The Best Top Clean Comics for Corporate Events

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Written by Tim Grable

March 3, 2017

Comedy helps companies do business better. Comics for corporate events can reduce work-related stress among employees, provide a bond for both employees and clients, and helps clients loosen up in between heavy, data-focused presentations. Laughter can also help employees see challenges within the company in a different light, which reduces the possibility of conflict. They may take their jobs seriously, but quickly see they do not have to take themselves as seriously. In some cases, laughing about exaggerated circumstances could lead to finding solutions to ongoing corporate problems. Corporations that hire comedians to speak on a variety  of subjects, from work schedules to balancing family life, can also provide humorous insight for employees to resolve everyday problems.
The Best Top Clean Comics for Corporate Events
Finding good comics for corporate events can be tricky with workplace rules and office politics. It is a delicate balance between laughing with corporate employees and officers and disrespecting them. The best comedians for corporate events have been performing for years and have a solid resume. There are some that stand out for their work in the business world.

The Best Comics for Corporate Events

Moody McCarthy of New York has been on The Late Show with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live. He is been featured in Last Comic Standing and America’s Got Talent. He can go on stage cold and delivers smart, the universal comedy that is at the moment.

Frank King, known as the Cardiac Comedian, can turn today’s news events into entertainment. King wrote for Jay Leno for 20 years and was featured on CNN’s Business Unusual. King also wrote for Joan Rivers and Dennis Miller and opened up for Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, and Jeff Foxworthy, among others.

Rex Havens is a comedian, keynote speaker, and author that hits solid notes with audiences. His act is based on everyday occurrences with spouses and families that relate universally to the main points of wisdom.

Jeff Allen has been performing for four decades and has been a keynote speaker for fundraisers and corporate functions around the world. His message of the trials and joys of marriage celebrates everyday family life and happiness found in healthy marriages.  With a talent for taking the mundane experiences of everyday life and marriage and making them fun for everyone, Comedian Jeff Allen has been working the comedy circuit for forty years. When poking fun at the hilarity of life, some comedians may turn to dark humor, not Jeff. His style of comedy keeps audiences in a lighthearted environment. Writer, actor and humanitarian, Jeff is a performer with a wealth of material at his disposal to keep everyone chuckling in their seats.

What about Top Clean Comics?

Entertainment choices for large events should not be taken lightly. The sheer number of entertainment types is endless, which makes the process hard. That being said, it is sometimes, even more, challenging to find an entertainer whom everyone will enjoy. Choosing a DJ is hard because not everyone likes the same kind of music and no one wants the added pressure of dancing in public. Some performers are not able to not entertain a broad range of audiences. Even though they are amazing entertainers, they may not be the perfect entertainment idea for your corporate event.

What top clean comics actually do corporate events?

One thing everyone does have in common is the need for laughter. Whether it is a room full of employees, clients, potential clients, family or friends a comedian is an excellent choice. Laughter sets the tone for an event, allows people to relax and makes for great memories. Below is a list of top clean comics in the meeting industry today. These performers have a range of styles from self-deprecating jokes to personal stories to stage antics. All of these top clean comics utilize a style of comedy that is corporate friendly and funny.

As far as stand-up comedians go, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one with more experience than Ross Bennett. He has been in the business of making people laugh with witty stand-up and hilarious humor for over thirty-five years. In 2013, David Letterman invited him to the Late Show, and he has had many other television appearances. However, it is not only big shows that Ross is interested in. He has experience entertaining at corporate events, fundraisers, and country clubs.  Ross Bennett was once a West Point cadet, but dropped out to pursue comedy and has been performing for 30 years. His act deals with real-life topics, but also includes knowledge of the military as his father was a Marine Colonel.

Many will recognize Jim Breuer from his time on Saturday Night Live, but he spends more of his time now as a stand-up performer and radio host. His radio show on Raw Dog Comedy channel tires to get away from the news, pop culture and other depressing topics. On stage, Jim’s personality shines through, as does his twenty years of experience. As a younger comedian with stage antics and impressions, Jim is currently on tour throughout the United States.

Named as one of the Rolling Stone’s Five Comics to Watch, Ryan Hamilton has been on comedy shows like Conan, The Late Late Show, and Last Comic Standing. His humor focuses on his life experiences. He uses his life in Idaho as a backdrop for jokes about New York and people he meets. His humor tends to be sarcastic and mildly self-deprecating in a light way. His story delivery makes him a stand-out in the world of comedy.

With a style that speaks to the inner grouch in all of us, Dan Naturman has performed around the world and on television. Talk show hosts like David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, and Craig Ferguson have all had him on their shows. He was even in season nine of America’s Got Talent. Dan’s grasp for timing and delivery of a punchline makes it clear why he chose to leave behind a career in law to become a comedian.

Recently, Ron Pearson was nominated for Corporate Comedian of the Year. He is a go-to entertainer for every event. His experience ranges from The Drew Carey Show to The Apostles of Comedy. He has worked with comedians like Bras Stine, Jeff Allen, and Anthony Griffith. Ron’s style of prop comedy makes him accessible to everyone while maintaining an air of good fun.

Using physical comedy, stand-up and, at times, hand shadows, Bob Stromberg has done events for companies like Sony, American Family Insurance, and United Way. He is a writer and performer who delivers on every laugh. He also has experience as a Keynote speaker and as a comedian.

If you are looking for a trifecta of talents, Taylor Mason is your entertainer. He is a writer, comedian, and ventriloquist. His experience ranges a variety of venues including conferences, hockey arenas, and major clubs. Everyone how has seen a Taylor Mason comedy show comments on his connection with the audience to make them laugh.

Hiring a comedian is an easy choice when the options for top clean comics are so talented. This list is only a small sampling from the best list of comedians. Whether it be a corporate event, a conference or a non-profit event, a comic you can rely on is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Corporations should include a comedian when planning special events for employees and clients. Good comics for corporate events will keep a room lively and give those attending energy to continue with the rest of the company’s program with enthusiasm. Good, solid entertainment will also leave both employees and clients with the impression that the company put much thought into organizing the event.

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