Brad Nieder MD Is Your Best Pick for Top Healthcare Humor

brad nieder

Written by Tim Grable

March 2, 2018

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

However, what do you do when the doctor in question is also an expert in healthcare humor? Can you keep them at bay?

The concept of healthcare comedy may not be among the best-known ones, and that is because not many use it as such.

Brad Nieder MD, the speaker we are featuring here, is among the ones who have created this niche in the entertainment industry. So, let us cast an eye on what his act brings to the table.

Brad Nieder MD, The Funny Doctor

If you tried to imagine a ‘Jerry Seinfeld with an M.D.’, you would get Brad Nieder.

 Brad Nieder MD Is Your Best Pick for Top Healthcare Humor Having grown up seeing Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show on TV, Brad already felt he had an inclination towards humor, and so he took on a B.A. in Communication at Stanford University. There, he spent extensive time among his peers from SIMPS – The Stanford Improvisers – and also performed improv comedy at local comedy clubs.

He went on to pursue positions in TV productions at CKNC-TV and Lifetime Television.

His next career option, however, was studying medicine at the University of Colorado, all while sticking to his standup comedy skills and performing in front of audiences.

Perhaps this is what explains his decision to marry standup comedy with medical practice and develop the Healthy Humorist brand in 2002.

Is Brad Nieder’s Healthcare Humor a Good Fit for Your Event?

Upon hearing the phrase ‘healthcare comedy’, most people would think it is aimed only at audiences coming from a healthcare background.

However, as a recipient of the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation, Brad addresses professionals from:

  • the corporate environment,
  • education,
  • banking.

The idea is that Brad takes the concept of healthcare humor and, using his 15+ years of experience in public speaking and entertainment, he molds his act on the needs of any audience.

What’s even more attractive for all event planners is how easy it is to work with him. Just by taking a look at a few testimonials, you will see people keep praising him for his:

  • attention to details,
  • understanding of his clients’ company culture,
  • documenting and profiling audiences to a T,
  • willingness to accept suggestions.

Brad Nieder’s message is as straightforward as it gets: ‘laughter is the best medicine’. So you can book him for virtually any kind of event, including:

  • employee luncheons,
  • conferences,
  • convention openers,
  • fundraisers,
  • summits,
  • product launches.

Instilling a lighthearted quality to any of his acts, Brad can bring real comic relief and make a 3-day conference easier to go through. 

Another great quality of his content is that it touches on wellness topics with a fresh perspective. Not only does he entertainingly present wellbeing aspects, but he also makes them educational.

Attendees will find his speech both relevant and personal – something like this:

Time to Make up Your Mind

If you would like to have a truly innovative and impactful comedy act for a high-profile event, we could barely think of a better pick than Brad Nieder and his trademark healthcare humor. 

So don’t keep the doctor away, book him for your event here and prepare only to get rave reviews.

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