The Best Fundraising Ideas for Churches Bring Laughter and Donations

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Written by Tim Grable

August 21, 2017

best fundraising ideas for churches When people think of the best fundraising ideas for churches, they immediately envision a gym full of endless tables of homemade, delectable bread, cookies, and assorted goodies. Some envision a massive church fundraising rummage sale. It is not too often that when people think of supporting the church through an event that they consider a live performance artist. When it comes to raising the most money possible, hiring these entertainers has to be regarded as one of the best fundraising ideas. Hire one of these talented performers and enjoy the show as your entertainment efforts exceed your expectations and surpass your fundraising goals.

Live Entertainment is the best fundraising ideas for churches

Jeff Allen shares his observations of his life, children, and family hilarious comparisons to everyday occurrences. His style of standup comedy is widely sought after and has been viewed on television specials on Dry Bar Comedy, Showtime, VH1, Comedy Central, and a nationally syndicated series called “Bananas Comedy Television.” He has even had a role in the film “Thou Shalt Laugh” by Warner Bros.

Marc Eckel delivers shows that are visually stunning with a meaningful message. Audiences are held captivated as he paints with his hands on a larger than life size canvas and creates his masterpiece. As the music intensifies, the narration delivers a valuable message to the listeners throughout the performance; he then offers an incredible work of art to the accolades of the amazed audience.  Selling the paintings is one of the best fundraising ideas for churches

When it comes to funny, Bob Stromberg uses audience participation and a unique set of on-stage props. When considering the best fundraising ideas, Bob Stromberg brings an incredibly entertaining show that will delight visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

David Dean delivers his unique look at life and family. His style is clean and clear, with an emphasis on material that is relatable to large audiences and a variety of people. When it comes to being able to point out the everyday struggles of the common person, David Dean has it covered.

Understated and meek looking, Daren Streblow is anything but either of those two things. His style of comedy involves the observations of his life and the future of his existence. With a twist on how to look at life, Daren gives his audiences a lot to think about when it comes to many daily issues. For audiences of all ages and genders, Daren Streblow is sure to deliver a great show.

One of the best fundraising ideas for churches is to hire a live performance, artist. A great comedic show will involve the entire congregation in a fellowship brought on by the great gift of laughter and commonality. To make a big impression on the church, the community, and the fundraising cause, it is important to hire quality entertainment to draw in the big crowd. Hiring a talented live performance comedian will help you to raise the money necessary for your church and leave you with a smile on your face; long after the show is over.

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