Want a Celebrity Comedian at Your Next Corporate Event? Consider Sinbad


Written by Tim Grable

April 8, 2017


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If you are planning a corporate event, the presence of a celebrity entertainer will unquestionably help you turn your special occasion into a memorable experience for everyone involved.

In addition to producing considerable entertainment value to your guests, bringing a VIP to your event can also:

  • Create hype prior to and after the event
  • Get the full attention of your guests and help you get any desired message across
  • Build up guests’ excitement for the event

Moreover, since you are considering booking a celebrity performance, why not get one of the top 100 stand-up comedians of all times?

David Adkins – better known by his stage name, Sinbad – is one of the most famous comedians in the industry today.

If you want to find out more about him and what he can do to ensure your next corporate event will be a success, keep on reading.

Want a Celebrity Comedian at Your Next Corporate Event? Consider Sinbad

A Few Words about His Impressive Career

Born in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Sinbad has always had a sense of humor that stood out in one way or another. He grew up telling jokes to his three brothers and two sisters, so he got used to being the center of attention early on.


Sinbad embarked on his first comedy tour called “Poverty Tour” in 1983.

His first big break, however, was Star Search in the mid-eighties. He was a finalist in the show, and more and more people started to see there was something special about him.

That appearance kicked off his career and led to exciting new opportunities:

  • Sinbad began his career as an actor as Redd Foxx’s son on The New Redd Foxx Show sitcom.
  • Sinbad was cast in a sitcom that aired for six seasons on NBC “A Different World.”
  • Sinbad’s first one-hour HBO comedy special, entitled Brain Damaged, became the second highest “Comedy Hour” ever.
  • He also developed an outrageously funny variety show called “Sinbad & Friends All the Way Live…Almost.”

This is just a tiny part of Sinbad’s greatest achievements so far. There’s no way to comprise a 30+ career in a single article. You can find out more about Sinbad’s success here.

Some of His Most Notable Movie Appearances

In addition to his career as a stand-up comedian, Sinbad also starred in over a dozen films, including:

  • Jingle All the Way (1996): alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Belushi
  • First Kid (1996): a Disney production, also starring Brock Pierce
  • Houseguest (1995): with Phil Hartman
  • Good Burger (1997): also starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell
  • Planes (2013): the film also stars the voices of Dane Cook, Val Kilmer and more.

So, not only you will be getting a stand-up comedian to perform at your event, but also someone who has extensive experience as an actor.

concert, stage, picture

Your guests will surely have much fun taking pictures and interacting with a Hollywood actor.

Why Should You Book Sinbad for Your Corporate Event?

Letting your guests know you are bringing a VIP is likely to make them set high expectations for the event.

That is great news because Sinbad can deliver on that thanks to his:

  • Extensive experience. In the entertainment industry, nothing can compensate for experience. Sinbad knows how to work an audience and overcome any unexpected issued that might occur.
  • A one-of-a-kind approach to humor. He does not tell jokes, he shares real-life stories and puts his personal touch on them. What is the result? A hilarious, clean act that everyone can relate to.
  • Ability to form a unique connection with the audience. He is a master of improvisation on stage. His spontaneous style and witty comebacks will keep the audience engaged throughout the event.

Where to Take It from Here?

If you are interested in booking Sinbad for your next corporate event, all you have to do is get in touch with us as soon as possible.

We can talk more about your particular entertainment needs and start working on accomplishing them right away.

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