How to book the best Gala entertainment ideas

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Written by Tim Grable

September 15, 2017

It is never easy to plan a big gala. Whether it is a wedding, birthday party, or a huge fundraiser, there are several components to consider. You have to choose a date and reserve the right venue. Then, you must decide on decorations for a theme and hire a caterer. Each one of these has to be perfect for the event to be a success. Even if you have an event coordinator coming up with the gala entertainment ideas, you will still be making decisions about different suggestions that he or she offers.

How to book the best Gala entertainment ideas

Many people get bogged down trying to decide on entertainment. Boring entertainment can ruin even the best-planned event. The important thing to consider when hiring live entertainment is your guests. You will probably know what they would enjoy. A good event planner also has to decide on the timing of the entertainment, whether it will be at the beginning, end, or during the whole gala.

Some Of the Best Gala Entertainment Ideas

If you want music and dancing, you can hire a top-notch band or DJ for entertainment. Some groups would love a spectacular magician or a hilarious comedian. No matter whom you chose, finds a professional who will be the life of the party. The job is a little easier when you have terrific gala entertainment ideas. These entertainers are internationally known and would be appropriate for just about any event:

The Three Waiters® ~ Singing Waiters Best Entertainment!

If you want to take your guests completely off guard, then you will love The Three Waiters. These three gentlemen have entertained for many venues, including celebrities and royalty. They are completely hidden in the party because they dress and act like real waiters. The live entertainment idea starts when they walk up to the stage and sing in an operatic style that was even complimented by the late Pavarotti. The Three Waiters offer a perfect night of interactive song and humor for your guests.

2013 AFA Convention Hypnotwist Part 1. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Captivate your guests with an iconic presentation of hypnotism! However, like the name says, this act is a unique entertainment option with a twist to it. The European Hypnotist charmed the audience with his accent and supposed talent of hypnotizing anyone to do anything. Your guests will be spellbound as he chooses volunteers from the audience and hypnotizes them to sing opera, be a rock star, or to be Elvis. What the audience does not know is that these”volunteers” are trained actors for the show. HypnoTWIST is an excellent choice in gala entertainment ideas.

String Angels: Promo

Who says that angels only play harps? When you book the String Angels for your particular event, you will get three lovely ladies and some of the best classical violin music in the business. Charlie’s Cherubs have nothing on these beautiful violinists. Their show puts a modern spin on beloved classics for a presentation that your guests will always remember. They play their electric violins in perfect tandem and make lovely music that is total heaven. This act would be especially appreciated for wedding receptions.

Heidi Schwartz: Live Event Painting for Charity

If a picture paints a thousand words, then why not have your event immortalized in a painting? Instead of the usual photographs that everyone else does, you can hire artist Heidi Schwartz to paint a vivid portrait of the event. While your guests are eating, dancing, and having fun, Heidi can capture it all on canvas and paint your event. At the end of the night, you will be presented with a painting that will make the event come alive each time you look at it.

William Close and The Earth Harp Collective Reel

You have seen this amazing musician perform for a captivated audience on national television. Now, you can bring William Close and his fantastic Earth Harp music to your event. William designed this giant harp, and its music will delight everyone in the room. Just watching him play in a virtual light show is stunning. He is often accompanied by other talented musicians and singers. They play both classical and modern sounds. The whole gala will love the celestial harmony of William Close’s music.

Swan Ball 2015 - DJ drums

Why settle for hiring a typical DJ when your guests can jam with DJ Drums! This talented duo has performed in venues all over the globe and will tailor their song list to your picks. They can play calm classical choices or can get the whole party rocking with awesome dance hits. They also bring a large set of acoustic drums for your guests to get in on the action. DJ Drums give your event the best music to dance away the night.

Are you going to be hosting an event with guests of different ages and tastes in music? You can hire LA Allstars and get all the music you want. There is no canned music with LA Allstars because they play it like the originals. Whether it is Motown, light rock, 80s favorites, or today’s biggest hits, this band knows how to bring it home. Your dance floor will rock with happy guests as people hear some of their all-time favorite tunes.

Everyone loves a magician; however, Adam Trent is not just any magician. He mixes amazing sleight-of-hand magic with some truly unbelievable tricks. Trent gets the whole audience in on the act. Your guests will be on the edge of their seats as he performs amazing illusions. He also sprinkles in comedy and music for an entire show that will keep everyone wondering how he does it. Adam Trent’s magic show is full of energy and will have your guests talking about it for a long time.

Bob Stromberg Sizzle EPK

Want to keep your guests in stitches at your big event? Bob Stromberg is a sensational comedian that has made people laugh across the globe. His unique brand of humor and slapstick has the crowd roaring from the first joke. His easy way of talking and zany facial expressions keeps the fun going. He also uses many props in his show that sets the scenes for hilarious stories. Your night can be filled with fun and laughter with this quirky comedian. Bob Stromberg is comical entertainment at its best.

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