Breathtaking Live Entertainment Ideas to Energize Your Event

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Written by Tim Grable

September 28, 2017

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Live Entertainment IdeasLooking to plan your next event, but don’t know where to start when it comes to live entertainment ideas? This is a common issue with most event planning coordinators as they are looking for the best act to complete their event. Rest assured that there are tons of live entertainers looking to be a part of the next big event and finding one is much simpler than most expect!

Did you know that some of the best talent around is available for your conference, fundraiser or party? Comedy acts, musical performance, dance and other entertainment ideas can be brought to life by contacting booking agencies. Professional entertainment can be surprisingly affordable and is a great anchor for any corporate event.

Entertainment Ideas Available for Private Events

Talent agencies maintain a roster of different types of entertainers suitable for both small and large venues. Planning an event can be much easier with the main attraction just a phone call away. Comedians and musical entertainers often post videos of their work on the internet, so checking them out in advance is easy. Guests will be wowed by the special touch of live entertainment.

Most big cities have booking agencies that provide entertainment ideas for events. Often, the selection of acts is vast and varied. Performance art, dance, comedy, music or some combination of the above is available for festivals, concerts, and private parties.

The best way to come up with ideas for live entertainment  is through a little research, and that is what we are here to help with! Listed below are five outstanding entertainers that are sure to create a packed house at your next big event.

Live Entertainment Ideas that Amaze and Inspire

It is guaranteed that guests have never seen a performance like this! Adam Trent will have guests sitting on the edge of their seats with his tricky and comical magic act. Adam has been featured on multiple nationally known television shows, as well as being featured three times on Broadway. He uses a wide variety of props and optical illusions to enhance his performance. Guests will not know what to think when witnessing this amazing magic act!

Be prepared to be amazed by this one-of-a-kind creative artist! This talented entertainer and writer are best known for his artistic sand performance where he tells stories with only his bare hands and a little bit of sand. Joe Castillo shapes images and guides audiences through a whimsical journey of storytelling. Joe has performed at many events and venues and will have guests in awe of his creative talent and storytelling ability. This is an act that all audiences are sure to enjoy!

Better known as the “Professional Regurgitator,” his bizarre and intriguing act leaves audiences guessing as to what other tricks this man can stomach.Steve Starr performs a high energy and laughable act of taking unconventional items and making them disappear by swallowing them whole. Guests are asked to participate and don’t worry; he returns all items as if they were good as new! This is an act audience will surely not want to miss this entertainer.  Make sure his is on you list of live entertainment ideas!

Looking for a way to get guests in the groove? DJ Drums will keep the momentum rolling with their interactive and amazingly fun performance where live DJ meets live band. Guests can tear up the dance floor or play along with the band on their many instrumental prop sets. Their style of music ranges from chart-topping hits to classical music and jazz. DJ Drums will bring the party to any event!

Watch and listen as Ron Pearson keeps guests laughing with his struggle of juggling everyday life. This professional juggler and comedian hand out a relatable performance on some topics such as marriage, family life, and career development. With his outstanding stage presence and entertaining performance, Ron is sure to steal the show and keep guests laughing even after they leave the event.

America’s Got Talent contestants the Bucket Boys combine precision street percussion with comedy and slapstick routines. The Khaleej Times of Dubai calls the Romanelli and Martin show “Entertaining…spectacular sounds through innovated drumming.” Their type of urban drumming started on city streets and subways in large American cities. Later, street percussion moved indoors to Broadway and is now considered a modern art form.

Talent, grace, and magic – that describes the dance imagery created by director Adam Battelstein and his incredible troupe of dancers. The performance has a silhouette format, with the action taking place behind a screen. With gymnastics and contortions, as well as beautiful dancing, Catapult Entertainment portrays the touching and the fantastic.

Fans of dancing and flying drumsticks will love this unconventional comic drumming team! Using unique drums made from the trash can lids, plastic buckets, frying pans and other kitchen implements, the act includes an audience sing-along and air drum “jam session.” These performers bring on the rhythm as well as the laughs!  rePercussion has a gift for interacting with their audiences. During shows, they call fans to the stage and hand them drum sticks. Participants use trash cans, kitchen pots and orange road cones to become a percussion band for their dancing fans. Even the iconic cow bell makes an appearance during hip-hop and rock cadences. In between songs, the duo captivates audiences with jokes and improvisation routines.

With humor and originality, comedians Bradley Bean and Jackson Bailey channel celebrities like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley along with everyday people in their musical skits. The two entertainers sing and banter, accompanied by Bean on the guitar. From standup comedy to musical parodies, harmony and humor make a great duo!

This comedy team is “on a mission to prove that comedy can be clean and exceptionally funny” with improvisational comedy, piano music, and dance. Three ensemble members at a time create humor with a minimum of props, much imagination, and input from the audience. Whether your passion is skydiving or knitting, Panic Squad can make it funny!

Professional event planners are well aware of the opportunities for booking fresh and creative talent for conferences and special events. Less well known is that many of these same performers are available for private parties and celebrations. The possibilities are wide open for bringing group entertainment ideas to life for that special day. Live entertainment can be the difference between a mediocre event and an unforgettable one!

Coming up with the best live entertainment ideas is the tricky part, but once you’ve found a few performances that stick out amongst the rest, choosing one should be easy! Each of these six performers is known to amaze and dazzle crowds with their top-rated performances. If you want to plan an event that guests will be talking about even after it is over, consider booking one of these five incredible acts!

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