Christian Comedians are the Best Church Outreach Ideas

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Written by Tim Grable

March 8, 2017

Many organizations arranging for the Best Church Outreach Events choose to book clean comedians like these because of their family friendly content and engaging style, which draws in new audiences and gives a very positive first impression. In these videos, comics discuss a variety of confusions familiar to all of us, including sorting out advancing technology, navigating tricky social situations, and adapting to changing cultures.

Clean Comedians perfect for Outreach Events

Christian entertainers encourage church and non-church people to affiliate with God in an organized religious setting. This unique group of comics reaches out to local, national and international communities, through outreach events. They instill a daily reliance on God, with a message of faith and hope. “Life is challenging; life is a joyous gift filled with opportunities and temptations.” Christian comedians are the best church outreach ideas as they skillfully entertain people with their gifts of talent from God. When Bible principles guide a person’s life, it is not unbearable, challenges are opportunities to trust in God, choices become wise, and temptations are not overwhelming. Christian entertainers foster a strong faith and build-up a person’s spiritual health.
Christian Comedians are the Best Church Outreach Ideas

These outreach entertainers harmonize with God’s high standards. Individually and as a group; vulgarity and sexual innuendo are unacceptable. Enjoyable entertainment that is professional. A humorous perspective about normal situations and common experiences makes everyone, regardless of age, laugh for a very long time.

7 of The Best Church Outreach Ideas

Taylor Mason

Real life situations inspire the best church outreach ideas. Shared experiences, such as a new job, a first day in school, a blind date or younger and older siblings evoke laughable memories. These funny Christian comedians create the best church outreach ideas. They use various methods, such as impressionism, and puppetry to reach out to people. An honest, faith-based message positively influences people’s hearts.

Daren Streblow

Daren Streblow is a stand-up comedian, with extraordinary abilities of observation expressed in a humoristic manner. This full-time entertainer is an outreach comedian. Ordinary situations in life become humorous scenarios for comedy routines. Churches, fundraisers, and universities love his wholesome comic routine.

Scott Wood

Scott Wood is a recognized impressionist, skilled in the art of quick deliveries. This stand-up comedian delivers eight jokes in under a minute. Working full-time gives the comedian plenty of opportunities to reach out to corporations, clubs, and churches. Realizing his comedic talent is from God, he uses it in a responsible and respectful manner

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen uses a combination of sarcasm and wholesome dialog in his comedic routines. He performs at clean comedy concerts throughout the United States. High energy, hilarious improvisations make a person laugh and cry at the same time.

Steve Geyer

In this video, Geyer addresses the funny side of marital arguments in social settings. As the youngest sibling of a tumultuous family life, Steve Geyer developed the ability to find humor in all situations and translates that power to his performances. He describes his style as “Ha ha…Ouch,” but while the topics may sometimes be serious, the laugh is real. Though he took a sabbatical from performing to do charity work with youth, Geyer has been entertaining audiences for many years.

Anthony Griffith

Anthony Griffith, who riffs on trying to teach aging parents new tricks in this short but satisfying video, was originally rocketed to fame by Ed McMahon’s “Star Search.” He is not only a comedian but also an actor and philanthropist and has recently been featured in the “Apostles of Comedy” tour. Griffith has made more than twenty-five television appearances including “The Tonight Show” and “Premium Blend.”

Thor Ramsey

Thor Ramsey, who spends this bit loudly declaring his issues with customer service, makes a living as an actor and clean comedian. He has written two books, “A Comedian’s Guide to Theology” and “Thor Ramsey’s Total Money Meltdown,” and been featured in “How I Met My Father,” “Skip Listening,” and the soon-to-be-released “Youth Group.” He has performed comedy since 1987, delighting audiences with his hilarious rants all over America.

Christian comedians are the complete package; wholesome entertainers with the best church outreach ideas, funny performances that cause uncontrollable laughter and constant belly laughs. These outreach entertainers share a common bond; a strong faith and love for God. Christian comedians willingly share the beneficial influence of God in their lives.

These clean comedians have all performed and been well-received at outreach events, company gatherings, and other venues. Audiences everywhere have laughed until they cried watching these champions of chortles plying their trade, and you will, too. Once you’ve seen them, it will be hard to resist passing these videos on to a friend!

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