Want The Best Stand-up Comedy at Your Event? Check These 3

jeff allen

Written by Tim Grable

November 14, 2017

The best stand-up comedy performers are those who are continuously honing their skills and striving to enrich their acts with even more elements.

For that to happen, they need…time.

Time to get involved in as many projects as possible, to perform day in, day out and ultimately get in contact with other diverse artists to inspire them.

They do this because, at the core of successful comedians, there is constant practice and desire for improvement. We’d now like to showcase three of the performers who’ve managed to fuse talent with work successfully.

1. Taylor Mason

If you want a versatile, ‘can-do-all’ type of stand-up comedian, Taylor Mason is the ticket to success.

Ventriloquist. Keynote speaker. Comedy writer. Performer. Corporate events favorite.

These are just a few of Taylor Mason’s talents. However, what’s more, impressive about his brand is the masterful way he manages to blend them all into a coherent and always surprising package.

That is the mark of a truly invested entertainer – the attention he grants each one of his acts to make it the best stand-up comedy show guests have ever seen live.

To get at this point in his career, Taylor Mason proved himself ever since childhood, when he accompanied his father at talks and broadcast shows. The appetite for show business and live performance developed later on, during his college years, when he dabbled in DJ-ing and MC-ing at school parties.

Want The Best Stand-up Comedy at Your Event? Check These 3


By then, it was quite obvious he was born to perform, so ventriloquism and one-man variety shows came as natural developments of his skill.

From Christian conferences to corporate parties, Taylor Mason is sure to deliver excellence no matter the specifics of the event.

2. Jeff Allen

With almost 4 decades of entertainment experience under his belt, Jeff Allen is a headliner for any event which aspires to deliver unforgettable moments and a warm atmosphere.

Having started his career performing at Chicago comedy clubs, Jeff has a solid base onto which he built up a film career as well.

Having a broad understanding of the industry, Jeff is often invited to fundraisers, corporate functions, church conventions, casinos, radio or TV.

This is partly due to Jeff’s ability to deliver top-tier kind of clean humor.

jeff allen

3. Thor Ramsey

As a pastor at Canyon Lake Community Church, Thor Ramsey can deliver not only one of the best stand-up comedy acts but also church-friendly content.

As a producer and actor in a bunch of short films, he will surely deliver a well-packed and paced act.

Both skill sets have been developed within 30 years of experience in the industry and resulted in a long list of books and DVDs as proof of his writing skills.

Long story short, Thor Ramsey is in high demand, especially for events which require clean humor.

thor ramsey

Looking for the Best Stand-Up Comedy Lineup?

We have got you covered.

The Grable Group includes many other top-notch stand-up comedians besides the three we presented in this article.

So, you will want to take your time, have a look at the whole list of stand-up performers and get in contact with us for more suggestions, availability updates and booking details.

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