Are Cajun Comedians are the best kept Secret of the South?

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Written by Tim Grable

September 1, 2017

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Cajun Comedians are the best kept Secret of the SouthJonathan Perry was raised in Kaplan, Louisiana, as his thick accent and slang will easily help to attest. He has been crowned the King of the International Cajun Joke Telling Contest in the past is one of the most sought after Cajun comedians in the country, having been featured on TV, newspapers and magazines. He provides a good example of clean family comedy that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Jonathan Perry is one of the Best Cajun Comedians

Funny Comedian Jonathan Perry is unique.  While taking a vacation is meant to be fun and relaxing, there are always obstacles that keep trips from being truly peaceful. Packing and forgetting a toothbrush, getting lost or not understanding the local accents are nightmares all tourists face.

Fortunately, a funny comedian who experience these moments are able to turn woes into comedy gold. Cultural differences often make vacations memorable, and this example is no different as cajun comedian Jonathan Perry finds himself in a country where he does not speak the same language as the natives. Perry makes the best of a language barrier in this funny comedy video.

Funny Comedian Jonathan Perry is a Louisiana boy with his own accent only makes his stories funnier. The comedian is no stranger to amusing moments because he served as a Senator for three years. While tales of government misconduct are more likely to make anyone groan than laugh, Perry delivers chuckles in this video when he is apprehensive about communicating in a foreign country.

Cajun comedians like Jonathan Perry pokes gentle fun at a member of the audience in this short clip from one of his performances. He deliberately misunderstands the woman’s attempts to explain she she’s embarked on a new career and has enrolled in law school.  His ability to think on his feet is made obvious as he rolls from comment to set up to punch line repeatedly with the audience member. When the woman says she’d like to go into labor law, Perry immediately imitates a woman giving birth.

The distinctive southern accent contrasts with the stylish suit but, rest assured, the laughs are just around the corner. Jonathan Perry is on the stage with witty observations about domestic life.  His wife, Princess, was his high school sweetheart. She is still the love of his life and seems to be the butt of every joke. It never happens. By the time he is through, the humor always turns towards someone else, usually himself.

Jonathan Perry tells about the time he gave his wife a fur coat as a present. Perry is a contemporary comedian in the style of Rodney Dangerfield and other classic performers. He relies on his impeccable timing to spin jokes that should have your whole family in stitches. A real native Louisianan from the heart of Cajun Country, Perry has become one of the most sought after clean comics in the world.

The Cajun Ambassador talks about the troubles of buying an anniversary present for his wife, communicating with the sales people at Victoria’s Secret, and dealing with mouthy parrots.

Shopping on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, can be another daunting task. In this video, Jonathan makes light of this incredible overwhelming event that is anticipated by wives and feared by husbands everywhere.

The former winner of the “International Cajun Joke Telling Contest” does not only appeal to those from the bayou. Cajun Comedians and politicians are not normally familiar with staying clean, Jonathan Perry does not know how to tell jokes any other way.  He provides a good example of clean, wholesome comedy that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Jonathan Perry is the most sought after Cajun comedian, humorous and entertainer because of his background as a  former prosecutor, former police officer and current Louisiana Senator.For additional information on  Jonathan Perry contact The Grable Group at 615 283 0039.

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