Planning an office holiday party can be a challenge. Event planners need to organize an event that participants will enjoy and talk about for months to come. What are the best office holiday party ideas? One way to assure this is to provide lively entertainment that is both exciting and memorable. Hiring clean entertainment for corporate events is a great way to please the crowd and provide the atmosphere that corporate managers are looking for.

The best entertainers for any event are the ones who can match their performances to the purpose the organizers had in mind. This requires professional performers who not only know how to make the audience happy but also how to fit the mood the client desires for their event. With professional, clean entertainment for corporate events, both the audience and the head office will be more than happy.

Fun Office Holiday Party Ideas: The Best Entertainment for Your Workplace

It is the holiday season again, and with each passing day, we inch a little bit closer to those end-of-the-year work bashes that all employees look forward to. It is one of the many ways that companies reward their staff for a productive year, as well as boosting morale for the new year ahead. It also gives you the ability to strut your creative stuff; picking the perfect venue, deciding on cocktails and delicious dishes for the menu, and compiling entertainers that will captivate your audience. The latter can be a daunting task, as there are many options at your disposal, and it can be difficult to narrow the field down to what will best suit your staff. Are you planning an event this winter and feeling the pressure of coming up with talent to delight your employees? You are in luck! We’ve got a list of fun office holiday party ideas that are just for you.

Professional Entertainers for Corporate Holiday Parties

Here is a sampling of the entertainers available for your next event. They offer a variety of magic, illusion, comedy, and music performances to fit your needs.


Puck is a professional magician who had a noteworthy run on the hit competition television show America’s Got Talent. He is a seamless illusionist sure to charm even the most skeptical of viewers. Magicians are always family-friendly, fun office holiday party ideas.


Any member of any crazy family will relate very closely to the work of Jeff Allen, and the result is a gut-busting jaunt through average American life. Jeff is a seasoned professional with a body of work as long as the laughs you’ll hear in the audience when he arrives onstage.


If hilarious, deadpan humor is more your staff’s style, the comedic stylings of Mark Schiff are right up your alley. As a voice-over actor as well as a comedian, Mark delivers astute, hysterical daily life observations in a unique manner that is all his own.

Another big name in both stand-up comedy and radio, Daren Streblow is known as the “King of Uncool” due to his slightly geeky and eccentric style. It is this very “uncool” factor that makes him real, likable, and a guaranteed rollicking good time.

Topical and terrific, Henry Cho is a southern-bred comedian with a very long impressive list of accomplished work. Any event that he performs at is sure to be absolutely side-splitting, and his relatable character brings a refreshingly genuine element to stand up.

Jason Michaels is a master entertainer with an extensive repertoire. More than your average illusionist and magician, he performs tailor-made, interactive shows to fit your audience. He is a hit whether he is performing his Las Vegas-style dynamic illusion show, acting as master of ceremonies, or strolling through the audience performing magic at audience tables.

You may have seen a magic show or two before, but you’ve never seen anything like the magic of Justin Flom. He excites his audiences with unbelievable, unique feats of magic that are as creative as they are surprising. Your event audience will be amazed and entertained by his seemingly impossible tricks.

Raised on music, singing, and the piano, Cami Bradley brings passion and power to all of her performances. She was a Season 8 finalist on America’s Got Talent and is a current recording, artist. This singer and piano player is a natural entertainer who delights audiences with her beautiful singing voice.

Bob Stromberg is a master at body language and facial expression. His story telling is a hilarious addition to the incredibly funny stories of the trials and happenings in his life. His physical style of storytelling, along with his very expressive actions, make him a great performer for any size crowd. His explosive energy is everywhere, and it infects the audience with positive feelings and ear to ear smiles.

Organizing a dazzling show for corporate events takes planning and finding the right people. Professional, clean entertainment for corporate events will make your audience cheer and your clients ready to book another event soon. High quality live performers add a dimension to events that audiences love. Any of the performers on this page has the professionalism and charisma it takes to make your event a raving success

This time of year is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the successes of recent months and to look forward to the promise of the near future. What better way to celebrate that than with the perfect company event? These fun office holiday party ideas are aimed to make your job easier, so you can get on to enjoying the celebration!

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