10 Christian Comedians Who Can Make Any Audience Laugh

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Written by Tim Grable

May 24, 2017

If you are an event planner, you have to be up-to-date with the latest news in your domain. Moreover, that includes entertainment.

In recent years, many young Christian comedians have emerged.  There are two things which bring people together: a topic they can easily relate to and laughter. You can get just that for your event by hiring one of these Christian comics.

You may have your doubts, as most stand-up comedians are believed to use foul language and insults to stir laughter. However, that is not the case with the clean comedians this article will be referring to.

There’s a Bible passage which states laughter does a heart good, just like medicine would. Christian Comedy Acts are the perfect recipe to achieve such a thing, especially if you are organizing a Christian event.

Naturally, one of your objectives would be to renew and refresh the spirit of your Church members. So it seems only accurate to book an entertainer who shares the same faith and values.

Thus, in the following lines, you will find 10 of the best Christian comedians, details about their humor and how you can book them. Let’s get started.

#1 Jeff Allen Should be the First Clean Comedian that Comes to Mind

Jeff Allen combines clean, hilarious humor like no other comedian working today. Besides performing at corporate functions and fundraisers, he regularly appears on television, radio, and churches across the country. Consistently making heroes out of planners, Jeff Allen provides world-class comedy.

He is regarded as one of the premiere clean comedians working today. Most of his humor centers on marriage and living with teenagers – material to which everyone can relate. Watch his videos and you’ll see the difference. The humor he packs into his performance comes rapid-fire and doesn’t stop until the end.

Jeff Allen understands your audience does not need offensive humor to have fun.

#2 Leanne Morgan – a Natural Funny Story Telling Mom

Leanne offers your audience an honest, yet hilarious point of view on life as a wife and mom, without insulting or cursing.

Additionally, she has been chosen by The View as one of their most hilarious housewives, and she was a finalist on Nick at Nite’s Funniest Mom in America.

When she is not performing in comedy clubs, theater or art centers, you can hear Leanne on Sirius / XM, Dry Bar Comedy or catch one of her sitcoms on TV. Learn more and book one of the world’s best female Christian comedians from here.

#3 Mark Christopher Lawrence – Hilarious Producer, Actor, and Comedian

You may know Mike as Big Mike on the NBC’s TV series CHUCK. He is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actor, but he also excels at making people laugh.

You may also know Mike from Seinfeld or Terminator II: Judgement Day.

His comedy usually revolves around real life stories. He does not need to insult people to be funny, so his performances are safe for any audience.

Here’s a short clip from which you can learn more about this Christian comedian:

You can book Mark Christopher Lawrence from here.

#4 John Crist – One of the Funniest Young Christian Comedians

John started off his career with Church performances – he used to make the announcements. John also avoids insulting people in their shows.

Thus, his humor usually involves his childhood and “problems” young people face nowadays. Some of his favorite themes are texting, driving, music, social media and so forth.

John Christ is a first-class young entertainer whose genuinely fun act turned him into a major hit online.

He got more than 100 million views and a myriad of positive reviews for his viral videos which are constantly shared and ‘liked.’

Talking about viral videos, here’s one of his clips which got almost 3 million views on YouTube:

John is one of the most beloved clean comedians out there and TV programs like ‘Live at Gotham’ and ‘Laughs on Fox’ were proud to have John over.

Go ahead and learn more about one of the most successful young Christians comedians in the United States.

#5 Dustin Nickerson – Pure, Funny, Talented

Dstin Nickerson is another young Christian comedian. Of course, it does not mean he is not experienced with being on stage. He is already performing in clubs, corporate events, churches, casinos, and colleges throughout the country.

Dustin likes to stay humble and often refers to himself as ‘the most average person.’

Book Dustin Nickerson for your next event if you are looking for a comedian who is both clean and relatable. Go ahead and learn more.

#6 Daren Streblow – One of the Funniest People Alive

Daren is another big name on our Christian comedians’ list. He runs his tour and hosts a radio show with his name on it. He does not always do these shows alone but invites other hilarious comedians.

Darn’s success originates from his pure talent and unique observational clean comedy. His performances involve awkward, everyday experiences which any audience can relate to.

To book Daren Streblow for your next event, go ahead and get in touch with The Grable Group. We are a professional booking agency, and entertainment company focused on managing top artists and talents.

#7 Steve Geyer – Both Clean Comedian and Pastor

Steve became a believer while working on the comedy club circuit. Not long after his conversion, he began speaking in churches. Since then, he has recorded a live video and three comedy albums.

However, Steve Geyer did not stop there. He has also toured with many Christian comedians and artists including 4HIM, Point of Grace, DeGarmo & Key, DCTalk, White Heart and many others.

Many Christian festivals like Jesus Northwest, Atlanta Fest, and Texas Alive, had Steve Geyer as a featured speaker.

You can learn more about Steve from The Grable Group.

#8. Jonnie W. – a Show Which Will Make You Want to Dance … Literally

Jonnie W. is famous for entertaining his audience both with words and music.

In fact, the trademark of his show is the guitar which helps him magnetizes the public each time. The blend of good quality jokes and music makes his unique show worth seeing.

10 Christian Comedians Who Can Make Any Audience Laugh

What’s more, his humor is contagious but full of wit and decency.

You can rest assured because his dynamic show will wow your guests and help your event stand out from the bunch.

#9. Taylor Mason – One of the Family Comedians

Taylor is a ventriloquist, a musician, and a comedian. What a trio!

He has plenty of experience as a comedy writer and as a performer. Taylor started out in The Second City Theater in Chicago and then he was the headliner at every major comedy club across the country.

Taylor Mason is so clean that he knows how to perform comedy for corporate clients and kids. Speaking of, he has a show specially made for all ages which he performs on a Disney Cruise ship.

Want to see how he takes his most popular puppet Romeo? Then you need to watch the video below.

#10. Carlos Oscar – a Witty Storyteller

Carlos Oscar is another famous artist whose incredible show engages audiences nationwide.

Oscar is a gifted storyteller who masters the art of words. He is funny, absolutely charming and insists on fully acting his jokes.

Your audience will be delighted by his dynamic show.

Carlos is a versatile comedian who can craft stories for any audience. No matter the audience who will attend your next event, Oscar will know just what to say to make them unwind.

The Bottom Line

Clean comedy is a vast field, and new entertainers are always emerging.

These are some of the best Christian comics of the moment, and we warmly recommend them to anyone working in event planning.

Any of the ten Christian comedians mentioned above can be hired for your next event. They do not just perform in churches, but their comedy is safe for any audience.  You can learn more about them here. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiries on how to book them.

The Grable Group is a professional booking agency providing top class entertainment for almost any type of event.

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