Carlos Oscar – the Energetic One-Man Show Your Guests Will Love

Written by Tim Grable

April 6, 2017

In the stand-up comedy world, there are two types of performers. Those who need more than one minute to make you laugh and those who win you over instantly.

Carlos Oscar is one of those in the latter category.

Smart and effortlessly witty, Carlos’s craft is instantly relatable to. He is a natural on stage and has no trouble connecting with all kinds of audiences.

The question is: is he the right entertainer for your particular kind of event? Well, you can read this article to find out.

Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.

Carlos Oscar – an Impressive Performance Track Record

If you were to pick the must-have qualities of a performer, storytelling and integrity would likely be among the first to be mentioned.

Moreover, they are exactly the ones who helped Carlos Oscar make a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

However, how has he come to develop these essential traits? Let’s follow his story.

Born in Manhattan, New York, on the 4th of July, Carlos is of Porto Rican origin. After four years as part of the US Air Force, he decided to quit this career path and start his journey in the entertainment industry.

Next, he enrolled in acting classes at UCLA, where he began taking a keen interest in comedy. During his first stand-up gigs, he realized people were instantly reacting to his jokes.

Carlos Oscar - the Energetic One-Man Show Your Guests Will Love

From then on, it was a multi-channeled effort to perfect his craft.

Acting-wise, Carlos ticks appearances in:

  • Living Single – 1996
  • In the House – 1997
  • 27-Seven – 1999
  • This Is Meg – 2017.

Not only does he master acting, but he is also a gifted writer. The proof, you can find if you check Carlos Oscar: Life Is Crazy Good (2007). This is a TV special documentary of which Carlos is the executive producer.

Among his most notable TV appearances, you can find:

  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  • The Clean Stand Up Comedy Tour – 2006
  • Comedy.TV
  • The View – 2014
  • Comics Unleashed – 2006-2014
  • Comedy Central.

Storytelling Made Neat, Natural and Charming

From the first second, he steps into the spotlight; you cannot help but love Carlos.

It is because he conveys that ‘guy-next-door’ familiar vibe anyone feels instantly connected to. His hilarious facial expressions do not hurt either.

Here’s just a small sample of what Carlos Oscar can do on stage:

However, expressivity would not be enough if it were not doubled by hard work and ability to choose the best way of approaching his topics.

Speaking of issues, Carlos is a master at making the most out of subjects anyone can relate to, such as:

  • reality TV
  • family life
  • city life
  • relationships
  • technology culture
  • fashion.

Carlos often uses his Porto Rican heritage to offer a fresh perspective and give a funny new spin on these topics.

He is not afraid to tackle issues regarding his Latino ancestry. He is actually made them his go-to approach – one that people have grown to enjoy and recognize him for.

So it is not surprising audience members often say things like “My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard” after one of his shows.

Moreover, this is without Carlos getting into topics people might find offending. He is all about keeping things simple, clean and outright hilarious.

Which makes him a perfect fit for all kinds of different types of events.

The bottom line is, Carlos is inspirational and uplifting in an unassuming way. If this is the kind of comedy you want at your event, contact us for more information right away.

We are always happy to hear from you.

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