The Best Vacation Bible School Ideas for a Family Night

Taylor Mason, Paco

Written by Tim Grable

August 2, 2017

Vacation Bible School IdeasVacation Bible School ideas began in 1894, in Hopedale, IL, where public school teacher D.T. Miles felt she limited by time constraints in teaching the Bible in Sunday School. (sound familiar?)

Hence, her history-making idea: a daily “school” to teach the Bible to children during the summer. So a local school was used for classes, and she had 40 students that first year, a concept that has been followed for the past 120!

Vacation Bible School Ideas should include Taylor Mason

If you have never seen Taylor Mason comedian entertain, you are in for a treat. His comedy is witty, funny, surprising, sarcastic and sometimes even shocking, yet clean. He does a number of family shows. You may meet one of his puppet characters, hear him perform a musical number, or just do his stand-up comedy where he jokes about looking like the guy mistaken for an employee every place he goes.

Taylor Mason, also from Illinois, now offers a program that fits with every VBS ministry. Whether he is using his pig/animal puppets to tell the story of Noah’s Ark (how did Noah know how to build an ark? He studied “ARK-EOLOGY!”). Helping children learn the Ten Commandments (God gave them to Moses on two big tablets – and no, not because he had a headache!). A Taylor Mason presentation will incorporate the themes and key topics that are the core of any Vacation Bible School ideas curriculum.

Taylor has worked with children around the world and from all walks of life. His experience as a comedian, a ventriloquist, a musician, and a teacher makes him uniquely qualified to add an inspirational, unforgettable affirmation to any VBS. Concentrating on simple-but-clear principles – that Jesus is our Savior, and God works through people – Mr. Mason makes every personal appearance just that: personal.

If you’ve never met Paco, the Spanish speaking lawyer, you probably never saw Taylor Mason comedian, in which case you are missing out. Paco is funny and delightful, and, oh, he is also a pig! That is right; a pig lawyer, a least according to Mr. Mason, as Paco’s law degree could not independently be verified.

Taylor Mason is a unique entertainer in that he is witty, sarcastic and multi-talented. He does stand-up comedy and, as you might have guessed, he is also a ventriloquist. His shows are always fun and exciting because of the vast variety of comedy he produces. You never know quite what’s in store, and Taylor Mason comedian likes to surprise his audience. He may introduce Romeo, the Mannequin American, who may try to seduce the ladies with his irresistible charm and swagger. Taylor Mason comedian also dabbles in music. He may also engage the audience in a sing-along while he plays the keyboard, or he may do a hip-hop number you’ll want to tap your feet to. His comedy is suitable for all ages and is clean enough for church functions and Disney cruises.

The career of Taylor Mason comedian has been largely been influenced by his father, who was a radio farm broadcaster for WGN Radio and Television in Chicago. Young Mr. Mason often tagged along with his father and appeared on stage when his father spoke at local conferences, giving him first glimpse into the stage performance. This early experience sparked his interested in show business and, specifically, in music and comedy.

Since then, Taylor Mason has gone to study journalism and advertising, which has served him well in his comedy writing. In his early days, he auditioned for Star Search and won the grand prize. He began performing as a ventriloquist and had an impressive line-up of puppets.

His is more than just a puppet show or a sing-along-camp-song program. Because Taylor Mason “tailors” his work to the children, the staff, and the church he is working for. Children and adults become part of the event (again: God works through people! So let’s get the people involved!). The comedy and the material are more than a show. It’s a testimony to faith in Christ and the excitement that comes when consistent, time-honored truths making Vacation Bible School ideas more than just a highlight of the summer; but the beginning of a LIFELONG walk with Jesus.

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