Charity Gala Fundraising Ideas to Entertain Your Unique Donors

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Written by Tim Grable

March 1, 2017

Charity Gala Fundraising Ideas Your average entertainment act is a dime a dozen. In the realm of charity gala fundraising ideas, hiring a boring, run-of-the-mill entertainment act can turn a promising night into a bland nightmare. Shouldn’t the entertainment match the feel of your event? Including an artist’s cultivated creativity or moving interpretation can bring your organization’s message to life. For more lively events, consider a modern spin on comedy, magic, or musical acts. Whatever the theme or style of your event, these innovative entertainers are the kind of charity gala fundraising ideas that will make your fundraising occasion unforgettable.

Unique Charity Gala Fundraising Ideas

A painter with personality and passion for sharing experience, Heidi Schwartz is an Ohio native guaranteed to be an eye-catching addition to your event. Let her bring her unmatched energy to your theme with flair and artistic enthusiasm. Her live paintings focus on synthesizing the energy, venue, and ambiance of the event. Not only does including this artist enliven the atmosphere, but she also creates living memorabilia of your event that is yours to keep.

A master in and pioneer of Sand Animation, Joe Castillo has performed on all seven continents and was a finalist on America’s Got Talent. His Sandstory artistry is an uncommon blend of morphing sand and light that coordinate with audio to create an overall theme. Dignitaries, he’s entertained include Presidents Carter, Bush, Clinton, Juan Manuel Santos (32nd and current president of Columbia), Pope Francis and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Adam Trent’s antics is sending him straight to the top as a sought-after entertainer whose past employers include a myriad of Fortune 500 companies. A former street performer, Adam Trent learned the value of broad audience appeal first-hand from the toughest crowds before going on to earn his Finance and Entertainment Marketing degree. The now-successful entertainer makes experiences magical by incorporating the message of your organization or CEO with personalized panache!

Drew Lynch is an Indiana-native who moved to L.A. with dreams of becoming a film actor, but an unexpected sports injury left him with a stutter. Rather than shy away from the spotlight, he uses his talent to bring awareness to the hilarious commonalities in all of our awkward interactions. Playful and intelligent, this winner among charity gala fundraiser ideas will delight attendees with the truly novel and far-reaching appeal of the stuttering comedian.

DJ Drums is an interactive live-specialty DJ and drummer combination. Why should you choose between a traditional DJ or a live band when you can have them both? There’s no wonder why DJ Drums is such a highly requested act. Audience participation, the authenticity of a live drummer, and hit songs converge to give this dynamic duo the power to move your guests to the dance floor for the time of their lives.

Giving performances their incredible twists, these high-spirited entertainers take familiar ideas and create pizzazz by adding their unique twists. Hiring a real-life painter, Sandstory artist, inspirational comedian, modern magician, or interactive DJ duo are charity gala fundraising ideas that will garner a broad appeal in any group. Not only will including one or more of these uncommon artists in your program liven the atmosphere of the event, but these charity gala fundraising ideas will also speak to your organization’s vision and uniqueness.

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