Christian Comedian Taylor Mason: Talented, Musical Comedy

Taylor Mason Head Shot

Written by Tim Grable

March 7, 2017

Christian Comedian Taylor Mason: Talented, Musical ComedyChristian comedian Taylor Mason is a man of many talents and a comedian not quite like any other. While his stand-up comedy act is well-known as a ventriloquist and his use of puppets onstage, that is not all he does. Taylor is also a skilled musician who works some well-played instruments into his comedy, playing blues-style piano and singing a story to go along with it. Known as a clean performer, Christian comedian Taylor Mason keeps his act lighthearted and appropriate to all audiences, without being preachy or lessening the quality of his humor at all. His jokes and stories about everyday life experiences in this crazy world appeal to a wide array of audiences. If you are looking for a lively entertainer to bring laughter and cheer to your next event, you should be able to find something you like among Taylor Mason’s vastly talented routine.

If you only know Taylor Mason as a ventriloquist with his puppets, you should experience how funny he is performing comedy music when his foam friends aren’t around. Taylor is an accomplished musician and monologuist; he can convulse crowds simply by sitting at a piano and regaling them with musical comedy and original songs.

Christian Comedian Taylor Mason

While playing the piano and talk-singing into the microphone, Taylor describes his travels and some of the funny things he encounters on the road. With quick wit and casual delivery, he talks about bikers, driving, and Nascar, poking fun at each one while still maintaining his Christian character. Taylor’s good-natured joshing will get some good laughs from his viewers.

With music to supplement his story, Taylor describes taking a road trip to Maine and pulling a prank on his sleeping wife. He keeps his story entertaining and knows how to lead up to the punchline dramatically for maximum comic effect and lots of laughter from his audience.

In his same quirky comical style, Taylor explains the concept of Facebook to the over fifty crowd in his audience, reducing it to its most basic form and poking fun at how it changes the way we interact. Taylor’s humorous examples and sarcastic but lighthearted tone poke fun at everyday life and will surely entertain.

Taylor comically talks about his marriage and family life while maintaining his quick-paced piano playing for added effect. Whether he is poking fun at interactions with his wife or drawing inspiration from his children, Taylor’s stories and jokes about family experiences will resonate with many viewers. His musical talents and witty routine are sure to please a crowd.

Ventriloquism and Comedy Music are a great combination

This video displays Taylor’s gift for comedy music and his characteristic inventiveness. He lets the crowd participate in what might be history’s easiest singalong: The lyrics consist entirely of the phrase “here we go.” Plus, there are samples of his heavy metal lullaby and the “world’s worst country song.” An audience member even gets to sit next to Taylor and perform a duet with him.

Some people are meant to sing the blues – not Taylor Mason!  He entertains audiences with the Worst Blues Song Ever.

His life has all the pathos and heartbreak of a soggy Jell-O salad at a Sunday picnic. Taylor “I Can’t Complain Much” Mason will take you along on his personal journey in the Worst Blues Song Ever from the normal suburban home he shares with his lovely wife to … a nearby golf course. Heart-wrenching? Nope, but sweet piano playing and comedy accompanies faux-blues lyrics about his uber-normal life. You’ve got to hand it to Taylor. He tries hard to tap into that singular style of American music born of in the Deep South! He doesn’t quite make it to that mix of sorrow and spirituality – it’s more like a mixture of milk and toast, but he does take you places you’ll enjoy going! A hilarious musical interlude from a would-be soul man.

Taylor — a native of Hinsdale, Illinois — has show business in his DNA. His father was a Chicago radio host. One of Taylor’s prized possessions as a child was a ventriloquist’s dummy that his parents bought him when he turned 10 years old. However, he didn’t really get his start performing until he was an undergraduate at the University of Illinois. There, he became a popular emcee at fraternity and sorority social events. Those initial forays into comedy allowed Taylor to sharpen his improvisational instincts and figure out how to make even the most sophisticated students laugh uproariously at clean, family-friendly material.

Taylor has performed musical comedy before college crowds thousands of times since graduating from Illinois in 1979. Perhaps he cherishes these gigs because college audiences constituted his first audiences. Of course, he has played many other kinds of venues. He’s headlined at the nation’s top comedy clubs, and he’s appeared many times on television. He even won “Star Search” in 1990, competing against some tough comedic competition. And speaking of television, Taylor has created and starred in his own syndicated TV shows for kids: “Taylor’s Attic” and “Children Talk.”

Given his G-rated material, musical comedy and his undeniable talent, Taylor has long been a hit with major corporations. He’s a Disney Cruise Line regular. Microsoft and Walmart have both hired him. What’s more, few comics are as prolific as Taylor Mason. In addition to his own books and recordings, he’s appeared multiple times in the wildly popular “Thou Shalt Laugh” series of Clean comedy DVDs. And even after all those years on the road, he still has a big heart and an unquenchable love for charitable activity. Indeed, Taylor has appeared countless times before church outreach events and at benefits for non-profit organizations.

Whether he is talking, singing, using puppets or playing an instrument, Christian comedian Taylor Mason offers a unique and entertaining performance that is sure to please his audience. His comical take on life brings lots of laughs from anyone who hears him, so be sure to consider getting him to make your next event a big success.

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