Why Is Bob Stromberg A Multi-talented Comedian and Entertainer?

bob stromberg

Written by Tim Grable

September 4, 2017

Entertainers come in many different shapes, sizes, and skills. Every comedian is and should be different from the others.

At the same time, we think that there are three traits every entertainer should have to draw their audience in.

Bob Stromberg has all three, and we decided to exemplify what we are trying to say based on his experience.

However, first, let’s find out a little bit more about Bob and his comedy shows.

He has been called “a mesmerizing physical comedian” by the Chicago Sun-Times.

In 2015, “That Wonder Boy” – written by Bob – won him the “Best One-Man Show” and two other awards at the prestigious United Solo Theatre Festival in New York.

He is a multi-talented man. Plus, his clean comedy is appropriate for all ages. However, how did he come so far?

His Shows Are Stunning, According to London Metro

Bob has performed in front of Fortune 500 companies such as General Mills, Cargill, Sonic and American Family Insurance. He has also helped quite a few non-profit organizations like The American Cancer Society, The American Brain Tumor Association, Children’s Hospitals, and United Way.

Bob Stromberg is also worldwide known for the theatrical phenomenon, Triple Espresso (a Highly Caffeinated Comedy), which features Bob, Michael Pearce Donley, and Bill Arnold.

He also has a solo theatrical production called That Wonder Boy, which he received the award Best One-Man Show, Best Direction and Backstage Magazine’s Audience Favorite at the prestigious United Solo Theater Festival in New York City.

Why Is Bob Stromberg A Multi-talented Comedian?

“Triple Espresso” and “That Wonder Boy”

“Triple Espresso … A Highly Caffeinated Comedy” is a vaudeville-style comedy that premiered in 1996. It was first put on a stage in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It holds the record for the longest continuously running show in San Diego.

This three-man show was written by Bob Stromberg, Bill Arnold, and Pearce Donley.

Bob was playing Bobby Bean, an irrepressible but not-too-sharp entertainer. The entire show was designed to make way for a series of clean-comedy sketches. By showcasing their talents, they were telling the story of how they got there.

“That Wonder Boy” is a one-man show written by Bob as well. It tells the story of growing up in the ’50s and ’60s.

The show received excellent reviews, and after a few years and some tweaks, it became a “hit.”

Bob Stromberg’s Success at The United Solo Theatre Festival in New York

bob stromerg pointing

The autobiographical show “That Wonder Boy,” written by Bob won three awards. He won the “Best One-Man Show” award. Risa Brainin, the director of the play, was honored as best director.

The play took home a third award as well – The Backstage Audience Award, which is an online poll sponsored by Backstage Magazine. What’s more interesting is that it was all possible thanks to Bob Stromberg’s fans.

They made it to the competition by running an Indiegogo campaign. The fans helped them overachieve their goal, by 8%.

About Bob’s Clean Comedy

Mr. Stromberg is not your usual stand-up comedian. His shows are appropriate for all ages or faiths. Clean comedy is the style he loves and enjoys performing.

So far, he’s performed at hundreds of corporate events and fundraisers. He’s left a strong positive impression on Fortune 500 companies like:

  • General Mills
  • Cargill
  • Sonic
  • American Family Insurance
  • Comcast
  • Sony
  • EMI

Bob has also performed for more significant and noble causes. He helped charity organizations like:

  • The American Cancer Society
  • The American Brain Tumor Association
  • Children’s Hospitals
  • United Way

Here’s an example of how Bob performs on stage:

Classic Comedy from Bob Stromberg

Why You Should Book Bob Stromberg for Your Next Event

As you can see, Bob’s comedy is clean and safe. He’s talking about his life without exaggerating or using R-rated words.

Now, let’s see what those three magical traits which all entertainers should have are and how Bob manages to include them in his comedy shows.

1. Connecting with the AudienceBob Stromberg Has 3 Traits That All Entertainers Should Have

He connects with the audience and tailors his show accordingly. He is not only funny but knows how to put up an excellent hand show or physical comedy.

Bob tells stories through his hand shadows performances as well. He uses his hands and fingers to create individual shadows which tell a story.

Bob combines storytelling with his hand shadows to create a unique, timeless, and engaging performance in front of this audience.

He leaves the audience wanting for more because he inspires them and makes them laugh uncontrollably. Most importantly, what helps Bob connect with his audience is the fact that he is genuine, and people can see this.

Within minutes of starting the show, everyone in public is laughing hard, the imaginary walls between them and Bob crumble and, just like that, the connection has formed.

2. Understanding the Audience

A performer may have a hard time acknowledging that the show is not about them, but about the audience.

He never offends. That is a crucial aspect when you’re looking to book an entertainer. If it’s a corporate event or a charity gala, you need to make sure your attendees won’t be insulted.

Bob Stromberg has no trouble understanding this and also the fact that comedy can be risky. The comedian must take into consideration the importance of the audience and making them feel good. Bob does not offend, so you would not have to worry about this or complaints after the event.

3. Delivering to the Audience

He keeps your audience engaged the entire period of the show.

Bob can lift any event to the next level because he will deliver on his promises and engage your audience right when it is needed.

He can fill any gap during your conference, corporate event, or fundraiser, and so, you will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Bob Stromberg Is the Entertainer to Have if You Want a Heartfelt Comedian

Here’s just a small fraction from one of his shows where he talks about family photos.

Bob Stromberg: The Family Slide Show

Bob’s comedy is clean and family-friendly, so no matter who your audience is, they will enjoy the show and his comedy style.

Do you want to lift your event at the next level and provide top-notch entertainment for your guests? Then you need to book Stromberg for your next event.

Working with us will allow you to take advantage of something like this. Plus, you get access to a select pool of talents. Amongst them, we can help you book the multi-talented Bob Stromberg for your next event.

Contact us online if you’d like to learn more about our services.

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