5 Christian Clean Comedians You Can Hire for Your Next Event

5 Christian Clean Comedians You Can Hire for Your Next Event

Written by Tim Grable

July 5, 2017

“For the despondent, every day brings trouble; for the happy heart, life is a continual feast.” (Proverbs, 15:15). Happy hearts is what any preacher would like to see after a sermon.

The same goes for church event planners that search for Christian clean comedians with this exact goal in mind.

Are you looking for an affordable, yet effective way to reach your community? One that will be encouraging to your members, as well as a meaningful way to share God’s love with your local community? Here are 7 ways  Christian Comedians can help provide both encouragement and community outreach.

7 Benefits of booking Christian Comics for Your Church Outreach

1. Comedy benefits every one, not just Christians

If there is one entertainment choice that everyone enjoys, it is the genre of comedy. Everyone likes to laugh whether they are a professing Christian or seeker of the faith. It touches all demographics.

2. It is inexpensive and easy to do

Unlike the cost of bringing in a musician or other groups of entertainers, a comedian is simple and painless. There are little technical requirements, and the travel costs for only one person rather than a group. In addition, there are Christian clean comedians for all types of budgets and programs.

3. Comedy can be tailored to your event

Regardless of your event, comedy is a great choice and fit. Whether your event is aimed at fundraising, outreach, or an informal church service, Christian comics are is a great way to reach the goals of your event.

4. Comedy is fun

How many times have your heard it said or came across the perception that Christianity is about a lot of strict rules and not a lot of fun? A Christian comedy event shatters this myth. Your audience will leave your event in a good mood and with the changed perception that Christians do have a lot of fun.

5. Comedy is a reason for church members to invite their unchurched friends

It is a non-threatening, yet meaningful way to open up a conversation of  God’s love to a world in need.  It provides an authentic visual communication of God’s grace and forgiveness in a non threating environment to those that would not have been open before.

6. It shows that your church is relative to today’s culture

A good comedian makes a church appear hip and living in the current world. And a comedian whose savior is Jesus Christ is living proof that a contemporary outlook, and a sense of humor about the Christian lifestyle are important and vital in today’s culture.

7. Comedy reaches a wider audience than other genres of entertainment

Other Christian entertainment genres only draw a certain audience, whereas comedy welcomes everyone. Parenting workshops target parents, children’s events target families. Christian Comedy events target families, single adults, youth, and more mature audiences.  Simply put comedy breaks down generational walls and brings together all generations to for a hilarious night of laughter.

The next five performers can balance out both the Bible sayings and people’s need for church entertainment.

5 Christian Clean Comedians You Can Hire for Your Next Event

Let’s see how they manage to accomplish that.

1. Dustin Nickerson

When you hear someone recommending themselves as “the world’s most average person,” what do you think?

First, that they’re as candid as it gets. Second, that you must find out what is this most average person all about.

It’s the perfect trick to make people curious, right? Well, Dustin might describe himself as being average, but his comedy is anything but that.

What’s particularly striking about his on-stage demeanor is his natural rhythm – as if he’s improvising.

When you realize you're just average

2. Justin Fennell

 Devotional events are easy to set up when you hire an easygoing comedian like Justin Fennell. He is one of those seasoned professionals that make church humor both relatable and surprising. 

At first sight, he might come across as that clumsy guy who lives next-door. This may be the reason he’s believable when delivering clean humor and self-deprecatory remarks.

God endowed him with the gift of musicianship that he extensively employs in his gigs.

Comedy Comes Clean with Justin Fennell

What adds even more to his Christian authenticity is his extensive work in the charitable field. You get one of the most commendable Christian comedians, but also a role model.

3. Carlos Oscar  – Christian Clean Comedians at Their Best

Have you ever looked at a person’s facial expression and immediately felt compelled to laugh? Some people are just naturally hilarious – and this is the case with Carlos Oscar as well.

His vivid face traits alongside a crazy good rhythm already set him up for comedic excellence.

He then builds up his style with:

  • detailed everyday contexts
  • a wide range of sound articulation
  • diverse body language

Take the time to watch this clip, and you’ll get a better idea:

Carlos Oscar⎢Fix the plane before it takes off!⎢Shaq's Five Minute Funnies⎢Comedy Shaq

He’s suited to comedy, right? Plus, he draws in extra flavor from his Latino heritage. What you get is a spicy performance without over the top shenanigans.

4. Matt Jernigan

Everyone enjoys their fair share of impressions – especially when they’re poking fun at well-known pop culture figures.

Matt Jernigan has incorporated this into his style, and it’s working just right – as proven in this clip:

5 Christian Clean Comedians You Can Hire for Your Next Event
As you can see, the kind of entertainment he provides is very appealing to the young’uns. Not only that but his antics are also keeping youngsters’ faith and righteousness intact. 

Of course, you can book him for a wider range of events and still get the same impact on the audience.

5. David Dean

Skilled and trained for comedy? Now this sounds like something you want to find in all Christian clean comedians out there. 

David Dean honed his skill at Second City School of Improvisational Comedy while also performing in Chicago comedy clubs. From then on, his 25-year career has taken off, making people enjoy fast-paced, crisp humor for all family members.

Comedian David Dean: Living with Middle School Boys


Church references fit naturally into his discourse – there’s nothing contrived or corny. Just pure entertainment.

Interested in learning more about outreach comedy? Are you looking for more information about booking Christian Comics into your next outreach event? Do you need a clean comedian that will help deliver your message that fits within your budget? Did you find the right entertainer to brighten up your next event with these five performers? Then call Tim Grable at 615 283 0039 or email to discuss which comedian is right for you.

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