Best Practices and Ideas For An Engaging Virtual Event

Best Practices, Engaging Virtual Event

Written by Tim Grable

November 16, 2020

Best Practices and Ideas For An Engaging Virtual Event

Online events have become widely adopted this year to minimize health risks in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Organizations have soon found out that virtual events have a lower cost than regular in-person events and the potential to reach a larger number of participants.

If you want to take a shot at an engaging virtual event but are unsure where to start, this article is for you.

In the following paragraphs, we will go over best practices and ideas you can try out and quickly implement.

A Performance from a Celebrity Chef

Millions of people are now watching cooking shows on the internet or streaming services.

Whether they’re interested in the delicacies being showcased or in the chef’s personality, there’s undeniably a fun element that draws people to cooking shows.

Cooking acts are great as openers for virtual company meetings, team building events, or online events in general. And if you want to go ahead with this idea, we suggest hiring a celebrity chef to spice things up!

Celebrity Chef

Best Practices for Bits of Fun and Education

In troubled times, people look up to experts and specialists for advice. Keynote speakers are those who excel at offering the right direction for those who are in an impasse.

Through the power of compelling speech and well-researched topics, speakers fit right at home in a virtual environment and are ideal for creating an engaging virtual event.

You can hire a virtual keynote speaker to start your online event, whether it’s a webinar, a training session, or an online conference.

Good speakers never get out of fashion, and they can be easily integrated into any segment of your event, making the experience far more appreciable.

The Power of Music

It’s hard to replace a live concert experience, but a virtual concert might very well be the next best thing.

Regardless of medium, music reaches the hearts of millions of people, and it serves as a great way to break the ice for guests, drawing them into the performance.

You can hire a headline musician or a band to kick off your Virtual Event. Music fans in the audience will probably recognize the artist and get even more enthralled by the performance.

A Virtual Holiday

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s high time to prepare for the upcoming office parties using best practices during COVID-19.

Given the current situation, you can try different kinds of ideas for virtual holiday entertainment.

For Christmas, you can organize a game night filled with all kinds of fun and interactive party games.

For Valentine’s Day, plan a Date Night for your employees with interactive entertainment.  The Evasons are one of very few married couples in history who have mastered the rare and specialized artistry of two-person telepathy known as “Second Sight.” With featured appearances on NBC, CBS, CW Network, Discovery Channel, and Netflix, it’s no wonder why The Evason are the most in-demand act of their kind, anywhere in the world.

The Evasons: Virtual Demo

In this engaging virtual event, your guests will not just sit back and watch the show. In no time, minds will be blown, jaws will drop, and audible gasps will fill the room in this incredible and exhilarating demonstration of Second Sight and telepathy. Let your hair down and take a “virtual vacation” with The Evasons as they reach through the screen and seize your thoughts in this high-energy, fun escape from reality that you will certainly never forget.

And to make the events even more entertaining, you can hire a virtual host like Marty the One Man Party to kick-off the activities while your guests get to sit back and enjoy a jolly holiday day.  He will do everything from all the entertainment to all the tech! You invite your people and have them show up to a typical zoom call! Then Marty does the rest!

Marty Simpson: Marty the One Man Party Virtual Demo

Marty Simpson distinguishes himself by using virtual improv to create a one of a kind experience customized to your event. Marty is The One-Man Party!” He is comfortable performing in large Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, nonprofits, and even private family gatherings. No matter the size, your virtual event is guaranteed to be entertaining, customized, and memorable.

Best Practices to Kick Your Engaging Virtual Event into Overdrive

With the ideas showcased in this article, your event is bound to be an experience that guests will not want to miss.

If you’ve decided on an idea and would want to hire the right performer for it, then we’d love to help.  Give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and let’s work together to turn your event into something truly incredible!

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